Guests from the Kansas City Ballet talk about there presentation called ‘New Moves’.  Then later, the Olathe Community Theatre talks about their show, ‘Pass Over’.


U.S. Peace Council Returns From Venezuela

The Trump administration is attempting to illegally overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela and its president Nicolas Maduro.

The effort is being led by Trumps recently appointed envoy Elliot Abrams, the notorious convicted perjurer who was complicit during the Reagan Administration in the massacre and cover up of the mass slaughter of indigenous people in central America.

John Bolton is working alongside Abrams. He recently showed the American governments intent by flashing a hand written sign on a yellow pad stating 5000 troops to Venezuela. Showing his contempt for international law, he famously said that if the top part of the United Nations building was lopped off it would not make any difference.

So far the United States has been unable to topple all the Venezuelan government. Unable to win over the Venezuelan military the United States is now embargoing Venezuela, which is a form of a medieval siege, aimed at depriving Venezuelans of food and medicine. The U.S. government and its ally Great Britain have frozen Venezuelan assets held abroad and prevented trade with the country, whose economy has shrunk dramatically.

The United States has secured support for its coup attempt from the right wing governments in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile as well as the countries of the European Union.

Guest – Ajamu Baraka has recently returned from Venezuela. He is on the steering committee of the US Peace Council, which organized the trip. Baraka is the national organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace, writes for the Black Agenda Report, and was the 2016 Green party candidate for vice president.


Reprieve: UK Human Rights Group
Reprieve 1

A year after the death penalty was abolished in the United Kingdom, in 1999, human rights attorney Clive Stafford Smith founded the nonprofit organization Reprieve. Smith has represented over 300 prisoners facing the death penalty in the southern United States and has helped secure the release of 65 Guantanamo Bay prisoners, and others internationally who claim that the United States government has tortured them.

Reprieve currently works to represent 15 prisoners in Guantnamo Bay, as well as an evolving caseload of death row clients around the world. It investigates international complicity in extraordinary renditions, and has recently started working in Pakistan with the Foundation for Fundamental Rights to begin discussions on the use of drones there.

Guest – Katie Taylor, a Deputy Director at Reprieve who coordinates the Life After Guantanamo Project. Katie has worked at WarChild UK and in Palestine on human and childrens rights issues for several local and international agencies.

David Robinson, Charges Dropped After 18 Years of Incarceration

On May 14, 2018 David Robinson was released after almost 18 years in the MO Corrections System. He had been wrongfully convicted and in the release order from the MO Supreme Court they agreed that Robinson had met his burden of proof and established what’s known as a “gateway” claim of innocence after proving his constitutional rights were violated during his trial. This ruling is significant for a number of other wrongfully convicted citizens still being held by the state of Missouri, many of them that have also proven their innocence in court but are being held on technicalities.

Host Latahra Smith talks with David Robinson about his case of wrongful conviction, the court ruling that set him free and its significance for others such as Ricky Kidd and Keith Carnes.

KFVS article – http://www.kfvs12.com/story/38087260/sikeston-mo-man-released-charges-dismissed-nearly-18-years-after-murder-conviction/?fbclid=IwAR0q13mjir0JVIHRKuPs-Xn6Cy9u7FOECVnYIqtqjOc4NZw25IiSL7sNq9E

The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row by Steffan Hou
Steffan Hou

The book, The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row tells the stories of innocent Americans sentenced to death, examines the flawed investigations and myopic prosecutions of the murders and whether it is possible to restore life after being wrongfully incarcerated for decades.

Steffan Hou takes a look at the US Justice System from the perspective of a journalist, a storyteller and a media and communications advisor. Although he was born and lives in Denmark, he has traveled and worked extensively in the USA and has written another book, A Dream Derailed, that resulted from his personal investigation of the American Dream.

Host Elisa Brietenbach talks with Steffan Hou about his book The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row, an investigation of the American Justice System and cases of the wrongfully convicted on Death Row.

One place to purchase book – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43299834-the-deprived

The JoJR Calendar for the week of March 25th

Veronica’s Voice invites you to their annual celebration and fundraiser, In The Words Of Survivors: Joyfully Looking Towards the Future. This evening of inspiration from poetry and short stories authored by survivors of commercial sexual exploitation performed by local artists and drinks and dessert, will be held Saturday, March 30th, 6pm – 8pm at the Meadowlark Event Center, 20650 W 191st St, Spring Hill, KS. For more information and tickets go to veronicasvoice.org
Momma On a Mission will be hosting their 5th annual fundraiser, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”, Saturday, April 6th, at Tower Park, 75th and Holmes, KCMO. The walk will begin at 11:30am and will be open to everyone that wants to make a difference in the community, with an emphasis towards assisting the needs of the families of homicide victims and violent crime. If you or your business would like to be a sponsor contact Monique Willis at 816-499-1214 or email [email protected] To register for the walk go online to mommaonamission.myevent.com
Corey’s Network invites survivors of murder to their weekly workshops to learn how to deal with grief, the media, investigation, court, and moving forward after a homicide has occurred. This is a workshop, not a grief group. The next workshop, What to expect from the investigation, will be held Monday, March 25th at the Church of the Four Corners, 14300 E. US HWY 40, KCMO. The church is located East of the HyVee at 40 Hwy and Noland Rd. For more information and listing of future workshops call 816.834.9161 or email [email protected]

