Cowtown Conversations

Cowtown Conversations is a weekly public affairs show where we discuss various social, political and everyday topics that impact our lives as resident’s of the Metropolitan Kansas City Area.

Reverend Rob’s Rock and Roll Revival

“He’s a rebel and he never ever does any good, just because he doesn’t do what anybody else does”…Reverend Rob on the mic playing the songs I know you like. Climb aboard this early Sunday morning time machine as we turn back the clock to the birth of rock. We’ll stroll down memory lane to your favorites and more from the pop, rock, doo wop, r & b, and soul of the 1950’s and ‘60’s. From The Ad Libs to The Zombies and all in between it’s your chance to dance to a happening scene.

Linx Mix

Linx Mix follows the musical journey of Mixmaster Linc from prog, art, and classic rock through electric blues, blues-rock, jazz-rock and beyond. Focusing on music that is melodically and compositionally more sophisticated, rather than simple or repetitive. The show brings a balance of familiar and unfamiliar tunes, so that the show can both be a learning experience, and can also bring the reverie of the classics from back in the day.

Podcast: Fresh Hell

FRESH HELL-What it is! Let’s not kid ourselves–“Fresh Hell” is a scroungier and coarser face of the long-running KKFI “Moby’s Trip” broadcast show. Herein are all the things I could never say or airplay with the hair-shirted buckle-shoed FCC listening in to protect the airwaves from horrible freedom. All the contents I always wanted but never dared and then some. It’s radio not dressed up to go to Wal-Mart, basically. Titled from a quote from Dorothy Parker. Whenever she would answer the phone she’d say, “What fresh Hell is this?” Expect the unexpected or as the 15th Century Hashashin said “Nothing is forbidden. Everything is allowed,” which is a great way to go if you seek to be the bug up the ass of the righteous. The host, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, has always sought just that. You’ll get Zappa straight from the tapper for instance, and Iggy Pop as he is meant to be. Sublime is sublime just the way it is, and there are non-expletive filled musics too. LCB expounds and rants in his pants until the cows come home…gotta go: I hear hoofbeatings on the door