Foolkiller Folk | 11:00 am | Sunday

Foolkiller Folk Programmers of "Foolkiller Folk" want to share the music they love with the rest of the community and share historical aspects of the music also. They want to help broaden our listeners’ knowledge of all kinds of folk music from all over the country, from the pre-war era to now.

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Grateful Dead Hour | 9:00 pm | Friday

Grateful Dead Hour

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Hard Knock Radio | 4:00 am | Friday

Hard Knock Radio Hip Hop music and culture remixed with the important issues of the day

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High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show | 12:00 am | Wednesday

High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show The High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio show is dedicated to playing all the genres of hard rock and metal, especially obscure and independent artists, as well as unusual or rare songs from larger bands.

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Jamband Junction | 11pm | Friday

Jamband Junction "Jamband Junction" plays classic to modern Jam Band music, including Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Phish and Widespread Panic, as well as local and regional music. We also put an emphasis on live performances.

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Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Geek) | 1:00 pm | Friday

Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Geek) "Jazz Afternoon with the Jazz Geek" usually includes birthdays of famous and not so famous jazz musicians, recent releases, local artists, interviews, and classic jazz from the likes of Charlie Parker, Miles, Coltrane, Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside, etc. Heavy on the small group instrumental jazz; light on vocalists and big bands.

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Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Insider) | 1:00 pm | Monday

Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Insider) The Jazz Insider will focus on the next generation while respecting the tradition of the music.

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Jazz Afternoon (with Jeff Harshbarger) | 1:00 pm | Wednesday

Jazz Afternoon (with Jeff Harshbarger) Playing the best in classic and modern jazz from the 50's to today. From the tried and true to the latest sonic experiments, its improvisational music at its finest.

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