Dr. Kara Tan Bhala is President of the Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance & Ethics, and editor of Moral Cents: The Journal of Ethics in Finance, covering topics of banking regulation, global financial collapse & Buddhist ethics in finance. Her new book is International Investment Management: Theory, Ethics & Practice.

Host Craig Lubow welcomes Professor John Fleeger to discuss the BP oil spill.

From Professor Fleeger:
. I’m currently an Adjunct Professor at UMKC, teaching in the Environmental Sciences Program. I’m also an Emeritus Professor at Louisiana State University where I am currently studying the recovery of coastal wetlands following the Deepwater Horizon (BP) oil spill. My research interests are in marine and estuarine ecology with emphasis on benthic communities. I’ve also conducted research and teach in the area of environmental toxicology.

Also, Eric Kirkendall and Leticia DeCaigny return to discuss the event they have this week regarding Diesel Emissions in the metro area.

The BP Oil Spill six years later
Episode date : May 23, 2016
On EcoRadio KC

Marvita Oliver interviews Nicole Davis, a recent KC replant from Maryland, in this installment of revitalizing KC’s neighborhoods. Ms Davis explains how revitalizing our neighborhoods will help make our children better citizens.

A Full Life: James Connolly, The Irish Rebel

Executed by a British firing squad on May 12, 1916 for his role in organizing the Easter Rising, James Connolly was one of the most prominent radical organizers and agitators of his day. Born in Scotland in 1868 to Irish immigrant parents Connolly spent most of adult life organizing for labor unions and Socialist organizations in Ireland, Scotland and the United States. Despite attending school for only a few years, Connolly became a leading Socialist writer and theoretician, founding and editing newspapers including The Socialist Scotland, The Harp in the United States, and the Worker’s Republic in Ireland. As a labor organizer, Connolly stressed the importance of direct action, broad working class unity and a commitment to ending labor’s exploitation. As a Socialist agitator, Connolly saw economic and political independence as inextricably intertwined. The pamphlet, A Full Life: James Connolly, The Irish Rebel is the first graphic treatment on Connolly’s life. Its been issued on the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Guest – Paul Buhle, formerly a senior lecturer at Brown University, produces radical comics. He founded the SDS Journal Radical America and the archive Oral History of the American Left and, with Mari Jo Buhle, is coeditor of the Encyclopedia of the American Left. He lives in Madison.

Songs of Freedom: The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band

Songs of Freedom is the name of the songbook initially edited by James Connolly and reedited by Mat Calahan and republished by PM Press. Connolly’s introduction is better known than the collection for which it was written contained in his oft quoted maxim “Until the movement is marked the joyous defiant singing of revolutionary songs, it lacks one of the most distinctive marks of a popular revolutionary movement. It is the dogma of a few and not the faith of the multitude. Songs of Freedom is the celebration of the life and work of James Connolly, the Irish revolutionary Socialist martyred by the British government for his role in the Eastern Rising of 1916. Songs of Freedom the CD, makes contemporary music out of old revolutionary songs. The band turns the timeless lyrics of James Connolly into timeless manifestos of today.

Guest – Mat Calahan is a musician and author originally from San Francisco, where he founded Komotion International. He is the author of three books, Sex, Death & the Angry Young Man, Testimony, and The Trouble With Music. He currently resides in Bern, Switzerland. http://www.matcallahan.com


Why Adoptees Need Access To Their Original Birth Certificates

In the US, 48 states continue the practice of sealing adopted children’s original birth certificates (the OBC) upon finalization of the adoption. In all but 4 of those 48 states, adult adoptees do not have unrestricted access to their OBC like all other people do at the age of 18. Right now, only Alaska, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Alabama allow unrestricted equal access to all adoptees over the age of 18. In Rhode Island, they have restored access to all adoptees over the age of 25.

There are groups that have been working to change the law in Missouri with HB647 that would allow the adopted adult to apply for their OBC and receive a copy of it by paying the same fee that they do for their amended birth certificate. They faced opposition from Catholic Charities and Lutheran Family Services who put up HB1112, a “Mother May I” bill that would require that the adopted adult get a court order and go through the same process that is currently set in place for records.

Host Elisa Brietenbach talks with Lynne Dickinson-Snyder, an adoptee about the fate of the bill and why she feels adotees should have the right to their Original Birth Certificate.

Resource – http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/

Keep your eye on our upcoming episodes as we hope to bring the Missouri Adoptee Rights Movement on in the future to tell about their efforts to open this process up to adoptees and their birth parents.

Janice Butler of Woman Of Character Ministries

Janice Butler’s estranged husband held her hostage at gun point, ending with him being fatally shot by Kansas City police officers. Janice believes she was spared to share with others her experience of becoming the victor, rather than victim. She founded Woman Of Character Ministries to help other women that experienced domestic abuse regain their lives.

Host Melvin Merritt talks with Janice Butler about her experience with domestic abuse and how it lead her into her work with other women that are recovering from abusive relationships.

Janice E. Butler – 816-529-5095
website – http://www.womanofcharacterministries.com/index.html
email – [email protected]

Three Oscar winners (George Clooney, Julia Roberts & Jodi Foster) join forces to bring a financial thriller to the big screen. Clooney plays a cable TV financial ‘expert’ who is taken hostage on the air by a disgruntled viewer who lost all of his money by following the pundit’s advice. Russ and Susan have different takes on this suspense flick.

The ‘buddy comedy’ gets a new treatment in an old way with “The Nice Guys.” The writer/producer/director team that brought you the “Lethal Weapons” movies reunite for a foul-mouthed action comedy set against the sleazy backdrop of 1977 Hollywood. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are terrific as a pair of mismatched private detectives who get in over their heads when working on the case of a murdered porn star. The movie is overlong and the mix of humor and violence doesn’t always work. But Crowe and Gosling are money. They may not really be playing nice guys, but the pairing is certainly a nice one.

If you’ve never heard of the mobile video game Angry Birds, you’re probably still using a rotary dial phone. In the animated big screen adaptation, “The Angry Birds Movie,” Kansas City’s Jason Sudeikis provides the voice of Red, a furious flightless bird who battles invasive pigs. The loopy humor and frenetic action are clearly aimed at the younger movie-going demographic. It’s a harmless, well-animated farce that may not be inspired, but it’s no turkey.

“Pelé: Birth of a Legend” is a family sports drama that focuses on the early years of Brazilian soccer superstar, Pelé. It shows how the poverty-stricken youngster worked his way out of the Brazilan favela (fav-ella) to lead the Brazilian team to the World Cup championship at age 17. While it’s an inspiring story, it’s given a very pedestrian treatment.

Also opening this week, Seth Rogan and Zac Efron return for more crude hijinks in “Neighbors: Sorority Rising.” This time they’re joined by Chloë Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez who prove girls can be raunchy, too. Oscar winner Susan Sarandon plays a smothering mom who interferes with daughter Rose Byrne’s life in the aptly named comedy, “The Meddler.” Tlida Swinton plays an aging rock star whose vacation with her hunky young boyfriend is invaded by her former lover Ralph Fiennes and his daughter Dakota Johnson in the erotic thriller, “A Bigger Splash.”


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KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, November 17 - 23

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Apocalypse Meow Night One in Review

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Halloween at Westport Saloon: Hellfire Hoedown

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