Governing Bodies

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. are elected by Active Members and Programmers at their annual meeting. Directors, elected by Active Members, serve three-year terms, and are limited to two consecutive terms. Two Programmer Representatives elected by Programmers serve one-year terms. The Active Member Chair, elected by the Active Members, is an ex-officio member of the Board.

The KKFI Board of Directors effective April 2017-March 2018:

LaDonna Sanders – President, Programmer Representative

Una Nowling – Vice-President

Don Harbin – Secretary

Greg Swartz – Treasurer

Alex Gonzalez

Spencer Graves

Linda Hall

Shicagolyn Hams Scroggins

Gary Jones

Craig Lubow – Programmer representative

Mark Manning – Active Members Chair

Chel O’Reilly

Lesley Pories

Tamara Severns


Standing Committees of the Active Members (updated July 2017):

  • Finance – Greg Swartz, Chair (Board Rep); Judy Ancel, Mark Andruss, Spencer Graves, Patricia Ingraham, Sharon Lockhart, Ben Peyton, Tamara Severns (Board Rep)

  • Governance – Kathy Peters, Chair; Mark Andruss, Paige Coombs, Alex Gonzalez, Spencer Graves, Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins (Board Rep), Michael Hogge, Patricia Ingraham, Gary Jones (Board Rep), Sharon Lockhart, Greg Swartz

  • Membership – Lesley Pories, Chair; Valerie Andruss, Don Harbin, Kathy Peters, Mark Manning (Board Rep), Kasey Rausch, Linda Hall, LaDonna Sanders (Board Rep)

  • Programming – Amy Bell, Chair; Norm Comstock, Lincoln Dreher, Linda Hall, Robert Josephine, Craig Lubow (Board Rep), Vivian Frias-Medellin, Mike Murphy, Joseph Jackson, Donna Wolfe, LaDonna Sanders (Board Rep)

  • Nominating – Lesley Pories, Chair; Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins, Don Harbin, Mike Lytle

  • Grievance – Craig Lubow, Chair (Board Rep); Judy Ancel, Jasmine Jones, Alex Gonzalez, Michael Hogge, Sharon Lockhart, Joseph Jackson, Tamara Severns, Gary Jones, Lesley Pories, Una Nowling (Board Rep)

Ad Hoc Committees of the Board (updated July 2017):

  • EFT – Darrell Hoffman, Chair; Eric Barr, James Zinn, Gene Chavez, Spencer Graves (Board Rep), Michael Lamb, Dutch Metsker, Mike Murphy, Greg Swartz (Board Rep)

  • Communication/Development – Diana Ennis and Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins, Co Chairs; Valerie Andruss, Alex Gonzalez, Fional Nowling, Linda Hall (Board Rep), Mikal Shapiro, Bill Sundahl, Greg Swartz, Chel O’Reilly

  • News and Public Affairs – M.C. Richardson and Bill Clause, Co-Chairs; Judy Ancel, Spencer Graves, Jeff Humfeld, Craig Lubow (Board Rep), Darnell Hunt, Mike Murphy, Tamara Severns, John Sharp, Una Nowling (Board Rep)

If you would like to apply for a position on the KKFI Board of Directors, please fill out this application.


Active Members

The Active Members are the “shareholders” of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. They have qualified for Active Membership through regular service to the corporation as volunteers. For more information about volunteering, please see our volunteer page.