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KKFI’s public affairs programs magnify our mission, to “provide a broadcast voice to the voiceless.”  We fulfill the need for you, our community, to be informed about what is happening  on a local level and many of our programs provide you with an opportunity to voice your opinions and suggestions.

The program titles say it all, from EcoRadio, Guess Who’s Coming to Kansas City, Every Woman to Jaws of Justice , The Heartland Labor Forum and Urban Connections… to name a few!

Dialogo Abierto | 7:00 pm | Monday

Dialogo Abierto Interviews about social-cultural, education, immigration, information. All events and matters that relate to the Hispanic Community.

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Earth and Sky | 12:00 Midnight | Each Day

Earth and Sky Listeners tuning in to the program can expect to hear segments about a wide variety of topics. Many of the programs focus on specific astronomical events, giving listeners an idea of what to look for in the night sky. In addition to reporting on the current events of astronomy, "Earth & Sky" also produces programs which focus on new scientific discoveries, established scientific theories, environmental concerns, as well as listener questions.

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EcoRadio KC | 6:00 pm | Monday

EcoRadio KC logo EcoRadio KC is a magazine show, including live segments, prerecorded stories, and interviews. The weekly explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life.

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Every Woman | 3:00 pm | Saturday

Every Woman EVERY WOMAN – a show about women making a difference and the men by their side. As 5o% of humanity, and 52% of eligible US Voters, women are not a “special interest” group and EVERY WOMAN should WORK and VOTE for nothing less than50/50 participation in the social, political, economic and environmental arenas.

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Exploration | 5:00 am | Monday

Dr Michio Kaku The "Exploration" radio show is an hour-long science program heard nationally. Exploration covers the world of science, war and peace, and the environment. The show has commentary and interviews with top scientists and environmentalists.

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Free Speech Headline News | 5:00-5:05 pm | Monday through Friday

Free Speech Radio News Headlines Tune into Headline News from Free Speech Radio News, one of the most respected sources of independent radio news in the United States and heard in more than 100 communities large and small from Nova Scotia to California, from Alaska to Florida. FSRN Headline News provides a daily newscast that calls on more than 200 reporters across six continents.

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Freeze Frame | Noon on "Arts Magazine" | Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10:58 am; Sunday at 12:30 pm; Monday at

Logo for Freeze Frame Freeze Frame is a weekly show reviewing the latest movies from Hollywood's best films to independent and arthouse movies.

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Guess Who’s Coming to Kansas City | 5:00 pm | Saturday

Guess Who's Coming to Kansas City The program targets all cultures and genders. It celebrates special holidays, events and specializes in ethnic events not limited to sports, conventions, seminars and provocative subjects others dare not to touch. It is referred to as the Anchor Public Affairs Programming on Saturday evening. When people want to reach specific markets, they want to be on “Guess Who’s Coming to Kansas City!” The show publicizes issues that impact the Minority Community, encouraging the pursuit of positive solutions.

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