Support KKFI by Donating an Item to the Holiday Auction

We hope to make this year’s KKFI Holiday Online Auction (December 2 through December 16) the biggest and best ever. We need YOUR HELP to make this happen. To donate, contact Bill Clause at [email protected]

2013 Holiday Gift Auction image


Please consider donating something to the auction. Maybe a personal service, a great book or CD that is in new or newish condition, or re-gift a birthday gift that wasn’t what you wanted but might be just right for someone else, or maybe some forgotten treasure gathering dust in your attic.

Here are some of the wonderful donations we’ve received so far from folks at KKFI:

  • Homemade casual fine dining for four donated by Bob and Diana Suckiel.
  • Rebecca Roche, Mike Lytle, Norm Browning, Diana Ennis donated like-new CDs.
  • Junebug, VooDoo Kittens, Teachers Union, and Noah Davis Band donated collector T-shirts.
  • LaDonna Sanders donated homemade bread.
  • Homemade beaded necklace from Linda Fischer
  • Nancy McDonnell donated 2 handmade knitted scarves and handmade knitted shawl
  • Dan Connolly (newest almost certified programmer) donated a wonderful collection of like new paperback and hardback books (about 50 books total) on everyone from Mick Jagger to Tony Bennett
  • Long-time volunteer Brian Koenigsdorf donated over 130 like new vinyl LPs
  • Gary Trimble donated EIGHT HOURS of handyman work
  • KKFI donors Phil and Ann Garcia donated a home cooked Mexican Dinner for four to six people
  • KKFI volunteer Rich Kaufman has donated 2 hours of gardening, including digging raking or planting

Even with this list, we have missed bunch more who have donated. HOW ABOUT YOU? Last year, we grossed about $8000 during the auction. This year, we hope to top $10,000.

We can do it with YOUR donation. Please consider donating.

Bill Clause
[email protected]

It’s “hump day” during the “Free-Range Radio” fund drive


Hump Day Arrives During Fund Drive – Update #4

5 days down and 5 to go.

Currently we have picked up 31 first-time donors of the 223 total who have contributed $22,150 during on-air pledge programs.

Another $3,976 came from 87 donors who pledged online via And the mailing that went out before the on-air drive began has brought in $9,650 from 137 donors thus far.

All told, the total comes to almost $36,000 toward a goal of $80,000.

While we’re lagging a little, we’re confident we can make goal. All it takes is for a few more listeners to become supporters.

If it’s been a while since you’ve made a contribution or you never have, now’s the time. And there’s no time like the present. Click here to get to KKFI’s safe and secure donation page.

Thank you!

Warren Maus
KKFI 90.1 FM Director of Development and Marketing

Fall Fund Drive: Support “25 Years of Free-Range Radio”

Fall Fund Drive – Update #3


The “Free-Range Radio” t-shirt is KKFI’s thank-you gift to supporters.

Eight days into the fall campaign and 72 listeners have mailed in their pledges of support for free-range radio. Another 17 have gone online at to register their support. One fan walked in his donation and handed me a check in the green room.

Winner of the furthest donor from the studio is Robert Sweet, who listens online at in Mabelvale, Arkansas.

Have you seen the Official Fall 2013 T-shirt? This collector’s item can be yours with a pledge of $90 or more.

The goal this campaign is $80,000 and 100 new donors. Right now the total sits at $7,566 and five new donors. Once we reach the goals, we will return to regular programming.

The on-air portion of the fall campaign kicks off Friday morning at 6 a.m. with Arjay’s Freeform Friday. We’ll continue pledging on-air until the 13th or when we hit our goals – whichever comes first.

Why not pledge online right now. It’s easy and secure.

Warren Maus
KKFI 90.1 FM Director of Development and Marketing

Update 1: KKFI’s Fall Fund Drive

What a nice way to begin the Fall Fund Drive.

KKFI Fall 2013 Fund Drive T-Shirt

KKFI’s Fall 2013 Fund Drive T-Shirt

As of September 27 — three days into the fall campaign — 48 listeners have taken time to respond to the letter from board president Kathy Peters asking for support for free-range radio at its best. Another half dozen have gone online to register their support. Thank you to those who pledged before the on-air pledge drive begins one week from today.

