Your Morning Buzz: Monday | 6:00 am | Monday

Your Morning Buzz: Monday Progressive, psychedelic and classic rock that's rooted in the 70's and still growing strong today. Featuring music from legendary, obscure and cutting edge artists that will blow your mind.

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Your Morning Buzz: Thursday | 6:00 am | Thursday

Your Morning Buzz: Thursday DJ Artie McDonnell plays an eclectic mix of genres and decades and blends them together so we can span decades in a two-hour window. I've played music from Wagner to ZZ top, The Beatles to The Syn, Dion to Leslie Gore and a host of others.

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Your Morning Buzz: Tuesday | 6:00 am | Tuesday

Your Morning Buzz: Tuesday The Tuesday Morning Buzz "Tasty Brew" is an eclectic mix of American roots based music genres regardless of the nationality of the performer. Americana music is difficult to define.

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Your Morning Buzz: Wednesday | 6:00 am | Wednesday

Your Morning Buzz: Wednesday Something for everyone on "Your Morning Buzz" with Mike Murphy.

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