Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director and Rachel Myslivy, Assistant Director of Climate + Energy Project join host Richard Mabion.

Climate + Energy Project
Episode date : September 18, 2017
On EcoRadio KC

Help is available for inmates exiting prisons and Journey to New Life is one program in Kansas City. Susie Roling joins host Craig Lubow to discuss the services offered by Journey to New Life, including housing assistance, job search help, social services, drug counseling, health and dental services, etc.

Help for inmates exiting prison
Episode date : September 19, 2017
On Radio Active Magazine

JoJR is sorry that Bob Jones of Gentlemen of the Roundtable was not available for broadcast, we will endeavor to reschedule with him. Please listen as Kansas Legal Services extend their interview.

The Who, What and where of Kansas Legal Services

Kansas Legal Services is a statewide non-profit corporation, devoted to helping low income Kansans meet their basic needs through the provision of important legal and mediation services. They strives to erase the causes of poverty and mitigate its effects by helping people achieve and keep up self-sufficiency. Kansas Legal Services now has eleven legal services and two mediation services offices located across the state. It also maintains a wide retainer contract system with assistance from members of the Kansas Bar Association. They help their clients handle issues arising from abuse and stalking, consumer issues, disability, discrimination and much more.

Host Teresa Wilke talks with Valerie Baul, Paralegal, Mediator & Educator, Judy Turner, Paralegal, and William Schmidt, Low Income Taxpayers Clinic (LITC) Director about what Kansas Legal Services does, how to access services and their upcoming fund raiser.

KLS website – https://www.kansaslegalservices.org/
KC Office on Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/Kansas-Legal-Services-Kansas-City-Office-134626140044617/
KC Address – 400 State Avenue, Suite 1015Kansas City, KS 66101
KC Phone: 913-621-0200

Gentlemen Of The Roundtable

Gentlemen of the Roundtable is an brother hood where men can get help other men restore themselves, their communities, minds, spirit, & mental state. They work with Men returning to society from prison and those at risk of incarceration.
Gentlemen of the Rountable Mission

Host Margo Patterson talks with Bob Jones about the mission of Gentlemen of the Roundtable helping men returning from prison reintegrate into society and their plans for the former Catholic grade school they are renovating.

Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/Gentlemen-of-the-Roundtable-GRT-117822265040642/
Webpage – http://gentlemenoftheroundtable.weebly.com/

Missouri Labor faces an existential crisis in the passage of a so-called Right to Work bill, but they’re fighting back with teams of determined volunteers, armed with petitions aimed at repeal. This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, we talk to campaign organizers Jessica Podhola and Brian Simmons about how they stopped enactment of Right to Work. Then we talk to the KC Star’s Jason Hancock about the dark money flowing to the anti-union crowd. Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

Wednesday September 20, 2017
Host/producer Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with artist Amy Fisher, performer Christopher Steinauer, and artist Rachalle Gardner-Roe.

Christopher Steinauer- Variety Show for Planned Parenthood
Hosted by Kevin King and Sally Spurgeon
Friday September 22 from 7pm – 9pm
The Buffalo Room 817 Westport Rd. KCMO

Join us for a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood!!
The show starts at 7pm and is only $7 at the door!!
Featured acts include the hilarious improve groups, The Jerries and Ham Kitty!!
Musical acts include the talented Shawna Pena-Dowing, Chioma Anyanwu, and Jen Appell!!
Emcee KKFI’s very own Maria Vasquez Boyd
Come out and enjoy local talent and feel good while doin’ it because all proceeds for the night will go to Planned Parenthood!!

Yo! Producing an event ain’t easy, which is why we are excited to announce Whim Productions as our producing partner!! Give them a “like” and see what Whim has in store! Whim Productions is a theatre company based in KC that produces new works, the annual “Alphabet Soup: Stories from Queer Voices,” LGBTQ+ short play festival and the “Bard on Booze” drunk Shakespere Productions. They are proud to help us produce this benefit for Planned Parenthood!! Thank YOU Whim Productions!!

Artist Amy Fisher Hope Floats: Surviving and Thriving After Family Violence
Art @ Suite 100 hosts its fourth annual fundraiser for SAFEHOME and Rose Brooks Center, at Art @Suite 100, 4010 Washington St. Ste. 100, KCMO 64111 on Saturday September 23 at 6pm – 9pm. Art by Jill Huxtable, Amy Fisher, Ruthie Becker, and writer Lori Hooten. Special appearances by Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker, District Attorney Steve Howe, and Family Court Commissioner Martina Peterson. Featured Artwork, Artistic contribution, and auction / raffle hosting by Jilli Nel and Karla Hull. Music by the Accidental Project; Flowers by Flloralsmart / Roses Only. Brought to you by the professionals of Suite 100, 4010 Washington, and fine sponsors in the KC Metro area.

Hope Floats: Surviving and Thriving After Family Violence Saturday Sept. 23, 6pm – 9pm
Art at Suite 100
4010 Washington St. Suite 100 KCMO 64111

Rachalle Gardner-Roe
The project is called Femin • Is and the visual component consists of portraits derived from a series of interviews that Gardner-Roe continues to publish on the KC Art Pie podcast. Each participant collaborated to create their portrait by selecting a text of personal or historical significance. Through writing, Gardner-Roe used the submitted poetry, essays, mantras, and more to create imagery reflecting portraiture conceived not of photographic likeness, but rather, an expression of identity through values and ideas.

This process allowed the Gardner-Roe to further learn, beyond the direct interviews, what inspired and influenced the women who came before her as well as those working alongside her. The goal is to present a body of work that dives beyond the superficial and aspires to this: May we be defined by that which we hold dear and hold to be true.

