KKFI Announces Job Opening for Special Events and Volunteer Manager

The Mid-Coast Radio Project has a rare opportunity for a full-time, experienced Special Events and Volunteer Manager for KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City ‘s only Community Radio station.

KKFI’s Special Events and Volunteer Manager plans and executes current fundraising and awareness events (including our signature Band Auction); develops ideas and executes plans for new fundraising and awareness events; recruits, trains and organizes volunteers and assigns them to tasks; and works with existing community partners and initiates and develops relationships with new ones.  The position may also include seeking underwriting for the station.

Success in this role requires experience conceptualizing and developing events and the ability to: work independently; juggle multiple projects while maintaining attention to detail; interact with a widely diverse group of people; be creative; be a salesman for the station; manage volunteers; and develop relationships.

This salaried position requires flexible hours and offers a salary plus commission. It is expected that the successful candidate will start part time in March-April and transition to full time no later than July.

For a complete list of responsibilities, required qualifications and the application process, please see on the KKFI employment web page.

The application deadline is March 3, 2014.

Winter Fund Drive Update: Thanks to KKFI Supporters — wherever you are!


Many thanks to the hundreds of supporters of KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City Community Radio who donated during the Winter Fund Drive. The drive runs through Sunday, February 9, so there’s still time for you to call in your pledge at 888.931.0901 or DONATE ONLINE.

We love sharing your comments because it reminds KKFI staff members and volunteers that listeners who support the station appreciate what they hear.

KKFI is about conversations.

Many of the hosts of KKFI music and public affairs shows have conversations with listeners during on-air call-in segments, and other times DJs talk to listeners on the studio phone. That’s what separates KKFI from many other stations — our radio hosts and DJs connect with listeners about the music and topics important to them.

Thank you for your financial support.


I love the jazz shows — specifically w/ the Jazz Geek. (Matt Aberle, Kansas City)

Thank you! (John Nestor, Kansas City)

Way to support Labor! (Garth Stocking)

Heartland Forum sent me to your site. They do excellent programming (Joan Suarez, Saint Louis)

So grateful you’re online!! Listening, the Way-East Coast of Canada. Love you all :) (Janice Matthews, Halifax, NS Canada)

I love all the blues, Americana, Rockabilly, and the Fusionfunkmeister, among others. (Ron Topping, Overland Park, Kansas)

Your station is invaluable to Kansas City! Keep up the good work! (Brad Bruce, Kansas City, Kansas)

You guys are amazing. Of course, my favorite artist is the fabulous Sara (no H) Morgan :) (Vickie Sims, Parkville)

Thank you, Diana Linn, for bringing joy to my heart every Tuesday morning! Signin off…Your French girlfriend who loves bluegrass! (Karin Bauer, Kansas City)

We love to listen to Michael Shults, Colorado! Keep up the great programming. (Jennifer Nackerud, Westminster, Colorado)

Thanks for doing a great job!! (Edward Graham, Overland Park, Kansas)

I’m very happy to support the station, the 10th Voice, and my talented friends DWR, Phillip, and Mark! (Kevin King, Kansas City)

Thank you for providing great music to KC (Walter and Vicky, Shawnee, Kansas)

My friend Jen is on your board of directors and she’s awesome and I want to support your station not because it means a lot to me, but because it means a lot to her. (Jacqueline Pinn, Lockport, Illinois)

In honor of my favorite jazz vocalist Shay Estes! :) (Christina Eldridge)


KKFI Makes Its Kickstarter Project Goal

February 7, 2014 – With the contributions from 60 area supporters KKFI reached it’s Kickstarter project goal of $10,000 for purchasing equipment for live broadcasting audio from remote music and public events. According to KKFI station manager Barry Lee, the station can now “broadcast live radio from the clubs, honky tonks, lecture halls, theaters and all the various places where people go to have fun in KC.”

Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding website, however, fundraising projects must reach their publicized goal or the organization — it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Kickstarter selects projects with a creative edge — films, games, and music — from individuals or organizations. Less than 50% of projects reach their goal

It would not have happened without KKFI’s Finance Committee, especially Judy Ancel and Pat Fisher. Special thanks to Mark Andruss, Jen Zaman, Louis Meyers of the Folk Alliance, Kathy Peters on behalf of KKFI’s Board of Directors, Mikal Shapiro, Bill Clause, Warren Maus, John Jessup, and everyone who contributed, either monetarily or by spreading the word.

Look for KKFI to use the equipment for the first time to broadcast two nights of live music performances from the Folk Alliance International conference held at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri on February 19 and 20.

Musicians, Near and Far, Support Community Radio

Musicians Pitching for KKFI

(left to right), Scott Ford, Diana Linn (Mama Brewhead) and Sara Morgan were guests on the “Tasty Brew” show February 4, 2014

Diana Linn, host of the Tuesday morning Americana show Tasty Brew, devotes a large part of her spare time not just listening to music, but also connecting with musicians and performers. To help her pitch for listener support of her weekly show and for KKFI 90.1 FM during the Winter Fund Drive through February 9, 2014, Diana asked musicians to share their appreciation for the station.

Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots radio show:

People complain a lot about music not being what it once was, but I feel like there’s a really exciting movement going on across our country. As we’ve done several times in the past, we are rediscovering our American folk music traditions and rediscovering our own potential to make music as parts of communities and families.

There seems to be a backlash against music that’s over-produced and over-processed so that we can hear space and dynamics again. We see African-American artists tap back into country blues and old-time traditions that were overlooked or suppressed for a long time. And what’s really going to keep this values-driven movement going is the cultivation of local music scenes. No town, no matter how small, should be without venues where people can play open mics, meet one another and showcase the best artists emerging in their regions. And maybe most important, they need trusted, enthusiastic radio stations that welcome those artists – live and on record – as they step onto the road of professionalism.

I mean it’s happening in food with the loco-vore, farm-to-table idea, and it’s happening with craft brewed beer and locally roasted coffee. And it’s happening with music too. But it depends on great locally minded radio stations like KKFI that celebrate music made in the community. We sure appreciate you guys and wish you all the best.

Jen Mize, Musician, Queensland, Australia:

Hello there all you good folks of Kansas City and beyond!

I’m currently enjoying a balmy Summer’s day here in sunny Queensland, Australia! I’ve just hung my washing out on the line, fed the Chooks (Aussie slang for chickens) and I’m writing these words thinking about the great programming you have to listen to on 90.1 FM KKFI! Believe it or not, I too get to tune in to listen to this great music, even from half a world away Down Under!

I had the pleasure of having my songs discovered by the lovely Diana Linn of the Tasty Brew edition of Your Tuesday Morning Buzz, at the recent Americana Music Festival, held in Nashville last Sept. I put one of my CD’s in each goodie bag that was given out at the conference…Diana Linn was diligent and gave it a spin when she got home, then contacted me to say that she enjoyed it enough to play it!

I hope you can understand the relationship between an artist and the first DJ to play his/her music… it’s everything we strive for come true. I’m going to continue trying to make music I can be proud of, and music that great programmers like Diana Linn can get to the ears of listeners like you! If you are like me, and really enjoy discovering music, music you would never hear on commercial radio, keep community radio and it’s music alive and pledge what you can!

Signing off from Glass House Mountains, Australia!

Ebbe Weile, Musician from the Band Sam Robas, Denmark

The greatest experiences in my many years of writing music and traveling all over the world, have always been connected to the fact that music is a universal language and that it knows no borders. One of these fine experiences was to have my Danish recordings discovered by a Kansas City DJ, and then become a featured artist on 90.1 FM KKFI.

Community radio stations like KKFI, who allow people with a true love of music on air, will always be my favorite place to have my music played, simply because people who love my music means a whole lot more to me than people who love to make money from my music. So a big thank you goes out to Diana Linn and 90.1 FM KKFI for bringing my music to the listeners in Kansas City. Hope to be able to see you all live some day.

