I Love KC Music – Interview with Jake Wells

Kimmy of I Love KC Music and KKFI sat down with Jake Wells.  Jake Wells was I Love KC Music’s new male artist of the year.  Jake comes from a family of musicians and has recently started his journey of his music career as Jake Wells.  Jake’s music paints pictures with his words and music.  He’s getting major traction with his single, Roll Like Thunder.  You can see him preforming it live HERE on KKFI’s show River Trade Radio show.  Click HERE to take a listen to the interview and get to know Jake Wells.


About Kimmy DeVries

After going to shows as a fan for some time, Kimmy wanted to get more involved in the music community, but she's not a musician. It was at this point she decided to start blogging about the music happenings in Kansas City. Kimmy is a 31 year old queer woman, who in addition to being a music fanatic, is a teacher, an activist, and has a cute cat named Charlie.

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