With a great cast, bestselling source material and acclaimed filmmakers in command, “The Snowman” should have been a solid thriller. Sadly, it’s an icy misfire. Michael Fassbender plays a detective on the trail of a cunning serial killer who leaves creepy snowmen at his crime scenes. The pace drags and the story is filled with multiple dangling plot threads. “The Snowman” is a frosty fizzle.


The tragedy that befell the Granite Mountain Hotshots gets the big screen treatment in “Only the Brave.” Josh Brolin is rock solid as the supervisor of a crack team of Arizona firefighters who work hard and sacrifice much to protect lives and property. Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Jeff Bridges are among the supporting players who help this otherwise melodramatic story catch fire. It’s a fitting tribute to those who heroically put themselves in harm’s way.


“Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House” is a bleak and lackluster biopic about the man who was instrumental in the Washington Post’s investigation of the Watergate Scandal. Liam Neeson plays Felt, a high-ranking FBI official who, as Deep Throat, secretly walked an ethical tightrope to bring White House criminals to justice. Skip this one and watch the 1976 flick “All the President’s Men” instead.


Also opening this week, Tyler Perry returns yet again as Madea in “Boo 2: A Madea Halloween.” The weather goes wacky in the sci-fi adventure, “Geostorm.” “Loving Vincent” is the world’s first fully oil painted animated feature film inspired by the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh. “78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene” is a documentary about the infamous scene from “Psycho.” “Bonehill Road” is a werewolf movie from KC based filmmaker Todd Sheets. “Hunters: The Art of the Scare” is a documentary about commercial haunted houses.

“American Made” tells the remarkable true story of Barry Seal, a TWA pilot who was recruited by the CIA to do aerial reconnaissance over Central America in the 1980s. Tom Cruise plays Seal, who became a drugs and arms smuggler and eventually established a secret training ground for Nicaraguan Contras in Mena, Arkansas. The movie was directed by Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity”).

Take Two: “American Made”
Episode date : October 20, 2017
On Take Two

This week on CounterSpin: A human rights nightmare continues to unfold in Myanmar, as hundreds of thousands of Rohingya flee what a new UN report calls “coordinated and systemic” attacks by security forces and Buddhist-majority mobs, only to arrive—if they arrive—to horrific conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh. What human rights groups have the called “ethnic cleansing” of the religious and linguistic minority, the Myanmar government of Aung San Suu Kyi calls “clearance operations,” aimed solely at ousting militants. Though the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for generations, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s government maintains they are simply illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, where, as in Myanmar, Rohingya are denied citizenship.

You may have seen or read some of what the UN calls “bone-chilling” accounts of attacks on Rohingya people. What’s the history behind those accounts? Azeem Ibrahim is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Policy and author of The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide. He’ll join us for an extended conversation about the roots of the current crisis and where we go from here.

Plus a quick look back at recent coverage of the continuing Puerto Rican disaster.

“Juror No 2”, as Lindy Lou Isonhood was known, talks about the impact that a death sentence had on her and other jurors in a case in Mississippi in which they reached a verdict to sentence Bobby Wilcher to death for the murder of a woman. Bobby had been convicted by another jury, but his original death sentence was set aside by an appeals court. Bobby was then sentenced to death a second time after a new sentencing trial. Lindy had reservations about the sentence and set out to find the other jurors nearly twenty-two years later to see if they had similar thoughts of regret. Lindy visited Bobby while he was on death row. He was executed and that event sparked a crusade by Lindy to reform the system. Lindy felt trapped by the jury instructions given by the Judge, making her feel like she had no choice. Lindy’s story is captured in a film, “Lindy Lou, Juror No. 2” which is currently being screened in some film festivals. Lindy is interviewed by host Craig Lubow in a two-part series. Other films and news stories have looked at the impact of the death penalty on the defendants’ families, the victims’ families, and on the Warden and doctors that must implement the death penalty. This is the first time that the impact on the jurors is examined.

Trailor: https://ff.hrw.org/film/lindy-lou-juror-number-2


Chautauqua hosts Julie Hume and Scott Easterday present a fascinating one hour Thursday Night Special on the concept of CHAOS (no, we are not talking presidential politics).  Dr John Symons expounds on the philosophical implications of chaos, from the early Greeks and ancient religions through the present.  Physicist Dr Richard Gordon explains chaos theory, including mention of the butterfly effect.  Rev. Dr Dwight Frizzell brings a selection of fractal music.

Free Speech on College Campuses

Last week an invited lawmaker was shut down form addressing Texas Southern University after protesters stormed the room calling him a racist. House Representative Briscoe Cain was asked to speak to the Thurgood Marshall School of Law by the Federalist Society about the recent legislative special session. But as he uttered a few words, he was shut down by students and then the Universitys President who claimed it was an unapproved event. It’s ironic that the school is named for the Supreme Court justice known for his exemplary record of protecting First Amendment rights.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also recently spoke–uninterrupted–at Georgetown University about free speech on American college campuses. He said, The right of free speech does not exist only to protect the ideas upon which most of us agree at a given moment in time, and encouraged students to: make your voices heard, [and] to defend the rights of others to do the same. Sessions joins a bipartisan chorus of public officials expressing support for free speech in academic institutions.

This summer, Senators Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell condemned efforts to shut down different viewpoints at schools. And in 2015, Barack Obama more than once defended the importance of free speech on campus. I dont agree that you, when you become students at colleges, have to be coddled and protected from different points of view, he said at a September 2015 town hall.

