Late Nite Level Up | 1am | Sunday

Late Nite Level Up Late Night Level Up, is a high energy mix of RnB and Hip Hop fusion. Capturing sounds from the newest releases as well as some classics. This is bound to be a favorite for millenials looking for great music after hours. This show runs Saturday night/early Sunday Morning from 1am - 4am.

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Live Broadcasts | |

Live Broadcasts Live Broadcasts turned into Podcasts for your convenience.

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Local Showcase | 8:00 pm | Thursday

Local Showcase The Local ShowCase features live or recorded performances of music, poetry, prose, etc. of local and regional artists. This showcase is hosted by a variety of KKFI programmers covering a broad spectrum of musical genres.

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Lynn’s Beautician Blues Show | 10:00 am | Monday

Lynn's Beautician Blues Show The format is vintage-present Blues, Jazz, R&B, Zydeco. Thanks for enjoying the DELIGHTS of Lynn's Beautician Blues Show.

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Mind The Gap | 10:00 pm | Saturday

Mind The Gap The Official Kansas City Home for the UK Dance Underground, exclusively on 90.1 FM KKFI, presented by J Zed, Saturday nights from 10-11 PM CT.

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Moby’s Trip | |

Moby's Trip Moby's Trip is a show chock full of buttery psychedelic music goodness with existential sprinkles. Its a rock-n-roll show and a breath mint recommended by four out of five doctors. Anything could turn up here. There's a little saying we have 'round here, "'s just not your audio wallpaper anymore." C'mon on by for a listen. It only bites if you let it. And you'll want to let it. I promise.

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Mother’s Mix | 3:00 pm | Monday

Mother's Mix Blues with Lady D.

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Music City Roots | 7:00 am | Saturday

Music City Roots A weekly concert and live radio show presented from The Loveless Cafe Barn in Nashville, TN.

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