Cat’s in the Bag

Cat’s in the bag is a mixed bowl of nuts at a local pub or the collected pool of sweat in the middle of the floor at your favorite club.The show is based off new music releases and emerging artists. The playlist is based off my current mood of the week, and is an ever evolving set with a heavy rotation that pushes the show’s weekly agenda ashore and then steadily fades away to a new tide of music, always in sync with the changing of the moon’s cycle. Genres you can expect to hear: Rock, Pop, Electronic, Folk, Blues, Jazz,, R&B, Hip-Hop, and esques of each genre listed.

Cowtown Conversations

Cowtown Conversations is a weekly public affairs show where we discuss various social, political and everyday topics that impact our lives as resident’s of the Metropolitan Kansas City Area.

Reverend Rob’s Rock and Roll Revival

“He’s a rebel and he never ever does any good, just because he doesn’t do what anybody else does”…Reverend Rob on the mic playing the songs I know you like. Climb aboard this early Sunday morning time machine as we turn back the clock to the birth of rock. We’ll stroll down memory lane to your favorites and more from the pop, rock, doo wop, r & b, and soul of the 1950’s and ‘60’s. From The Ad Libs to The Zombies and all in between it’s your chance to dance to a happening scene.