Originality is a rare commodity in Hollywood, but Oscar-winning writer/director Jordan Peele demonstrates more than his fair share in his new horror film, “Us.” Multiple social allegories are explored in the story of a family of four that is terrorized by a murderous quartet that looks exactly like them. Lupita Nyong’o gives a stunning dual performance as the mom and her evil doppelganger. Prepare to be creeped out and intrigued at the same time.


Julianne Moore has given some top-notch performance and her turn in the comic drama “Gloria Bell” is no exception. A remake of an acclaimed Chilean film, “Gloria Bell” tells the story of a divorcée taking a second chance on romance. This very adult movie provides a realistic, almost melancholy look at the emotional struggles of women of a certain age. It doesn’t all work, but Moore creates a memorable portrait of quiet resilience.


I’m not sure what the title “Dragged Across Concrete” means, but I felt like I had been after watching this grueling and gritty three-hour crime drama. Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn play cops disciplined for employing rough tactics. While on suspension, the opportunity to steal gold from crooks becomes too tempting to resist. There are some disturbing social undertones in this violent movie that border on racism. You may be rooting for criminal Tory Kittles in the end, but mostly for the movie to end.


“Out of Blue” plays like it could have been an early David Lynch movie. Patricia Clarkson plays a New Orleans homicide detective whose life becomes metaphysically entangled with that of a murder victim, a young astrophysicist. It’s a smart and ambitious neo-noir thriller, but weird and unwieldly.


Also opening this week, “The Wedding Guest” is an action thriller about a kidnapping set in Pakistan and India. Dev Patel stars.

The strange true story about an attempt to rob $30 million from Richard Nixon’s secret illegal campaign fund becomes a strange comic movie. Aussie actor Travis Fimmel (“Lean on Pete”) plays Harry Barber, a fan of actor Steve McQueen, who tries to look and act like the famous actor. He joins in a plot with his uncle (William Fichtner from “Quiz Show”) to loot a California bank filled with Nixon’s cash. Detective Forest Whitaker (“Black Panther”) and Lily Rabe (“Vice”) are in hot pursuit.

Take Two: “Finding Steve McQueen” (R)
Episode date : March 22, 2019
On Take Two

When Pat Elder was in town on February 21st to kick off his tour of military bases contaminated with Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), Craig Lubow had a chance to interview him. We bring you that recording. Click here to hear Pat’s talk from when he was here.

But first, Paul Johnson, of the Kansas Rural Center discusses noxious weeds and toxic sprays in Kansas as well as the meeting planned this week in Oskaloosa. (see below)

Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 6:30pm
Jefferson County Courthouse, 2nd floor court room, 300 West Jefferson St., Oskaloosa KS 66066

As in pretty much every county in Kansas, the Jefferson County Public Works Department routinely drives spray trucks around to spray herbicides on what they consider roadside noxious weeds. Unless a landowner posts a sign saying “No Spray”, all roadside vegetation is subject to being hit with toxic chemicals. There also is a prevalent problem of herbicides sprayed indiscriminately on a neighbor’s farm drifting with the wind over to kill or damage crops on adjacent land.

This meeting will be informational, with the County’s Weed Department explaining about posting one’s land as a no-spray property., and on the chemicals used by the County Weed Department. There will also be an update on a new State Law that has moved the regulation of noxious weeds from the Kansas Legislature to the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Following that, meeting participants will have a discussion of pro-active steps that Jefferson County can take to lessen ‘drift’ problems, and ample time for questions from the audience. For more info, contact [email protected] .

A full hour of witty conversations, good (and bad) jokes, comedy situations, good (and bad) puns, and silly songs presented by KKFI’s own radio theater company Shots in the Night.

Shots in the Night Comedy Hour
Episode date : March 21, 2019
On Shots in the Night

Last month, teachers met in El Paso to demand an end to child detention. This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, we’ll hear about their teach-in at the border – a teach-in for freedom. Find out how US policies are affecting kids from eyewitness testimonies. Tune in Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

A Teach-In at the Border
Episode date : March 21, 2019
On Heartland Labor Forum

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JoJR Interviewed District Public Defender, Ruth Petsch About Why Public Defenders Are Refusing New Cases?

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JoJR Interviewed District Public Defender, Ruth Petsch About Why Public Defenders Are Refusing New Cases?

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