Join host Craig Lubow to hear about the state of Civil Liberties in Missouri with his guest Jeff Mittman, Director of the Missouri Chapter of the ACLU.

Civil Liberties in Missouri
Episode date : February 9, 2016
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MARC, KCATA and other partners are updating the Smart Moves plan. RideKC will provide better transit access to jobs, support development in activity centers and corridors, and provide intra-city mobility—suburbs and core—throughout the region. Ron Achelpohl, MARC’s director of transportation and environment, will discuss the RideKC plan to redefine transit in the region.

Today’s show includes interviews with a Burns Paiute tribal councilman Jarvis Kennedy and his take on the Oregon standoff going on their tribal lands. Also Haskell student Simona Charles and her connection to the Burns Paiute people and the situation going on. I also do an update on the Kansas City Public Library’s “Frozen in Time” exhibit and my own opinion on the display of certain pictures.

Susan and Russ fill us in on a poke in the eye to old Hollywood that features an all-star cast.


Russ covers the latest farce from the Coen Brothers as well as an Oscar-nominated British drama.


Navigating The Criminal Justice System With DR JRenee

Most citizens and their families have no idea what they can do to help their a loved one that has been arrested or charged with a crime. What is an arraignment? Should I bail them out? How should they conduct themselves in jail and court? These are questions many of us don’t think about until something bad happens. Advocating for someone in custody

Host Jessica Thomas talks with Dr JRenee, Professor, Author and occasional host of Jaws of Justice Radio about her book Navigating The Criminal Justice System: A Guide For Anyone Going Through The System And The People Who Love Them. The book is based on her own experiences as a troubled youth, the issues she dealt with as a single parent and her subsequent studies.

Exoneration and The Lack Of Compensation In Missouri

As the number of exonerations of wrongly convicted citizens grows the issue of how do we as a society compensate someone for years behind bars when their innocence is proven and they return to society. Some states have developed a financial formula in an attempt to make the person whole. Some states only compensate those who have been exonerated by DNA. In other cases it takes a court case to get any kind of compensation.

Host Latahra Smith talks with two Missouri exonerees, Reggie Griffin and Anthony Williams have yet to receive compensation from the state for the years they spent behind bars. They will talk about their struggle to get their lives back on track and the need for a conviction integrity unit in the state of Missouri.

Calendar for February 8th 2016

Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters will have their monthly meeting Saturday, February 13th from noon to 2pm at the Waldo Branch Library, 201 East 75th Street, KCMO If you have a loved one that is incarcerated and need advice and support MISD has members that may be able to help.

The current Douglas County, Kansas Prosecutor and former Jackson County, Mo Prosecutor Amy McGowan has been removed from a case in Douglas County after several acts of misconduct in various Kansas criminal cases. The KC Freedom Project is looking to establish a persistent pattern of misconduct by Ms McGowan. If you or a loved one was charged with a criminal offense in the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, MO or in Douglas County, KS in which Amy McGowan served as a Prosecutor and you feel there were questionable actions by the prosecution in the case please call our complaint hot line number, 816-844-3100 and leave your case details. All complaints will be turned over to the FBI Civil Rights Division for investigation.

Maria talks with Z. Hall, Gary Abbott, Dr. Paul Rudy, Rob Love, Jonas Hayes, Adam Goldberg, Deana Bellamaganya, & Silvia Kofler.
Z. Hall, Executive Director of Salon~360, Gary Abbott, Assistant Professor of Modern Dance at UMKC, Dr. Paul Rudy, Professor of Composition at UMKC, and Rob Love, Kansas City spoken word artist join us in the studio. Salon~360 is a monthly event that brings together artists, business people, scholars, activists, and community members in dialogue around issues faced by our society. Salon~360 events are held at restaurants or venues, supporting locally owned businesses in the Kansas City region. Themes of Salon~360’s inaugural 2015 season included: forgiveness, anger, suicide, humane capacity, and grief. The first year closed with a silent auction, raffle, and benefit show based on its five themes. Dr. Hall is a scholar whose work focuses on communication and art (http://goo.gl/dCN4OI). Highlights can be seen on their website: http://goo.gl/sIeGlP

Jonas Hayes, with Heartland 180, joins us in the studio. Heartland 180 is organized specifically for the purpose of delivering services focused on educational support, life skills, and character-building programs for youth and young adults. This corporation is organized to seek funding and offer operation of in-school and after-school programs for youth in character building, core values, parenting classes; life-skills classes; 21st Century workforce skills and work apprenticeships for young adults, and community service opportunities. The goal of Heartland 180, Incorporated is to assist youth and young adults to reach their full potential, which will result in increased grade point averages, test scores, class attendance, long-term employment, and reduced referrals and delinquencies. www.jonashayes.com

Adam Goldberg and Deana Bellamaganya with MyARTS join us for a discussion about MyARTS. My ARTS. Metropolitan Youth Arts and Technology for Students is part of the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Arts Initiative through the Anti-Drug Unit of Jackson County, Missouri. MyARTS offers a safe learning environment for youth to explore their creative side while having positive effects on their academic achievement and social growth. MyARTS features fully equipped studios: Graphic Design, Ceramics, Visual Arts, Screen Printing, and Photography. www.myartskc.squarespace.com
MyARTS East 315 N Main Street, Independence, MO 64050
(816) 254-4790
Hours of Operation
Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 6pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
MyARTS Downtown1522 Holmes Street Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 461-0201

Writer/poet Silvia Kofler discusses the St. Valentines Massacre Poetry Open Mic that benefits the Phil Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund. In honor of the late Philip W. Miller, each year $500 is awarded to an English or Creative Writing student in the Humanities Dept. of Kansas City Kansas Community College. This event includes a silent auction of original artwork by Philip Miller, Conci Denniston, Janice Atking and Silvia Kofler plus book baskets from local writers.
St. Valentines Massacre Poetry Open Mic Friday, Feb. 12 at 8-10 pm at the Writer’s Place 3607 Pennsylvannia KCMO.

It’s the last weekend of KKFI’s Winter Fund Drive, and J Zed‘s whipped up a frenzy of musical talent in the bag this week from the likes of Après, Doorly, Redlight, ANOTR, the forthcoming EP from Letherette, PLUS an extra-special DISC 2 segment in the middle of the show this month featuring tracks from KKFI’s exclusive production called “Collaborations”. You can expect to hear from Angela Hagenbach & the KKFI Jazz Band, as well as a fresh genre blend from the likes of Bobby Watson & Grupo Aztlan with the T.J. Martin Trio. J Zed’s also got some incredible thank-you incentives this week with your $75 donation, so stay tuned and LOCK IN!

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