Wednesday July 18, 2018 Noon – 1PM CST

Host/producer Maria Vasquez Boyd welcomes Marcia Epstein, Bonnie Swade, and Kian Byrne.

Marcia Epstein, LMSW-Ms. Epstein is a long-time member of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS), a survivor of suicide loss, and a social worker who specializes in suicide prevention and bereavement support. Her home is Lawrence, Kansas, where she served as a volunteer, then as Director for 34 years, of Headquarters Counseling Center, which serves Kansas on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. She now works privately, specializing in helping people reduce the risk of suicide and providing support for people who have lost loved ones to suicide. In other words, she helps people learn the skills for #LifeWorthLiving. She does this through individual and family work, as well as support groups for people affected by suicide. In Lawrence, she has been facilitating Healing After Suicide, a support group for survivors of suicide loss, since the mid-1990’s, and has been facilitating Stayin’ Alive, a support group for people living with thoughts-selfharm-attempts, since 2015. A new support group for family-friends of people living with thoughts-selfharm-attempts is in the works. The groups are open to people from the Kansas City area. Ms. Epstein is a member of the Steering Committee for NAMI Douglas County, KS. She is also the host of a podcast and events “at the intersection of Art and Mental Health.” Learn more at https://MarciaEpstein.biz

“Love Really IS The Answer”
June 9, 2018

Thriving While Living With Suicide
The first Midwest USA (or maybe anywhere) retreat for adults with 1, 2, or 3 of these types of experiences with suicide: suicide loss; suicide thoughts, self harm, and/or attempts; supporting suicidal loved ones
Saturday, July 28 10am – 5pm
at The Light Center https://lightcenter.info/
Information: www.facebook.com/events/122361731912278/
Registration, by Wednesday, July 25: https://lightcenter.info/events/2018/07/thriving-while-living-with-suicide/
For answers to questions: Marcia Epstein at [email protected]

Freedom of Expression
The 12th annual retreat for adults, and children/youth accompanied by an adult, who have lost loved ones to suicide.
Saturday – Sunday, October 6-7 10am Saturday until about 11am Sunday
at The Light Center https://lightcenter.info/
Links for information and registration: to come
For answers to questions: Marcia Epstein at [email protected]

And, on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, during USA’s National Suicide Prevention Week: September 9-15, 2018

Words Save Lives
The 5th annual evening of Poetry, Storytelling, Music, Comedy, and Drag
Always on World Suicide Prevention Day
Monday, September 10, 2018
Lawrence, KS venue and other info: to come
For answers to questions: Marcia Epstein at [email protected]

Bonnie Swade, SASS (Suicide Awareness Survivor Support) believes the public must be educated about suicide.
We sincerely feel that “Suicide is everyone’s business.” With this in mind, SASS has five steps that we’re taking to make sure that “Suicide is everyone’s business.” Those steps are:
• Education
• Public awareness
• Networking with healthcare agencies
• Uniting survivors; and
• Providing information to area support groups.
• SASS-MoKan profile on Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
SASS has been check marked through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Bonnie’s Blog-Bonnie Swade now has a blog. You can follow by email or other social media sites.
Bonnie’s Blog Site

Charity Giving Cards-Charity Giving Cards can be purchased through the donor edge site above or go to Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

2008 Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat honoree-The Kansas City Royals honor members of the community who have made an important impact on the people around them, on a large or small scale, and that embodies an aspect of O’Neil’s spirit. The Royals pay tribute by having the honoree sit in the seat location that was Buck O’Neil’s at Kauffman Stadium.
Sunday, Aug. 10 – Bonnie Swade
Drawing on personal tragedy, Bonnie Swade started Suicide Awareness Survivor Support Missouri and Kansas, a non-profit support group for those affected by a suicide. Along with offering support, the group also organizes a walk each year to raise funds for the education, awareness and grief support groups in the Kansas City community. Bonnie, an Overland Park, Kan., resident, has facilitated suicide prevention groups and suicide survivors support groups, also spending time visiting the Lansing State Prison to facilitate STOP Violence groups.

Musician/singer/songwriter performs live from the KKFI studio. KIAN BYRNE – FROM KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI.
THE ELDERS @theelderskc
YUM @yum_kc
HI-LUX @hiluxkc
THE NEW RIDDIM @thenewriddim

Multi-instrumentalist and a Singer-Songwriter


Amanda Graor, Principal Planner/Air Quality Program Manager for the Mid America Regional Council joins us to discuss air quality and ozone alerts in Kansas City.