Lyal Strickland, Musician, Buffalo, Missouri

The power of radio has long been closed to independent music. KKFI isn’t.

There’s a vast soundscape of music online with no one to guide you towards the best tunes. KKFI wraps it up and delivers it with a bow. The warmth and support KKFI has shown my music has been wonderful. It’s encouraging that stations like KKFI exist. KKFI brings true music lovers out to my shows in KC. Through their 24/7 streaming, they expose my fans to the artists I listen to, and create a skeletal framework of just plain good music. They give musicians the hope that right person will hear the right song and it will move them in the right way. True community is hard to find these days, and radio is no exception. KKFI is driven by community. Things are better when they’re shared. Music isn’t a solo venture, and speakers have always been more fun than headphones.

If you agree with these musicians that KKFI has aired music you don’t hear any where else on the radio dial, then call in your tax-deductible donation at 888.931.0901 or securely Donate Online.

What’s Local & Vocal & Heard All Over? Tune in during KKFI’s Winter Fund Drive for the answer

Image for Winter 2014 Fund Drive

A Message from KKFI’s President


Among the myriad adjectives I could use to describe KKFI are local and vocal — two words that rhyme for a reason.

KKFI is a homegrown product, volunteer-driven and nurtured locally by donors like you who give generously to make sure our mission is adhered to. Here’s that mission statement.

KKFI is the Kansas City area’s independent, noncommercial community radio station. We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.

KKFI is vocal, giving full-throated voice to news, views and issues that may run counter to the homogenous sound bites promulgated by the commercial media.

For more than 25 years, KKFI has given hundreds of local musicians an audience, airing some of the best local talent around. KKFI gave them a shot when nobody else would.

Every year KKFI has a local-band auction in the KKFI studios where more than 100 local bands are showcased, giving exposure to new talent.

Every Thursday evening from 8-10 p.m., KKFI spotlights musicians on “Local Showcase,” two-hours devoted exclusively to up-and-comers just making their way on the local music scene, as well as seasoned groups who have already made names for themselves. Plus you’ll hear local talent on other shows as well.

I come to you now asking you to show your support for KKFI and its mission by making a generous tax-deductible pledge of support for programming you’ll hear only on KKFI.

Your gift today will help KKFI get that much closer to the goal of finishing the drive successfully and generating the resources required to maintain your trust in KKFI’s local and vocal public-affairs and music programming. Once we reach the goal of $80,000, it will be back to regular programming.

If you agree with me that we need to hear local and vocal radio, please take a moment to show your support. Donate on-line at KKFI.org today.  Make a one-time or monthly DONATION to KKFI, and thank you!



Kathy Peters
Board of Directors


P.S.  Consider becoming a Sustainer. You’ll help us save postage, paper and administrative costs – putting more of your contribution into the public affairs programs and music you value. Click here > BECOME A SUSTAINER.

KKFI 90.1 FM and Folk Alliance International to Broadcast and Film the 2014 Folk Alliance Conference

Through a Kickstarter campaign KKFI 90.1 FM is asking supporters to help in obtaining the equipment to broadcast live performances and other local events in good quality stereo sound.  KKFI has partnered with the Folk Alliance International to be able broadcast sets from the annual conference, starting February 19 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Watch this Kickstarter video and then click the “K” to donate to the campaign to raise $10,000 for the equipment.

The first night of the conference we plan to broadcast sets from local musicians and bands so they can be heard by not only the Kansas City audiences but also by our international listeners who listen via our online stream. We may also broadcast shows from some of the other international artists playing on other nights of the conference.  The station has already obtained the promise of a discount from the company involved, but we need the finances in order to buy the equipment directly from them.  KKFI plans to use the equipment in the coming months to present live remote broadcasts, as well as record non-musical events in the public interest.  We have local news and eco-news shows, as well as labor-related programming, who can also make use of the broadcast capabilities that we will derive from the use of this equipment.