The goal this campaign is $80,000 and 100 new donors, ambitious but doable, thanks to the generous spirit of KKFI’s listeners like you. The total sits at $4,807 and two new donors.

Once we reach the goal, KKFI will return to regular programming.

If you still have the letter, take a minute to send it back with your donation. Or should you prefer, pledge online. It’s easy and secure.

Warren Maus
KKFI 90.1 FM
Director of Development and Marketing

90.1 FM Listeners Demand Changes to Website

KKFI 90.1 FM radio listeners spoke up and we listened.

You wanted podcasts of public affairs shows and an improved “Listen Now” feature, so KKFI delivered. Look forward to these new website changes on Monday, September 30 sometime after 4:00 p.m.

Radio listeners requested a way to follow their favorite public affairs and arts programs by listening to episodes they missed during the on-air broadcast schedule. After the website upgrade you will be able to listen to these shows with your Apple iPod or MP3 player.

Another change you asked for was a way to listen to the station directly from a web browser, without opening up a media player. This allows you to listen from your mobile and phone devices more easily. This is  the first step to make our website more mobile-friendly since now 8% of you access the site from these devices. A year ago only 4% of website visitors were using mobile devices.

Here are the major changes we will make on the site available on Monday, September 30 after 4:00 p.m.

  • Audio archiving for on-demand listening to public affairs shows.  This feature will bring full podcasting to listeners to follow their favorite public affairs programs.

  • A new web-based LISTEN NOW option that allows you to listen directly from your web browser. This feature supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer web browsers, including mobile browsers.

  • An updated “Featured Episodes” section – click through 12 episodes on the home page, all above “the fold” on the home page.

  • Style changes to the Program Episode and Program page layouts, along with a stream-lined top navigation menu (drop-down menus) on the home page.

  • Added author Jared McNett, who is writing music reviews for you to get insight into new releases by a variety of musicians.

KKFI has enhanced the website with the help of financial donations from listeners. Thank you for your continued support — without your support we would not be able to improve the KKFI website.

Support “25 Years of Free-Range Radio” by Donating to KKFI through October 13


A Message from KKFI’s President

The term free-range means to roam and explore with relative freedom; unfettered; not confined.

I don’t think there’s a better way to describe what our dedicated deejays and hosts do. They explore music and issues that get short shrift in commercial media. And they’ve been doing it that way for more than 25 years.

And while KKFI’s unpaid on-air deejays and hosts take great pride in bringing you the best they have to offer, they also take even greater care to keep expenses to a minimum, attentive to how your donation is spent to bring you the best programs for the least dollars. They know that free-range radio is not free. In fact, it costs about $1,000 a day to operate the station.

“KKFI is the Kansas City area’s independent, noncommercial community radio station.” That’s the opening line of KKFI’s mission statement that continues:  “We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.”

If that doesn’t define free-range radio, I don’t know what does. Well, I take that back. In fact, it’s you who define free-range radio with your generous support of this station. It’s you who put the range in free-range, insisting on variety and diversity over our airwaves and online.

I come to you now asking you to show your support for KKFI and its mission – to give a voice to the views, opinions and musical genres typically ignored by the mainstream media – by making a generous tax-deductible pledge of support for programming you’ll hear only on KKFI.

Our upcoming fund drive will begin in a few days. It’s an opportunity to speak directly to listeners about KKFI and our mission to be your trusted source. Like you, we want to get back to uninterrupted programming as quickly as possible.

Your gift today will help KKFI get that much closer to the goal of finishing the drive successfully and generating the resources required to maintain your trust in KKFI’s public-affairs and music programming. Once we reach the goal of $80,000, it will be back to regular programming.

If you agree with me that we need to hear free-range radio, please take a moment to show your support. Donate on-line at today.  Make a one-time or monthly DONATION to KKFI, and thank you!





Kathy Peters
President, KKFI 90.1 FM Board of Directors

P.S. – Consider becoming a Sustainer. You’ll help us save postage, paper and administrative costs – putting more of your contribution into the news and music you value. Click here > BECOME A SUSTAINER.

