I Love KC Music – Momma’s Boy and Shadow Rabbits

On January 13, 2017 Momma’s Boy and Shadow Rabbits played at Steven’s Birthday Bash at the miniBar.  (The Shameless Pursuit and Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type also played, but I split my time covering a second show.)   Momma’s Boy plays fun pop surfer rock.  Momma’s Boy was asked to play last minute due to another band being unable to play.  Momma’s Boy usually is a four piece band, but played without their bass player for the night.  Having never heard them play before I would not have known something was missing, because the music was still great.  If you’d like to see them for yourself, they play again on January 28th at the MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser.  Shadow Rabbits is a newer band and they’re incredible.  Shadow Rabbits has this great sexy noir rock.  Ashley’s voice is smooth and seductive and Jon’s voice backs her up perfectly.  The band’s rock infused with jazz and folk is perfection.

You can check out the whole album from the night HERE.  Wanna see Momma’s Boy play?  Check out the video HERE and to see Shadow Rabbits, go HERE.

About Kimmy DeVries

After going to shows as a fan for some time, Kimmy wanted to get more involved in the music community, but she's not a musician. It was at this point she decided to start blogging about the music happenings in Kansas City. Kimmy is a 31 year old queer woman, who in addition to being a music fanatic, is a teacher, an activist, and has a cute cat named Charlie.

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