Please help fund us in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.  We thank you all in advance for helping community radio thrive.

Make an End-of-Year Donation to Support 25 Years of Free-Range Radio

Dear Friend of Community Radio:

Thank you for a wonderful year during which we celebrated 25 years on the air.

As an invaluable member of the KKFI family, you are the reason this non-profit, non-commercial station — the only one like it in the region — has stayed on the air for more than a quarter century.


You tell us, every day, that you want to hear the kind of music that reflects your taste, your style, and KKFI has enthusiastically responded. And as for news, you want it straight and unfiltered, not the sanitized stuff the mainstream media tries to force-feed you.

As a not-for-profit radio station [Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code], KKFI trusts in you to provide the financial support so we can deliver radio…like you’ve never heard it before.

Won’t you consider making a year-end tax-deductible pledge of support for programming that you’ll hear only on KKFI.

If you agree with me that we need to hear fresh and different voices, please take a moment to show your support. Donate online at http://www.kkfi.org/donate/.

If you value the programming KKFI airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, please show your tax-deductible support today. We’ll all be the better for it.


President signature


Kathy Peters
KKFI 90.1 FM Board of Directors

Artspeak Radio Joins KKFI Lineup, Plus Schedule Changes


Artspeak Radio, a live 30-minute program about the thriving visual arts and literary community in the Kansas City area, will be a part of the weekly KKFI 90.1 FM program schedule starting Wednesday, December 4 at 6:00 pm Central Time. The show is produced by hosts Maria Vasquez Boyd and Blair Schulman with features of local artists, writers, and performers.

Artspeak Radio joins KKFI’s expanded set of programs focusing on local arts and culture. Other shows in this category include Arts Magazine on stage performances; From Ark to Microchip, which mixes commentary, dramatic re-enactment, original music, historic voices, and audio art; and two short segments, Freeze Frame and Take Two, reviewing new film releases.

Artspeak Radio started production in September 2012 with occasional productions in the “Thursday Night Special” timeslot.

Past episodes of Artspeak Radio include a show with New York-based artist Daniel Shea, who works in photography, installation and sculpture. He was in Kansas City to participate in ‘Lost and Found’, a group exhibition also featuring Sarah Bostwick, Nuala Clarke, Emily Connell, Ethan Greenbaum, Elana Herzog, and Alex Lukas at PLUG projects. Geo Sipp, Professor of Art at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri, spoke about his Wolves in the City project. Wolves in the City is an in-progress graphic novel about the French-Algerian War, fought from 1954-1962.

Program host Maria Vasquez Boyd has been published in such publications and anthologies as Salt Magazine, Present, Primera Pagina and Cuentos del Centro. She is a photographer, illustrator, radio producer and a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective (biography source: Everyday Other Things)

Program co-host Blair Schulman writes about art and artists in and around the Kansas City area for a variety of local, regional and national publications. His reviews and commentary are a first-hand account of the community as it thrives and contributes an important dialogue to a larger arts vernacular.

More Program Schedule Changes

In a continuing effort to bring listeners new and compelling programming with a tilt towards local topics and hosts KKFI 90.1 FM makes the following program schedule changes.

  • The last show for long-running “Voice of Reason” was December 1.
  • Starting December 8, Weekend Start moves to Sunday from 1:00-7:00 am with a new name “Sunday Start.”
  • Art of the Song moves to the 7:00 am slot on Sunday, December 8.
  • Dr. Mike’s Early Morning Medicine Show moves to Saturday morning from 1:00-5:00 am.
  • Bookwaves, a nationally-syndicated literary show, leaves the lineup.
  • All Soul’s Forum moves to its new timeslot on Wednesday, 12:00-1:00 pm, starting on December 4.
  • Artspeak Radio airs Wednesday from 6:00 to 6:30 pm, followed by the half-hour show From Ark to Microchip from 6:30 to 7:00 pm.

Thank you for your support of KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City Community Radio