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In accordance with KKFI by-laws, notice of annual, regular, and special meetings of our Committees, Active Members or Board of Directors will be posted on this website, and will be mailed to interested persons at least one week in advance of the meeting. If you are interested in notification, please submit your request by mail to:

KKFI Meeting Notifications
PO Box 32250
Kansas City, MO 64171

KKFI Holiday Auction 2015
Dec 12 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

If you have something valuable to donate to the Auction please email [email protected] or call 816.994.7869 and ask for Bill Sundahl


This years Holiday Auction is a FREE LIVE EVENT!
Unless you want to Reserve a Table with a Delicious Meal and Libation.

This years auction will be a tasteful mix of Live Music, KKFI DJ’s, Silent Auction, Raffles, and Live Auction.  It will have a heavy focus on KC Night Out Packages, Weekend Trips, and of course a great eclectic mix of items form KC Businesses and KKFI Donors and Supporters.

Ollie’s LocalLocally Owned and Operated Restaurant & Tavern
Saturday, December 12th, 2015
6pm to 10pm


  • 4 Seats Per Table
  • Some Tables are High Tops (Noted in Seating Chart on Ticketing Site)
  • Dinner will be served between 7 and 7:30 so that the chef can coordinate the Meal.
  • Sorry, No Single Seat Reservations

Choose 1 of 3 Entrees:

  • Beef Wellington – Petite Tender with Mushroom Pâté and Mustard Cream in Puff Pastry
  • Chicken Penne Pasta in Vodka Sauce with Garlic Toast
  • Roasted Cauliflower Curry and Brown Rice (Vegetarian)
-All entrees served with:
Garlic Mashed Taters and Sauteed Mixed Vegetables
As well as each donor receives choice of:
  • 1 House Wine
  • 1 Housemade Craft Cocktail
  • 1 Beer
  • 1 Workingman’s Friend (Beer and a Shot)
  • OR 1 Punch Bowl Selection for the Whole Table (Serves 4)


The Matchsellers — The Matchsellers is a bluegrass duo that began in the streets of former East Germany and now crisscrosses the US Interstate system year-round. In 2012, 
Jessica Paige 
— As a committed wanderer, Jessica Paige draws on personal experience and the stories of old souls to bring her own unique brand of songwriting to the stage. Folk-inspired lyricism is brought to life by a master vocalist, backed by a dynamic soulful band.
Ivory Black 
— With an acoustic guitar, soaring vocals, and an imagination, Ivory Black sets forth to create timeless records for a constantly changing generation. One song at a time.
Loaded Goat — A mad mash of bluegrass, old-time, honky-tonk music. To activate: Flick a little moonshine in it’s face and get ready for some banjo for your ear-holes.  


Weekend in June at Table Rock Lake at Paradise Point Resort
Night at Hotels such as Aladdin Holiday Inn and Hotel Phillips
Tickets to events at Folly Theater, Carlsen Center at JCCC, & Riot Room
Eureka Springs Blues Weekend – June 2016

The Online Auction is gone.  Though loved by many, I feel a live event that puts KKFI-Loving people in the same room is much more in line with out mission, of building community, here at KKFI.