Governing Bodies

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. are elected by Active Members and Programmers at their annual meeting. Directors, elected by Active Members, serve three-year terms, and are limited to two consecutive terms. Two Programmer Representatives elected by Programmers serve one-year terms. The Active Member Chair, elected by the Active Members, is an ex-officio member of the Board.

The KKFI Board of Directors effective April 2018-March 2019:

  • Spencer Graves
  • Linda Hall
  • Shicagolyn Hams Scroggins
  • Darnell Hunt
  • Katie Jacobs
  • Gary Jones
  • Craig Lubow – Programmer Representative
  • Mark Manning – Programmer Representative
  • Cary McRoberts
  • Una Nowling –
  • Chel O’Reilly
  • Lesley Pories
  • LaDonna Sanders –  Active Member Chair
  • Greg Swartz – Treasurer


Standing Committees of the Active Members (updated July 2017):

  • Finance – Greg Swartz, Chair (Board Rep); Judy Ancel, Mark Andruss, Spencer Graves, Patricia Ingraham, Ben Peyton, Tamara Severns (Board Rep)

  • Governance – Kathy Peters, Chair; Mark Andruss, Paige Coombs, Alex Gonzalez, Spencer Graves, Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins (Board Rep), Michael Hogge, Patricia Ingraham, Gary Jones (Board Rep), Sharon Lockhart, Greg Swartz

  • Membership – Lesley Pories, Chair; Valerie Andruss, Don Harbin, Kathy Peters, Mark Manning (Board Rep), Kasey Rausch, Linda Hall, LaDonna Sanders (Board Rep)

  • Programming – Lincoln Dreher, Chair; Norm Comstock, Linda Hall, Robert Josephine, Craig Lubow (Board Rep), Vivian Frias-Medellin, Mike Murphy, Joseph Jackson, Donna Wolfe, LaDonna Sanders (Board Rep)

  • Nominating – Lesley Pories, Chair; Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins, Don Harbin, Mike Lytle

  • Grievance – Craig Lubow, Chair (Board Rep); Judy Ancel, Jasmine Jones, Michael Hogge, Joseph Jackson, Tamara Severns, Gary Jones, Lesley Pories

Ad Hoc Committees of the Board (updated July 2017):

  • EFT – Darrell Hoffman, Chair; Eric Barr, James Zinn, Gene Chavez, Spencer Graves (Board Rep), Michael Lamb, Dutch Metsker, Mike Murphy, Greg Swartz (Board Rep)

  • Communication/Development – Diana Ennis and Shicagolyn Hams-Scroggins, Co Chairs; Valerie Andruss, Alex Gonzalez, Fional Nowling, Linda Hall (Board Rep), Mikal Shapiro, Bill Sundahl, Greg Swartz, Chel O’Reilly

  • News and Public Affairs – M.C. Richardson and Bill Clause, Co-Chairs; Judy Ancel, Spencer Graves, Jeff Humfeld, Craig Lubow (Board Rep), Darnell Hunt, Mike Murphy, Tamara Severns, John Sharp, Una Nowling (Board Rep)

If you would like to apply for a position on the KKFI Board of Directors, please fill out this application.


Active Members

The Active Members are the “shareholders” of Mid-Coast Radio Project, Inc. They have qualified for Active Membership through regular service to the corporation as volunteers. For more information about volunteering, please see our volunteer page.