Sister Simone Campbell of Nuns On The Bus

We have been fed a line of lies that individualism built the greatest economy in history, immigrants are a drain on our economy and that taxes sap our economy. Or was that economy built on collective action with everyone contributing and everyone reaping rewards, is it true 25% of new businesses are started by immigrants and the taxes paid by our forebears build the infrastructure that made our economic success possible.

Tune in as Craig Lubow talks with Sister Simone Campbell about what we need to change to set our economic ship aright. Known as one of the Nuns on the Bus and part of Network, a national Catholic Social Justice Lobby.

NETWORK – Forty Years of Justice and Peacemaking

On December 17, 1971, 47 Catholic Sisters from across the U.S. involved in education, healthcare, community organizing and other direct service gathered at Trinity College in Washington DC to shape a new ministry of justice. This came at a time when the Catholic Church was undergoing dramatic changes in response to Vatican II reforms and calls from the Vatican and U.S. Bishops to seek “Justice in the World.” Women religious boldly joined in the waves of civil rights, feminist and anti-war activism that were sweeping the U.S.During their weekend meeting, they voted to form a national “network” of Sisters to lobby for federal policies and legislation that promote economic and social justice.


CALENDAR 9.29.2014

Artesia is a small town in New Mexico where an detention center for women and children opened last summer in response to the influx of undocumented children from Central America. El Centro, The Dream Alliance and MORE2 are hosting, Outrage from Artesia: Close The Baby Jail, a panel of Kansans sharing their first hand accounts from the week they spent volunteering at the Artesia detention center. This event is open to the public, Thursday, October 2nd, 6pm at the El Centro Academy For Children, 1330 S 30th Street, Kansas City, Kansas. For more information or directions call El Centro at (913) 677-0100.

Want to tell the City Council where to go? For the first time, KCMO City Council members and the City’s budget staff are inviting residents to provide input on a new five-year business plan. The input will also help shape the next annual budget.
Two identical citizen work sessions are scheduled: The first will be held Wednesday, Oct. 1, 6-8 p.m. At Park Hill School District Administration Building, 7703 N.W. Barry Rd., Room 230, KCMO. The second session will be Saturday Oct. 11, 9-11 AM, Southeast Community Center, 4201 E.63 St, KCMO.
Reservations are required to reserve a seat, 54 seats to be available at a citizen work session table. Please respond to susan.borge@kcmo.org or 816-513-6517 by today, Monday, Sept. 29th. Additional space will be available for those who wish to attend as observers.

The Kansas City Chapter of Missouri Association for Social Welfare’s First Friday Forum will focus on Human Trafficking. Their guests this month will be the US Attorney for the State of Kansas, Barry Grissom and Film Maker, Susan Wolf of Little Wolf Productions. This event is Friday, October 3rd, at the Westport Flea Market, 817 Westport Rd, KCMO. There is a charge for lunch which starts at 11:30 am and the event is open to the public, with the speakers beginning at noon.

Host Sharon Lockhart interviews two co-founding members of the United States Green Party, Dee Barry and Ben Knelshus, and Green Party activist Dave Kingsley concerning the American political process and the need for a vibrant 3rd party alternative.

Hosts Sharon Lockhart and Amy Bell sit down with representatives from MOCSA and the Gadugi Safehouse to talk about sexual assault. Topics rage from what successes we have had combating sexual assault and where we can still improve.

Sexual Assault
Episode date : September 20, 2014
On Every Woman

MO Cure Is Having Their Conference in KC.

CURE – Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants, organizes and unites offenders, their families, and others for education and advocacy in criminal justice issues. They work to reduce crime through reform of the criminal justice system that encourages rehabilitative practices and humane treatment of prisoners.

If you have a loved one behind bars you may want to come and be heard about issues such as – Abuse of Prisoners by staff, Inappropriate use of Segregation or Solitary Confinement, Denial or unreasonable delay of medical treatment, Harassment or intimidation of visitors, Refusal to parole prisoners who have met the requirements and been rehabilitated, and more.

Join them on Saturday, September 27 from 10AM to 4PM at St. Mark’s Union Church, 1101 Euclid in Kansas City MO for their Annual Conference featuring dynamic speakers, 8 workshops on vital issues, Native American drummers, free lunch, the “Ten Most Wanted” list, Award Presentations & more!

You can contact them at –
Missouri CURE
PO Box 270834, KC,MO 64127 Phone – 816-377-CURE (2873)
PO Box 29031, St Louis, MO 63132 Phone – 877-525-CURE (2873)
Email – missouricure@hotmail.com Website – http://www.missouricure.org/

Calendar for September 22, 2014

Grass Roots Organinzing, GRO will be hosting ACLU Attorney Dan Viets, for a community dialogue about, Know Your Rights, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Thursday September 25th at the GRO Outreach Office, 611 N Garth Ave, Columbia, Missouri. Come learn how to protect your rights from traffic stops to discrimination in housing, the workplace, at a protest and more. For more information call 573-443-4476 or 573-581-9595.

Human Rights, Civil Rights, Religious Groups and Activist across the nation are coming together to make October a month of resistance to mass incarceration, police terror, repression and the criminalization of a generation. October 22nd is the 19th Annual national day of protest.
There are calls for various activities during October including asking the clergy to speak from the pulpit on these issues, artist to express their outrage with their art, panels and symposiums in communities and schools and no more deportations day on October 13th. To find out more and how you can plan an activity here in KC go to www.stopmassincarceration.net

Kristin Chow explores The Kansas City Mixed Roots organization which provides opportunities for education, support, and socialization for multiracial individuals, families, and people in interracial relationships. Guests will be Diane Burkholder, Eric Ross, PaKou Her, and Jalen Anderson.

Kansas City Mixed Roots
Episode date : September 16, 2014
On Radio Active Magazine

This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, St. Louis money bags Rex Sinquefield is behind Amendment 3 on the Missouri November ballot, another state constitutional amendment. It would pay teachers on the basis of student test scores. Teachers, administrators, and parents are joining together against this latest “blame the teacher” “fix” for public education. Then, we explore the new book Parasitic Finance Capital with its author for an explanation of how financiers like Rex Sinquefield and their capital created the world economic crisis that’s now lasted seven years. That’s Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

Troy Schulte has served as City Manager of Kansas City since 2010, after serving seven years as the City Budget Director. He holds Masters degrees in economics from Iowa State University and UMKC.

This week on Arts Magazine, performers Peggy Friesen & Charles Fugate join us as the Kansas City Repertory Theatre opens its 50th Anniversary season with their production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town.

Then, at 12:30, Director Phil Kinen and Musical Director Chris Holbrook join us to tell us about the Barn Players’ production of the iconic 60s musical Hair, so tune in for your cultural lunch and brunch this Monday on 90.1 FM KKFI!

“Our Town” & “Hair”
Episode date : September 15, 2014
On Arts Magazine

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