The National Religious Campaign Against Torture

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) is a membership organization committed to ending U.S.-sponsored torture, and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Since its formation in January 2006, more than 300 religious organizations have joined NRCAT, including representatives from the Catholic, evangelical Christian, mainline Protestant, Unitarian Universalist, Quaker, Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Baha’i, Buddhist, and Sikh communities. Members include national denominations and faith groups, regional organizations and local congregations.

Host Margot Patterson talks with Reverend Ron Stief, executive director of the Religious Campaign Against Torture about US torture programs, the new Director of the CIA and much more.

Every June, human rights and faith organizations join together to mark Torture Awareness Month when the United Nations declared June 26th the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, because the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT for short) went into force on that date in 1987.

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) invites you, and your local church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or faith community, to join people of faith throughout the world in commemorating June as Torture Awareness Month. Let them know how you might be involved this June: contact Kristin Schol at 202-853-9012

National Religious Campaign Against Torture
110 Maryland Ave. NE, Suite 502
Washington, DC 20002
Telephone – 202.547.1920
Website – http://www.nrcat.org

Risk Factors That Lead To Gun Violence
*With another school shooting just last week JoJR felt this interview from December 2015 might help in the ongoing discussion on gun control.
Risk Factor Gun Violence

Does hunger as a child contribute to violent tendencies later in life? Are the mentally ill more likely to commit violent attacks? Do video games, movies and other media desensitise people to violence? Can collaborative community programs change the culture of violence in our community. At this fall’s conference on Gun violence at the Kaufman Foundation, Dr Jean McCabe spoke about how poverty, hunger and prevailing gender roles can lead to violent behavior.

Host Melvin Merritt talks with Dr Jean McCabe about some of the myths and facts of what contributes to gun violence and suicide.

Jean M. McCabe, Ph.D

Dr. Jean McCabe is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. McCabe was on faculty with UMKC for ten years, where she developed and directed the Community Counseling Center. Previous to that, she was Associate Director of Psychological Counseling Services at Catholic Charities. She has also been employed in federal law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and was a Federal Probation & Parole officer. For the past 20 years, Dr. McCabe has been engaged in full time private practice with Wilson & McCabe, Psychological Counseling & Consulting.

Wilson & McCabe, Inc.
6220 Blue Ridge Cutoff, #206
Kansas City, MO 64133

JoJR Calendar for the week of May 21st

On Saturday, May 12th, prisoners at Crossroads Correctional Center attempted to peacefully negotiate improved conditions however the situation escalated and they ended up hot wiring forklifts, tearing down gates, and destroying parts of the prison. It is unclear exactly everything that happened as the Missouri Department of Corrections has not said much about the incident. According to one guard interviewed by the media the administration was made aware this action was coming and did nothing to prevent it, putting guards and prisoners at risk.

The Kansas City Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW is asking that those who are concerned to call MODOC officials today, May 21st to express your concern for the rights of prisoners to safe conditions and to be treated humanely.

They ask that you call and/or email The following officials.
Warden of CRCC Rhonda Pash – 816-632-2727 email [email protected]
Director Anne L. Precythe – 573-751-2389 email [email protected]
Deputy Director Matt Sturm – 573-526-6607 email [email protected]
Director of Facilities – Alana Boyles email [email protected]
You can find email addresses for these officals and more by going to the Kansas City Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW Face Book page – https://www.facebook.com/GKCIWOC/

The hosts of Every Woman interview representatives from Dirty Girls Adventures about empowering women to explore the outdoors in the Midwest.

Join us this week as we welcome Jovan Franklin. She works in the corporate banking world, but also owns a photography business.  Coming from the world of pageantry she also is a fitness bikini competitor which has helped encouraged many around her to be proactive about their health and wellness. On January 24, 2018 at the age of 32, Jovan was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer which changed her life in many ways. No family history and no health issues growing up, she chose to be an advocate and share her story for today’s generation and those to come.  Learn about the upcoming Pink Celebration brunch!

Join us at 3pm Central time on 90.1FM, streaming on kkfi.org, or via various apps on your phones!

