British actress Sally Hawkins gives the kind of performance Oscar loves in “Maudie,” a biopic about Maude Lewis, the late Canadian folk artist who gained fame in the 1950s. The story covers her struggle with crippling rheumatoid arthritis, her dysfunctional family, stark poverty in rural Nova Scotia and her awkward marriage to her boorish and sometimes abusive husband, well played by Ethan Hawke.


While it never gives us any insight into what made her great, the film’s sincere approach and the terrific performances transform “Maudie” into a touching and very warm character study.


From the other end of the cinematic universe comes “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” French filmmaker Luc Besson’s wacky adaptation of a sci-fi comic book series. Dane DeHaan plays Valerian, an intergalactic agent who upholds the law in multiple dimensions, aided by his partner and lover, Laureline, played by Cara Delevigne. The plot and dialogue are derivative and goofy in the extreme, but the movie’s giddy playfulness and impressive visuals should be enough to please fan boys.


“The Little Hours” is an adaptation of a couple of bawdy comedic stories from Boccaccio’s 14th century work, “The Decameron.” Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly lead the cast in the story of foul-mouthed nuns who have a sexual awakening when a handsome and virile laborer comes to work at the convent. It doesn’t all work, but the talented cast wrings some raunchy laughs from the irreverent material.


Also opening this week, “Dunkirk” is the acclaimed WWII epic from filmmaker Christopher Nolan about the evacuation of Allied troops from France. “Girls Trip” is an R-rated, ‘girls gone wild’ comedy from the African-American perspective. Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith star. “Score” is a documentary about some of the world’s great film composers.

Susan and Russ take on the latest film from writer/director Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”), a violent and profane action comedy. Ansel Elgort (“The Fault in our Stars,” “Divergent”) plays the title role, a getaway driver who uses music to help him concentrate and cope with tinnitus. Things get tricky when he double-crosses mob boss Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards) and thugs Jamie Foxx (“Django Unchained”) and Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”).

Take Two: “Baby Driver”
Episode date : July 21, 2017
On Take Two

This episode discusses some of the long-term hidden costs of nuclear weapons production discussed in the new movie “Atomic Homefront”, which focuses especially on health problems experienced today in the St. Louis area attributed to nuclear contamination dating from the World War II Manhattan project.

The movie will be shown at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Kansas City, MO, Thursday, July 20, starting at 7 PM.

Ann Suellentrop and Kristen Nolte are interviewed in this episode and will lead a discussion after the movie.

Ann is a mother-baby nurse, who is also active with the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability and serves on the Board for PeaceWorksKC. Kristen’s 16-year-old son son died of cancer suspected as a result of contamination from nuclear waste exposure in St. Louis.

“Atomic Homefront” in Missouri
Episode date : July 15, 2017
On Every Woman

Host David Mitchell talks with Caitlin Dix, Joy Heaviland, and Jacquie Whalen from the Heartland Conservation Alliance about conserving and protecting the water in Kansas City, with a focus on the Blue River. The Heartland Conservation Alliance proactively conserves, protects, and restores natural lands and open space within the Kansas City region, benefitting the community and future generations by improving water quality, creating recreational opportunities, protecting life and property, and preserving our natural and cultural heritage. HCA accomplishes its goals through collaboration with a network of public and private organizations and agencies that share its goals, values, and objectives, and through public outreach and education.

Empower MO Meets New Director Of MODOC

On Wednesday July 12th the Criminal Justice Committee of Empower MO met with Anne Precythe, new Director of the Missouri Department of Correections and Alana Boyles, Director of the Division of Adult Institutions. This was a get to know you meeting that gave representatives of Empower MO, MO CURE, and a number of other groups across the state to present their concerns and hear about plans for change within the DOC.

Host Keith Brown El will be joined by Ted and Linda Schroeder of Empower MO and Edna Hardin of MO CURE to discuss what they heard from Anne Precythe the new Director of MODOC. They will talk about the positive things they heard and how they felt their concerns were or were not addressed.

Empower Missouri Website – http://empowermissouri.org/
Missouri Cure website – http://www.missouricure.org/

Michael Liiamatta New Director of Footprints

Founded in 2001, Footprints, works with the community to recognize, embrace, and assist homeless veterans and people afflicted with substance use disorders. We are trusted servants ushering those who seek a new life onto the road to recovery. Heroes Home Gate, our short-term residence for homeless veterans, is part of the Homeless Veterans Health Care Initiative of the United States Veterans Administration. Our recovery community center on Troost Avenue offers fellowship, support groups, counseling and classes to assist those seeking long-term recovery.

Host Allie Bush will talk with Michael Liiamatta the new Dictor of Footprints Inc about the programs they offer to Veterans and those with substance abuse issues as well as his plans moving forward.

