KKFI Recognized Among Public and Community Radio Stations

homepage-paste-2014KKFI was recognized June 4 by internationally-distributed Paste Magazine on a list of the Top 10 most unique public and community radio stations. The recognition cited KKFI “…for variety,” adding that “Kansas City is known for its wide range of musical preferences, and has become a hub for concert tours in the Midwest. Fittingly, this station has offered a wide variety of programs, based around anything from rap to psychedelic, since 1988. Also involved in local and national goings-on, the station offers podcasts on environmental issues, women’s concerns, and local arts.”

KKFI 90.1 FM has been on air for over 26 years and the credit by the highly acclaimed magazine was deeply appreciated, especially because of the heavyweight stations included on the list, notably LA-based NPR station KCRW, Seattle-based arts innovator KEXP 90.3 FM,  and The Current in Minneapolis, among others.

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