Air Quality in Kansas City
Episode date : July 16, 2018
On EcoRadio KC

Mike talks with Randy Bachman of Guess Who/Bachman-Turner Overdrive fame, in advance of his trip to Kansas City.

This week on CounterSpin: Americans, many of them anyway, have been filled with outrage—and anger, and sadness—at the fact that immigrants escaping violence and deprivation (some of it visited on them by US policy and practice) are being treated as criminals at the US border. Children being literally pulled from their parents’ arms and locked up in pens—and it’s all in aid of, what, exactly? The truth is US “policy” on immigration has long veiled, thinly, an abject cruelty and racism. And so while outrage at family separation at the Mexican border is a fine starting point for a movement for change, it cannot be its end. We’ll talk about bigger, positive visions on immigration with Jacinta Gonzalez, senior campaign organizer at Mijente, the national political hub for Latinx organizing.

Also on the show: Corporate US media coverage of Haiti, as with many places, is inconsistent, and shallow. But the shallow coverage of Haiti is especially ahistorical and disempowering. Haiti is the “poorest country in Western Hemisphere”—you hear that a lot; ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos described the country’s problems as “biblical.” But they are in fact political, social, economic problems that have identifiable roots, and the international community has a big role in them. So now, when you hear that protests over a hike in fuel prices in Haiti are causing chaos, you should know there’s much more to it. We’ll talk about that with Jocelyn McCalla, longtime director of the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, now advocacy coordinator for Haitian-Americans United for Progress.

The Fall Of Wisconsin: The Conservative Conquest Of A Progressive Bastion And The Future Of American Politics.

For decades Wisconsin was known as a laboratory of democracy, the birthplace of labor and environmental movements, and home to the cherished Wisconsin idea, which championed expertise in the service of the public good. All this has changed under Republican Governor Scott Walker and the Republican state legislature.

There are two themes central to Walkers success. He turned public opinion against well meaning public servants through absurd caricatures and trumpeted
that far and wide through the almost limitless financial backing of right wing zealots like the Koch brothers. He also divided the labor movement, conquering it by splitting some workers from others. First he broke the public sector unions, and then, over a weakened opposition, passed a right to work law crippling the private sector unions. Huge amounts of dark money, gerrymandering legislative districts, voter suppression, and voter ID laws made this all possible. Over time big money wrote legislation which was enacted into law. Eventually Donald Trump won Wisconsins electoral votes, making him the president.

Guest – Journalist and author Dan Kaufman, a Wisconsin native and the author of the fall of Wisconsin: the conservative conquest of a progressive bastion and the future of American politics. Through the microcosm of one state, Jane Mayer has written, Dan Kaufman does a masterful job explaining what happened to America, and why.Dan Kaufman has written for The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker.


Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council
State Policy Network 1

With its Janus versus AFSME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council) decision the Supreme Courts activist rightist majority has overturned a 40 year old precedent that allowed public-sector unions, like private sector unions, to charge non-members ” who they are required by law to represent ” a fee for that representation.

A strategic campaign organized by the State Policy Network(SNP) think tanks nationwide included a multistate effort to reach 5 million teachers, librarians and other public sector workers affected by the Janus decision.

In Texas the State Policy Network is funded by the Koch brothers, Koch industries, AT&T, Verizon, Exxon mobile, Coca-Cola, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Texas SPN like others across the country is leveraging the Supreme Court decision as a means of starving unions of funds and eventually disbanding them all together.

They recently sent out a mailing claiming government unions have undue political influence and stating that by 2020 SPN aims to empower our interstate freedom network to rescue nearly 1,000,000 people from forced government union musician. This strategy could remove one billion dollars per election cycle from union budgets.

Guest – Attorney Dean Hubbard, For more than three decades, he has been an attorney, organizer, educator and artist for workers rights and environmental and racial justice. Dean is the longtime Chair of the National Lawyers Guild Labor and Employment Committee. He is currently a strategic consultant to unions and social justice organizations. Among other movement gigs, he was Director of the Labor and Economic Justice Program at the Sierra Club, he was Senior Counsel to the Transport Workers Union of America and its NYC Local 100, he held the Joanne Woodward Chair in Public Policy and Advocacy at Sarah Lawrence College, and he co-founded the progressive workers rights law firm Eisner & Hubbard, P.C. He has published widely, and has organized and led investigations, tribunals and delegations on labor and human rights issues worldwide.