The recent Sessions talk comes amid an uptick (1) in efforts to dis-invite controversial speakers of all ideological persuasions, (2) use of bias response teams to monitor unpopular speech, and (3) in unprecedented violence aimed at silencing off-campus speakers.

These are some of the findings from a recent study from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The comprehensive survey on students’ attitudes about free speech measured responses to questions about hate speech, guest speakers on campus, self-expression and reactions to expression of other students.

Guest -Will Creeley, Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Advocacy at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. FIRE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending liberty, freedom of speech, due process, academic freedom, legal equality, and freedom of conscience on Americas college campuses.


Tech Freedom on USA Liberty Act of 2017

Americans whose data is inadvertently swept up while the government monitors foreign intelligence risk having their information used for non-national-security related purposes.

Two weeks ago draft legislation was introduced to address this, but a broad coalition of civil liberties organizations say it doesn’t go far enough. They are calling on the House to close the so-called back-door search loophole by requiring a warrant based on probable cause for any search of information about U.S. citizens and residents. Similar to the USA Freedom Act of 2015, which ended the practice of bulk surveillance of American citizens under Section 215 of the 2001 PATRIOT Act, the current USA Liberty Act of 2017 would overhaul surveillance that is supposed to be limited to targets outside the U.S. but actually affects Americans. Section 702 expires at the end of December, which is why Congress is reassessing the program.

Currently, FISA surveillance is conducted under a warrant issued annually by the FISA court for a list of foreign intelligence targets. But law enforcement can access, and can use, Americans communications swept up in FISA surveillance with no warrant at all. This is even though U.S. persons communications require constitutional protections not afforded to foreigners.

The USA Liberty Act adds a warrant-like probable cause requirement before law enforcement can search the database, but also includes a sweeping, vague exception for foreign intelligence information and does not stop law enforcement from using that information for criminal prosecutions. This is a glaring violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Guest – Austin Carson, Executive Director of TechFreedom joins us to talk about this legislation, and the state of surveillance generally. Tech Freedom is a non-profit, non-partisan technology think tank launched in 2011 that focuses on issues of Internet freedom and technological progress.


Lamonte McIntyre, Wrongfully Convicted, 23 Years Imprisoned, How Did This Happen?

Lamonte McIntyre, Wrongfully Convicted, 23 Years Imprisoned, How Did This Happen? How many others has this happened to? How do we find the others and set them free? Is the real question, How can we keep this from happening again? The news is filled with this story of police corruption, coerced testimony and the 23 years spent behind bars on a wrongful conviction. This is not the first such case and will not be the last one either. What we as a community, as a society need to decide is what are we going to do to rectify these wrongs and what lengths will we go to find the other victims that are still behind bars?

Today host Latahra Smith of the KC Freedom Project talks with Lora McDonald of MORE2 about this case and MORE2’s efforts to bring this problem to the public’s attention. Lora is a close friend of the McIntyre family and will bring her own perspective to the issue. We also will be playing parts of the Wyandotte County Prosecutors Press conference after the hearing was over and the comments of Niko Quinn who was coerced into testifying against Lamonte and spend 20 years trying to tell authorities she had lied. We will also open the phone lines for your questions and comments.

This week on the Heartland Labor Forum: Remember when we couldn’t bring signs to demonstrations because they could be used as weapons? Since Charlottesville, people are bringing weapons!! What happens to freedom of speech? Hear activists in a roundtable discussion. Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

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FREEZE FRAME: “Split,” “The Founder,” “20th Century Women,” “Trespass Against Us,” “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”

January 19, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on FREEZE FRAME: “Split,” “The Founder,” “20th Century Women,” “Trespass Against Us,” “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”
FREEZE FRAME: "Split," "The Founder," "20th Century Women," "Trespass Against Us," "xXx: Return of Xander Cage"

Since hitting the big time with “The Sixth Sense,” the work of quirky filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has been a hit-and-miss affair. His new horror entry “Split” is something of a return to form. James McAvoy is excellent as a …

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I Love KC Music – Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and more

January 16, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on I Love KC Music – Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and more
I Love KC Music - Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy and more

If you love roots music, the Westport Saloon is a true gem in Kansas City.  On January 7, 2017, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Deadeye., Feast ov Fools, and Karla & Too Bad Jim all played for one epic night …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 16 – January 22

January 16, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 16 – January 22
KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 16 – January 22

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, January 16th to Sunday, January 22nd. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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I Love KC Music – Five Phantastic Years

January 13, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on I Love KC Music – Five Phantastic Years
I Love KC Music - Five Phantastic Years

The Phantastics, a funk, soul, hip hop, and jazz band from Kansas City, is celebrating their five year anniversary. On January 6, 2017, they played a celebration show at the Riot Room. Their energy on stage was on phire! The …

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New Year’s with the Architects

January 12, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on New Year’s with the Architects
New Year's with the Architects

Davey’s Uptown had a solid punk heavy lineup on New Year’s Eve featuring: Dead Ven, Mr Deadly, American Dischord, and the Architects. Here are some images from the Architects set:             Click for more Architects …

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Christmas with Radkey at the Record Bar

January 12, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Christmas with Radkey at the Record Bar
Christmas with Radkey at the Record Bar

Here’s a bit of Radkey from the Christmas show at Record Bar:         Click for more Radkey  Head over to KC Live Music Blog for more!

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