Portraits of individuals include: Philomene Bennett, Shea Gordon, Cyncha Jeansonne, Elisabeth Kirsch, Janet Kuemmerlein, Jennifer Lapke Pfeifer – Rightfully Sewn, Ke-Sook Lee, Linda Lighton, Paula Rose, Rosy’s Bar & Grill – Joyce Downing, Linda Kay Davis, Carol Smith, Tamara Severns, The Wild Women of Kansas City – Geneva Price, Millie Edwards Nottingham, Lori Tucker, and Gloria Vando Hickok

Rachelle Gardner-Roe is a local artist who see all her work as works in lace – literally, abstractly or sculpturally. As a medium that can reference history, sensuality, or domestic kitsch, the essence of lace lay in the connections of countless individual threads coming to create interdependent networks shaping endless possibilities of pattern.

The Writers Place
3607 Pennsylvannia KCMO 64111

Filmmakers have been trying for years to adapt the political thrillers by the late author Vince Flynn. His CIA super agent Mitch Rapp finally makes his big screen appearance in “American Assassin,” a noisy thriller that introduces us to Rapp in hopes of creating a new franchise.


Actor Dylan O’Brian, best known for the “Maze Runners” movies, plays Rapp, a young man who seeks revenge on terrorists who gunned down his girlfriend. He becomes a black ops recruit and goes into training with no-nonsense agent Stan Hurley, played by Michael Keaton. The training is cut short when a former CIA agent called “Ghost,” played by Taylor Kitsch, helps some rogue Iranians steal a nuclear weapon.


The movie has plenty of action and manages to rev up the audience with its violent revenge tale, but there are leaps of logic in the script that was written by committee, eroding the story’s credibility and dulling its impact. Still, “American Assassin” is lively enough to please most action fans.


Just when you thought every story about Nazi Germany had been told, along comes “13 Minutes.”  Christian Friedel stars as Georg Elser, a German carpenter who, in November of 1939, created a time bomb all on his own that missed killing Hitler by a mere thirteen minutes. While the movie may not quite achieve the emotional resonance it was working for, it’s a fascinating account of a little-known piece of WWII history.


Also potentially opening this week, “All I See is You” is a Marc Forster drama about a blind woman, played by Blake Lively, who suddenly regains her sight and discovers things that put a strain on her marriage. And “mother!” is a hallucinatory psychological thriller from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer. Lawrence plays a woman whose marriage is disrupted when unwanted strangers arrive on the scene.

Susan and Russ focus on a “Crown Heights,” a true story about a miscarriage of justice that gained attention through an episode of the NPR show, “This American Life.” LaKeith Stanfield plays a man wrongly convicted of murder. His friends work tirelessly for years to free him and clear his name.

Take Two “Crown Heights”
Episode date : September 15, 2017
On Take Two

Christine McDonald, Restoration House and More

A lot has happened since we last talked with Christine McDonald, she has a book out titled Cry Purple and her new book The Same Kind Of People a practical study and action guide to combatting trafficking and prostitution. Oh, and we get an update on Restoration House of Greater KC helping women escape from Human trafficking and prostitution.

Host Hancy Leazer talks to Christine McDonald about her book, Cry Purple and an upcoming PBS special she is featured in.

Webpage – http://www.crypurple.com/

Restoration House – https://restorationhousekc.com/
RH Phone number – 816-623-5260

Preview of the 2017 MO Cure Conference

The 2017 MO CURE Conference is in St Louis. They will feature Missouri State Representatives Tommy Pierson and Bruce Franks Jr. The Keynote speaker will be Mae Quinn of the MacArthur Justice Center who have been and are continuing to sue the Missouri Public Defenders Office for lack of representation of their clients and the MO Department of Corrections for inhumane treatment of prisoners. There will also be workshops on legislation, prisoner health, re-entry and abuse and long term segregation of prisoners.

Host Jeff Humfeld talks with President Heddy Hardin and Vice president Keith Brown El of MO CURE about this years conference and how you can attend. They will also give a bit of a run down on the rallies in KC and St Louis in support of the Millions For Prisoners Rights March in Washington DC held August 20th.

MO Cure
Face Book Page – https://www.facebook.com/MoCureOrg/
Webpage – http://www.missouricure.org/

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New Riddim and Grisly Hand at the Brick

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 18 – January 24

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, January 18th to Sunday, January 24th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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Noise for Toys: Noise FM and Bonzo Madrid at Record Bar

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Noise for Toys: Noise FM and Bonzo Madrid at Record Bar

Back in December before Christmas, (Sorry, we’re behind) Noise FM hosted their annual Noise for Toys fundraiser at the Record Bar.  Bonzo Madrid, the Author and the Illustrator provided support.  We’ve got a board recording for the entire Noise FM …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 11 – January 17

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for January 11 – January 17

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The Conquerors and Berwanger Release Show at the Blind Tiger

January 6, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on The Conquerors and Berwanger Release Show at the Blind Tiger
The Conquerors and Berwanger Release Show at the Blind Tiger

Back in the middle of December, the Conquerors and Berwanger held a release show at the Blind Tiger‘s basement venue.  Both releases from KC-based High Dive Records, a 45 from the Conquerors and an EP from Berwanger features new material …

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Muskox: Richard Nelson’s Alaskan Miracles

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Muskox:  Richard Nelson’s Alaskan Miracles

Encounter the OAR of the Muskox!  Host of Encounters, Richard Nelson is the public radio tour guide through Alaska’s wild lands. Whether its dall sheep, musk ox, the bore tide or belugas, Encounters gives listeners a better understanding and appreciation …

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