This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, we look at upcoming changes in how people in Kansas City get around. What’s the latest on naming something after Martin Luther King? What is bus rapid transit? Will streetcar expansion be good for Westport? Will it even happen? We’ll spend the hour discussing why these issues are important for workers in the metro area. Tune in Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

Israel Massacres Dozens of Palestinians at Gaza Border as U.S. ‘Celebrates’ New Embassy in Jerusalem
Interview with Sam Husseini, communications director with Institute for Public Accuracy, conducted by Scott Harris

The contrast between the horrific violence on the Israel-Gaza border and the posh celebration of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on May 14 couldn’t have been more stark. As an estimated 50,000 Palestinians gathered along the frontier fence line in the sixth straight week of protests, Israeli Army snipers opened fire, killing 58 people and injuring 2,700 more. This was the deadliest day since the “Great March of Return” protests began on March 30, which demanded an end to the 12-year Gaza blockade and the right to return to land now occupied by Israel. Story continues

Corporate and Russian Oligarch ‘Pay to Play’ Funds Flow to Trump’s Lawyer
Interview with James S. Henry, senior fellow with Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable International Investment, conducted by Scott Harris
As the Trump-Russia investigation rolls on, much of it behind closed doors, new revelations made headlines when Michael Avenatti, adult film star Stormy Daniel’s attorney, disclosed that several major U.S.-based and international corporations had made large payments to Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Story continues

#MothersDayBailOut Challenges the Nation’s Money Bail System
Excerpts of speeches by bail reform activists at a rally in solidarity with incarcerated women at Connecticut’s York Correctional Institute, recorded and produced by Melinda Tuhus

Connecticut was one of many states and cities around the U.S. that raised money and awareness to bail women out of jails and prisons for Mother’s Day this year. The Connecticut Bail Fund, working with a dozen other groups, raised about $30,000 and bailed out 30 women. The funds were used to bail out 26 women from the state’s only women’s prison, York Correctional Institute in Niantic – and another four from immigration jail. Story continues

This week’s summary of under-reported news

Compiled by Bob Nixon

A decade ago, during a peak in Colombia’s 50-year civil war, the Army lured young men into the city of Ocana, 400 miles from the capital city Bogota. Once there, the young men were killed by soldiers and declared rebel fighters, in order to boost the headcount of the number of leftist insurgents killed. (“Colombian Army Killed Thousands More Civilians Than Reported, Study Claims,” The Guardian. May 8, 2018; “Colombian Civilians Caught in Crossfire as Rebel Factions Fill Violent Vacuum,” The Guardian, April 30, 2018)
Kentucky, a red state that embraced Obamacare is changing course under Republican Governor Matt Bevin. The Bluegrass State is set to be the first state in the U.S. to enforce work and community engagement requirements for some Medicaid recipients. (“Kentucky Tests How Much to Demand of Medicaid Recipients,” Christin Science Monitor, Feb. 27, 2018)
During a rally of affordable housing activists on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall, a white counter protester Sonja Trauss, a leader in the Bay Area YIMBYism movement (Yes, in my backyard) moved through the crowd and got involved in a confrontation with veteran activists from the city’s communities of color. (“YIMBYism, Decoded,” In These Times (not published yet))

RadioActive co-hosts are Tom Huffman and Bill Clause.present a RadioActive Twofer:  Henry and Jane Stoever report on the Poor People’s Campaign trip to Jeff City, weekly anti-violence rallies, and the upcoming Memorial Day anti-nuke rally.  The second half of the program features interviews with Tessa Sheehan, President, Our Revolution KC; Paula Sayles, Chair, Our Revolution-Kansas; and Jenna Squires, Our Revolution-Missouri.

To learn more about Peter and what he’s up to visit his website.

For ticket information for his June 2nd show visit the Ameristar Kansas City website.


Wednesday May 16, 2018

Host/producer Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with aurthor/sports announcer Steve Physioc, Cynthia Ammerman, Caitlin Eckard, and artist Deborah Moreno,

Steve Physicoc has been telling stories for the past forty-years. He has been a play-by-play announcer for football, baseball, and basketball. Physioc is currently the radio-tv broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals and gives play-by-plays for Fox. He won an Emmy in 2013 for his excellenet announcing. Physioc’s new historical romance was inspired by A Course to Miracles, which perfectly reflects his protagonist, Isabella’s view on inner peace and the power of forgiveness.

Women in Leadership, May is Historic Preservation Month–guests Cynthia Ammerman, Principal of Polis: Cultural Planning and Executive Director of Cass County Historical Society; and Caitlin Eckard, Executive Director of Jackson County Historical Society.