Jared McNett, Truman State Grad, Shares His Musical Insight

Jared McNett, a recent graduate of Truman State in Kirksville, Missouri, has signed on to write music reviews for the KKFI 90.1 FM website.  He has written several reviews from nationally-renowned artists such as Jay-Z, Okkervil River, Willis Earl Beal, and Beck, among others, but may also be covering concerts and local and regional performers.

His review of Jay-Z’s Holy Grail Magna Carta release this month is thoughtful and shows a solid grasp of hip-hop and music, in general. You can catch Jared’s musical insights in in the KKFI’s Music Reviews section.

KKFI welcomes Jared’s contribution to the radio station’s dedication to airing music not heard on other area radio stations. In Jared’s own words:

Proud 2013 graduate of Truman State University were I studied as a Comm-Journalism major. Worked for four years as a DJ and music manager at KTRM 88.7 FM (The Edge), the on-campus radio station. Music and writing are two of my greatest passions, so why not have the two intermingle for a career? I currently run a music blog ( and have lived in KC for my entire life. Any questions?

You can reach Jared by commenting on his music reviews directly on the KKFI website.


Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson appears as guest on “The Real Deal” Friday, May 24

Mike Lytle, host of “The Real Deal” music show on KKFI reports that “Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull has finally agreed to be on my show! We are taping this just prior to its airing on Friday, May 24 for his July 13 show at Kaufman Center!!! Ian tells me he will be playing ‘Thick As A Brick’ in its entirety followed by his latest release ‘Thick As A Brick 2’ ….. Wow ! If you have any good questions you want me to ask him, please let me know. I’m calling it the ‘Ian-terview’!!”

homepage-music-real-dealHere’s a report from Ian Anderson and his crew:

Ian Anderson’s tour will feature a more theatrical production with video and additional musicians, including Ian’s band: bassist David Goodier, keyboardist John O’Hara, drummer Scott Hammond, and wunderkind guitarist Florian Opahle– all of whom have performed with Ian on his solo dates over the years as well as having performed at various times as members of Jethro Tull. British singer Ryan O’Donnell, who has been active in the UK theatrical scene will also be singing.  Ian added the young performer as he wants to perform vocals and instrument parts as they appeared on the original THICK AS A BRICK.

Ian’s new album, THICK AS A BRICK 2 (TAAB2) also features David, John, Scott, and Florian. It was produced by Ian Anderson and mixed by Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson (who also re-mixed Jethro Tull’s AQUALUNG-Special Edition, released this past fall.)

TAAB2 answers the question 40 years later, whatever happened to Gerald Bostock (the person credited with writing the lyrics for THICK AS A BRICK, which hit number one on the US Billboard Pop Albums chart. With the first THICK AS A BRICK, Jethro Tull broadened rock beyond the limitations of the short song format).  Ian Anderson says  “Part two” gave him a chance to wonder, “how we baby-boomers look back on our own lives, and often feel an occasional ‘what-if’ moment. Might we, like Gerald, have become instead preacher, soldier, down-and-out, shopkeeper or finance tycoon?”  

Since 1972, the original THICK AS A BRICK has never been performed in its entirety although a few minutes of the material have been a regular repertoire staple in both Tull and IA solo shows over the years.

After 45 years of leading Tull to 54 countries worldwide and over 60 million albums sold, Ian Anderson celebrates these true progressive rock classics with old and new fans across world-wide. Ian is known as the flute, voice and composer of the legendary Jethro Tull which formed in England in 1968. Since their first performance at London’s famous Marquee Club in 1968, the band has released 30 studio and live albums and earned a prominent place in rock history.

Ian Anderson will be performing at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, 1601 Broadway, in Kansas City, on July 13 at 7:30 PM. Ticket prices range from $39 to $69.

Every Friday, 7-9 pm CST on and over those magical airwaves at KKFI 90.1 FM on the dial in Kansas City, I’m there for you. I keep bringing you the best (and rarest) in rock, blues, oldies & local music. Plus, if you are good little boys & girls, you’ll get more Chickenman, Ouiji Weather reports, Concert Calendar updates & the good ole Psychedelic Garage tunes. Please keep those requests coming in & check me out on Facebook too!

As Stevie Ray said, “The house is a rockin’ so don’t bother knockin’ !” …… so what are you waiting for people …. come on in and visit “The Real Deal” !
Peace !