Website – http://www.kcfootprints.org/
Troost Outreach Center, 4501 Troost Avenue, Kansas City MO 64110 Phone: (816) 561-0567
Heroes Home Gate, 2015 E 35th Street, Kansas City MO 64109 Phone: (816) 863-8224

Native Spirit radio show with host Rhonda LeValdo


7/9/17 playlist

05:02PM-05:08PM (5:40Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat “Generation Hand down” from Etsi Show (CD, Album, Private) on Red House Records

05:08PM-05:13PM (5:16Young Spirit “Modern Day Warrior” from Nitehe Ohci – “From the Heart” (CD, Album, World) on Canyon Records

05:13PM-05:17PM (3:31John Trudell “Rockin’ the Res” from Graffiti Man on Rykodisc (America)

05:25PM-05:28PM (3:34Pima Express “Come on My Darlin’” from Together We’ll Fade Away on Canyon Records

05:28PM-05:32PM (4:00Richard Milanovich “Interview with Richard Milanovich” from Living Voices (CD, Album, Other) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

05:42PM-05:46PM (4:00Native Roots “Natives Say” from Native America Calling on Trikont

05:46PM-05:52PM (6:00Jim Pepper “witchi Tai To” from Pepper’s Powwow (CD, Album, Other) on Indie(http://xopublicity.com/xo-for-the-holidays-vol-ii, UK)

05:52PM-06:00PM (8:23Kevin Yazzie “Four Harmonized Peyote Songs 4” from faith (World) on Canyon Records

Bill Price drops by to tell us about the Kansas Permaculture Farm and Garden Tour taking place this weekend, and Dr. Guy McPherson is in town on a speaking tour. He stops by KKFI to share his concerns about abrupt climate change.

It may seem absurd, but I’m not monkeying around. The franchise update of “The Planet of the Apes” series that began in 2011 may be the best Hollywood franchise reboot ever. The third installment, “War for the Planet of the Apes,” is a visually spectacular and riveting drama that focuses on the ongoing confrontation between two species vying for world domination.


Director Matt Reeves uses special effects the way that they should be used, to help drive a compelling story. Andy Serkis, aided by the work of a crack team of computer animators, is terrific as Caesar, the intelligent chimpanzee who became the reluctant leader of the ape rebellion. When a human colonel, played by Woody Harrelson, kills his wife and young son, Caesar goes on quest for revenge.


Like all good sci-fi, there is depth to this story. It’s layered with sly social commentary and deals with themes that seem downright biblical.  The only downside to this involving entry is its extensive length.


Apes may not really be intelligent, but the filmmakers behind “The War for the Planet of the Apes” know their audience is.


“Wish Upon” is the latest in a long line of horror movies to deal with the old trope, “Be careful what you wish for.” Joey King plays a teenager who gets an ancient Chinese wishing box and uses her wishes to gain riches and popularity. But, there is a dark price to pay. King is convincing and the film has a few shocks, but most ticket buyers will probably wish they had their money and 89 minutes back.


Also opening this week, “A Very Sordid Wedding” is the long-awaited sequel to the Southern-Fried comedy, “Sordid Lives.” “Band Aid” is a comedy about warring mates who try to save their marriage by forming a rock band. “The Tree” is a locally produced film about an elderly woman (Joicie Appell) who journeys from Wamego, Kansas to Terre Haute, Indiana to visit a childhood friend.

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The Quivers Sugar Tease Release with the Thunderclaps

March 17, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on The Quivers Sugar Tease Release with the Thunderclaps
The Quivers Sugar Tease Release with the Thunderclaps

Back on the first Friday of March, the Quivers released their long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s “Hot Young Mess” with “Sugar Tease”. The show took place at the midtown swap shop Holy Cow Market.  The Thunderclaps opened with a great set …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 14 – March 20

March 13, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 14 – March 20
KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 14 – March 20

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, March 14th to Sunday, March 20th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 7 – March 13

March 6, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 7 – March 13
KKFI Jazz Calendar for March 7 – March 13

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, March 7th to Sunday, March 13th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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Folk Alliance Sights

March 3, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Folk Alliance Sights
Folk Alliance Sights

Had a bit of a crazy week during the Folk Alliance so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spend as much time down there as I had hoped.  But I did make it down on Saturday evening and caught a bunch …

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Live at Ven’s House: Micah Schnabel, Slow Motion Commotion and Ven Smith

March 2, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Live at Ven’s House: Micah Schnabel, Slow Motion Commotion and Ven Smith
Live at Ven's House: Micah Schnabel, Slow Motion Commotion and Ven Smith

Dead Ven one of the proprietors of local label, Money Wolf Music hosted a house show featuring:  Micah Schnabel, and Slow Motion Commotion with Ven performing a short opening set.  The unplugged show was set in the dining room with …

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Bone Spur and From the West at All-Star Rock Bar

March 2, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Bone Spur and From the West at All-Star Rock Bar
Bone Spur and From the West at All-Star Rock Bar

We’ve got lots of shows backed up in the queue so we’re going to get right to things.  Expect quite a few posts over the next two week as we try to catch up. Here’s some images from a show …

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