Cynthia Ammerman, Principal, Polis: Cultural Planning & Executive Director of Cass County Historical Society. As a Historian and Preservation Strategist, Ms. Ammerman has developed a diverse portfolio related to advocating for the arts, the built environment, and history. She has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Philosophy and History and continued with a self-devised Master’s Program in Urban Planning and Historic Preservation.

With over a decade of combined experience in housing, community development, and preservation; her work philosophy embraces an immersion into space and place through exploration of the political past.

Notable projects include authoring National Register of Historic Places Nominations and Cold War Era Historic Context Research for Federal Agencies. Her International experience includes presentations, publications including Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland; and artistic collaborations and co-productions in Santiago, Chile. Her local work has focused on the history of Kansas City synagogues and the relationship of the abandoned spaces with the African-American community. Currently, she is planning an exhibit partnership with the Kansas City Museum

Caitin Eckard, Executive Director of the Jackson County Historical Society. Graduated from UMKC with a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in History with an emphasis on Public History. She is also highly involved in the non-profit community. Board member of the Independence Square Association, Chair of the Independence Attractions Coalition, President of the Junior League of Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in KS, member of the Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area partner advisory committee, and President of the KC Emerging Museum Professionals. Caitlin lives in Roeland Park, KS with her husband, Max, and their two adorable fur babies, Bess and Johnson.

Deborah Moreno- My beginning as an artist started as a mural painter at the Guadalupe Center when I was a kid. As my interest in art progressed, my main focus was portrait painting. Mostly self-taught, in the ‘90’s, I decided to become a caricature artist and worked in Las Vegas for several years before coming back to Kansas City and working at Union Station and Crown Center.
Twelve years ago I started visiting the Children’s Mercy hospital to volunteer with the sketches for patients. Children’s Mercy Hospital has a huge volunteer base and a talented team department. One day a week I visit the children with art supplies and draw caricatures and portraits for them to alleviate some of the stress and discomfort of being hospitalized.

“I’ve been commissioned by the Guadalupe Center to design, create, and paint memorial murals of Gilbert Guerrero and Tony Aguirre to honor their contributions to their beloved Westside community.”


Recent News

KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 23 –January 29

January 25, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 23 –January 29
KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 23 –January 29

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 29th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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I Love KC Music – Interview with Jake Wells

January 24, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on I Love KC Music – Interview with Jake Wells
I Love KC Music - Interview with Jake Wells

Kimmy of I Love KC Music and KKFI sat down with Jake Wells.  Jake Wells was I Love KC Music’s new male artist of the year.  Jake comes from a family of musicians and has recently started his journey of …

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Chestnut Fine Arts Center and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

January 24, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Chestnut Fine Arts Center and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre
Chestnut Fine Arts Center and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

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I Love KC Music – Momma’s Boy and Shadow Rabbits

January 23, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on I Love KC Music – Momma’s Boy and Shadow Rabbits
I Love KC Music - Momma's Boy and Shadow Rabbits

On January 13, 2017 Momma’s Boy and Shadow Rabbits played at Steven’s Birthday Bash at the miniBar.  (The Shameless Pursuit and Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type also played, but I split my time covering a second show.)   Momma’s …

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I Love KC Music – Julian Davis and the Hay-Burners and more

January 22, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on I Love KC Music – Julian Davis and the Hay-Burners and more
I Love KC Music -  Julian Davis and the Hay-Burners and more

On January 13 2017, the weather forecast was bleak with an impending ice storm, but that did not keep excellent music from happening!  At The Westport Saloon, The Ready Brothers and Julian Davis and the Hay-Burners entertained those of us willing to …

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FREEZE FRAME: “Split,” “The Founder,” “20th Century Women,” “Trespass Against Us,” “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”

January 19, 2017 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on FREEZE FRAME: “Split,” “The Founder,” “20th Century Women,” “Trespass Against Us,” “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”
FREEZE FRAME: "Split," "The Founder," "20th Century Women," "Trespass Against Us," "xXx: Return of Xander Cage"

Since hitting the big time with “The Sixth Sense,” the work of quirky filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has been a hit-and-miss affair. His new horror entry “Split” is something of a return to form. James McAvoy is excellent as a …

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