Dayna McDaniel discusses the upcoming SeedSavers KC Seed Swap Rachel Jefferson discusses John Garland Park.

John Garland Park and Seedsavers
Episode date : May 2, 2016
On EcoRadio KC

In Episode 4 of ReVibnKC, MiKO talks with Councilman Quinton Lucas, who represents the 3rd district at large for the 2015-2019 term. He serves as Chairman of the Housing Committee. He was born here in KC and spent most of his youth living in the urban core with his two sisters, all raised by their mother, a single mom.

Councilman Lucas is energetic and positive in the way that he goes about carrying out his extensive responsibilities and engaging the community. His many activities includes: serving as a board member for DeLaSalle Academy, teaching course, providing mentorship in area prisons and teaching.

In Ep.4 of ReVibnKC, we’ll ask the Councilman how he feels about the changes that he’s seen take place in KC in the neighborhoods, with the issue of abandoned homes and we’ll find out, what if any programs are available for individuals who are interested in owning and renovating these homes.

Join us as we talk with another KC native and public official to get his perspective on the impact of renovating homes in the urban core, right here with me, MiKO, on ReVibnKC.

This Week We Replay Two Interviews From Last Year Dealing With the Risks and Rights of Gun Ownership.


Does hunger lead to the kind of desperate situations where violence seems the only solution? Does the machismo male image prevent some men to refuse to back down in a confrontation or even lead them into confrontation? Can collaborative community programs change the culture of violence in our community. At this fall’s conference on Gun violence at the Kaufman Foundation, Dr Jean McCabe spoke about how poverty, hunger and prevailing gender roles can lead to violent behavior.

Host Melvin Merritt talks with Dr Jean McCabe about these issues and more. Dr. Jean McCabe is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Dr. McCabe was on faculty with UMKC for ten years, where she developed and directed the Community Counseling Center. Previous to that, she was Associate Director of Psychological Counseling Services at Catholic Charities. She has also been employed in federal law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and was a Federal Probation & Parole officer. For the past 20 years, Dr. McCabe has been engaged in full time private practice with Wilson & McCabe, Psychological Counseling & Consulting.

Jean M. McCabe, Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist

Wilson & McCabe, Inc.
6220 Blue Ridge Cutoff, #206
Kansas City, MO 64133

Gun Fight: The Battle Over The Right To Bear Arms In America

Is gun control a racial Issue? While Blacks tend to favor gun control at a higher percentage than whites do, one of the places you will find a lot of overtly racist material is at gun shows. Even the National Rifle Association favored restrictions on gun ownership until the Black Panther Party started carrying guns in public and challenging the police. Adam Winkler is an author, a professor of law at UCLA and a specialist in American constitutional law. He has been researching the issue of guns and gun laws for years and has recently released his latest book Gun Fight: The Battle Over The Right To Bear Arms In America.

Host Margot Patterson will talk with Adam Winkler about his book and how the issue of gun rights is perceived differently by blacks and whites. We will find out how the NRA fits into the constitutional discussion.

UCLA School of Law
385 Charles E. Young Dr. East
Los Angeles, CA, 90095
(310) 463-2447
[email protected]

The JoJR Calendar for May 2nd 2016

The Criminal Justice Task Force will meet Monday May 2nd from 6:45 to 8:45 pm at the Church of the Good Shepard, 4947 Chouteau Drive, KCMO. The Criminal Justice Task Force mission is to lobby the Missouri State Legislature for sentencing laws that are fair and humane. For information contact Robin Johnson at 816-522-4081 or email: [email protected]
The Kansas City Chapter of Missourian’s For Alternatives to the Death Penalty will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, May 3rd from 6:30 to 8pm at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 4501 Walnut, KCMO. They will also be holding an execution watch on Wednesday May 4th from 5-6 PM at 39th and Troost KCMO to protest the planned execution of Earl Forrest by the state of Missouri. You can make your own sign or carry one of theirs.
The Kansas City Chapter of Empower Missouri’s First Friday Forum will be Friday, May 6th, 11:30am – 1:00pm at the Westport Flea Market, 817 Westport Rd, KCMO. This months presentation is From Rock Hudson & Ryan White to Magic Johnson & Charlie Sheen: The Face of HIV/AIDS in 2016. Presenters will be Samantha Hughes of the KCMO Health Department and Travis Barnhart, Director of Prevention Services, at the Good Samaritan Project.
Consolidate Social Work Services invites you to the grand opening of their Family Resource Center that will provide programs for neighborhood children, families and seniors. The Open House will be held Saturday May 7, from 2-4 pm, at 3811 Chestnut Avenue, KCMO. Get connected to resources, read a book in the Mrs. Bernice Todd Library, or gather to meet neighbors, share ideas and build community. Come have a cup of coffee, or tea, and chat with old and new friends, or just enjoy watching the butterfly garden out front.

Kansas City’s own Don Cheadle wrote, produced, directed and stars in this experimental “biopic” about legendary jazz trumpeter, Miles Davis. Susan and Russ have very different perspectives on this movie, which is fictional and not a conventional biography in any sense of the word.

TAKE TWO: “Miles Ahead” Film Review
Episode date : April 29, 2016
On Take Two

Key & Peele’s first feature film together may be a one-joke affair…but it’s a very funny joke. Fans of the duo’s Comedy Central sketch show will love “Keanu,” a raunchy, irreverent satire…and so will many newcomers. The comics play nerdy cousins who pose as hardcore drug dealers in an effort to regain a stolen kitten. There’s enough violence, drugs and foul language in this gleefully goofy romp to easily earn an R-rating, but the vibe is so sweet natured, that it’s almost inoffensive. This “Keanu” is one cool cat.

Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Kansas City’s Jason Sudeikis star in Garry Marshall’s latest holiday comedy, “Mother’s Day.” This ensemble sitcom weaves several stories about a number of folks as they prepare for Mother’s Day celebrations in Atlanta. The humor is forced, the sentiment is artificial and the story is chock full of awkward stereotypes. But thanks to the cast, undemanding audiences might find something to like in this extremely lightweight effort.

It’s odd that a movie about one of the world’s greatest writers is so poorly written. Giovanni Ribisi plays a Miami newspaper writer who befriends Ernest Hemmingway, played by stage actor Adrian Sparks, in “Papa: Hemmingway in Cuba.” This tired biopic wastes a good cast and the stunning Cuban scenery on a colorless, cardboard portrait of the renowned novelist who battled writer’s block, depression and alcoholism in his final years. Papa deserves better.

Gabriel Byrne, Jesse Eisenberg and Isabelle Huppert star in “Louder Than Bombs,” a thoughtful, well acted and profoundly sad look at how one family deals with grief after a tragic event. It’s smart, observant and involving, but never quite achieves the level of emotional devastation it was aiming for.

Also opening this week, “The First Monday in May” is a documentary about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion show “China: Through the Looking Glass.”

Khadijah and the White Guy premier their weekly timeslot.

Now on Weekly!
Episode date : April 28, 2016
On Khadijah & the White Guy

Kansas Riverkeeper’s Laura Caldwelland some area youth, will be talking about their water testing experience, and Dawn Buehler will be highlighting the Kansas RiverKeeper’s and their upcoming river fun outings..

Plus on This Week in Water:

Houston, we have a problem–too much pavement.

The U.S. is buying water from Iran–and it’s pretty heavy stuff.

China wants to build floating nuclear power plants. What could possibly go wrong?

The EPA has called on water providers across the country to post information about locations of risky lead pipes–and some states are balking.

When oceanographer Patricia Yager went to study the Amazon River in Brazil she got more than she expected.

Here’s why the water on your nightstand tastes funky in the morning.

How’s the Water?
Episode date : April 25, 2016
On EcoRadio KC

This week on ARTSPEAK RADIO-Maria talks with Martha Gershun, Thomas Cobian, & Rick Malsick about Music + Poetry + Art, Friday April 29, 7-10pm at the Downtown Neon Gallery 1921 E. Truman Rd. KCMO

Poet/writer Iris Appelquist joins us in the studio. Spartan Press has published two full-length volumes of Appelquist’s poetry, including BRIAR (2012) and Blunt Trauma (2009), co-authored by Jason Ryberg.

Director Colby Smith discusses The Studios Inc. provides studio space, professional development, networking, and exhibitons for mid-career artists in Greater Kansas City.

Writer Jason Preu, joins us in the second half of the program. His fiction writing has been featured in numerous publications including Indigo Rising, Kansas City VOICES, Holdfast, and 101Fiction.com.

Recent News

The Hillary Watts Riot, Sextonic Plates, Witch Jail at the Brick

January 1, 2016 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on The Hillary Watts Riot, Sextonic Plates, Witch Jail at the Brick
The Hillary Watts Riot, Sextonic Plates, Witch Jail at the Brick

Earlier in December, the Hillary Watts Riot hosted a show for the release of their latest single “Disco Love Ball Heart” at the Brick.  Witch Jail and the Sextonic Plates opened.  Check out images and audio from the show below: …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for December 28 – January 3

December 29, 2015 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for December 28 – January 3
KKFI Jazz Calendar for December 28 – January 3

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, December 28th to Sunday, January 3rd. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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Border Wars II: The Architects, Big Iron, The Racketees at Record Bar

December 17, 2015 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Border Wars II: The Architects, Big Iron, The Racketees at Record Bar
Border Wars II:  The Architects, Big Iron, The Racketees at Record Bar

Back on the first Friday of December, a lineup feature some of the loudest and heaviest rock and punk bands in the area stormed the Record Bar.  Featuring Kansas City staples the Architects, Big Iron and the Racketees, it was …

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Pre-Thanksgiving at the Tank Room

December 14, 2015 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Pre-Thanksgiving at the Tank Room
Pre-Thanksgiving at the Tank Room

The eve of Christmas featured a lineup of bands at the Tank Room.  We managed to catch Yes You Are, The Fairweather and Not a Planet.  Check out some images from the show and audio from Not a Planet’s set: …

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KKFI Jazz Calendar for December 14 – December 20

December 14, 2015 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on KKFI Jazz Calendar for December 14 – December 20
Hermon Mehari

This is the KKFI Jazz Event Calendar for the week of Monday, December 14th to Sunday, December 20th. This is shared for the benefit of jazz music lovers. Please check with the music venue to confirm details of the event. …

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Electric Lungs Album Release at Davey’s Uptown

December 8, 2015 By KKFI 90.1 FM Comments Off on Electric Lungs Album Release at Davey’s Uptown
Electric Lungs Album Release at Davey's Uptown

  Back on Friday the 13th, the Electric Lungs released their latest full-length album, “Don’t Be Ashamed of the Way You Were Made” at Davey’s Uptown.  Hair metal throwback Bone Spur, spooky rockers the Haunted Creepies, and Kodascope provided support. …

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