On this week’s edition of Arts Magazine, host Michael Hogge brings you another hour of lively banter and local cultural news: Tiffany Chappel, the Director of Operations, and six participating artists will talk about the 14th Annual Fringe Festival. Later, guests from Blue Springs City Theatre will talk about their latest musical production, “Hello, Dolly!”.

Join us this week as we welcome Jo Anne Zingo, a local belly dancer who will be performing at the upcoming Kansas City Fringe Festival!  We will talk about her art and the impact on women’s lives.

Join us at 3pm Central time on 90.1FM, streaming on kkfi.org, or via various apps on your phones!

Lawrence Anti-Trafficking Task Force and Education Association- LATTE

Three grandmothers, after hearing about the atrocities of human trafficking and the lack of awareness in the Lawrence, Kansas area, went in search of a local community organization to volunteer their help. Unable to find a local group they decided something must be done. They invited friends who were concerned about the issue and LATTE’s first formal meeting was held in January 2014. LATTE decided their role as an organization would be to prevent people from being trafficked by educating the community and collaborating with organizations like local law enforcement, victim / survivor advocacy organizations, and the court system.

Today Host Melvin Merritt talks with Becca Burns-Spielman of Lawrence Anti-Trafficking Task Force and Education Association about their mission, their collaborations and their impact on the public’s knowledge of the issue of human trafficking.

Website – https://latteassociation.org/
Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/LATTEassociation/
Email – [email protected]

Native Hope – Working To Stop Trafficking of Native Women and Children

Native Hope believes in the power of storytelling to dismantle barriers, bring healing, and inspire hope for Native people. They have been fighting trafficking of Native people during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally and throughout the year across the United States with offices in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. They use storytelling because telling stories of Native struggle and Native strength is a powerful catalyst for unity, generational healing, and personal growth. Each of us has an evolving story which no one else can write.

Host Jessica Thomas talks with Kyle Middleton and his twin brother Kansas of Native Hope about empowering Native people and raising awareness of trafficking through storytelling and art.

Website – https://www.nativehope.org/
Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/ProjectNativeHope/
Blog – https://blog.nativehope.org/

The JoJR Calendar for the week of July 16th

Momma On A Mission has started Survivors Unite a new group uniting the surviving families who have lost a loved one to violent crime. They understand that grief is experienced in different stages and help families heal and learn to properly release their emotions. Survivors United meets every third Monday of the month and will meet today July 16th, 7pm at Margaret’s Place, 7217 Troost, KCMO.
The Lees Summit chapter of Moms Demand Action will be held Thursday, July 19, 9:30 AM at Lowenstein Park, Shelter One, 2050 NW Lowenstein Dr, Lees Summit, MO. You are invited to help them work for common sense gun laws at the state and national level.
The KC chapter of Mothers in Charge, Healing Support Group will be meeting Thursday, July 19th from 5-7 PM at the Robert J Mohart Multipurpose Center, Suite 124 W, 3200 Wayne Ave, KCMO. This group is for people who have lost loved ones to murder and violence. The first hour will be sharing of experiences and in the second hour therapists and others who can who can help navigate the emotional and legal terrain will be available. For more information you can find them on the web at www.kcmothersincharge.org or call them at 816-912-2601.
Corey’s Network Annual Vigil to Support the Families of Unsolved Murders will be held 8:00 PM, Sunday, July 29, 2018 at 3907 Crackerneck Rd, Independence, MO. They will gathering in recognition of the fifth anniversary of Corey Laykovich’s murder and families of unsolved murder victims for praying together, lighting candles, and lining 39th Street with the faces and loved ones still waiting for answers for their homicide victims.

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Hipshot Killer and the Electric Lungs at Davey's

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 31 – February 5

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, January 31st to Sunday, February 5th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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I Love KC Music - Blackbird Revue Farewell Show

The Blackbird Revue (Kansas City, for now) is moving soon and had their farewell show. It was a sweet and intimate show. They started out with a duet on stage and moved down onto the floor right around the crowd where Calvin …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 23 –January 29

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 23 –January 29

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, January 23rd to Sunday, January 29th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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I Love KC Music – Interview with Jake Wells

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I Love KC Music - Interview with Jake Wells

Kimmy of I Love KC Music and KKFI sat down with Jake Wells.  Jake Wells was I Love KC Music’s new male artist of the year.  Jake comes from a family of musicians and has recently started his journey of …

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Chestnut Fine Arts Center and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

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Chestnut Fine Arts Center and The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

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