MLK’s Beloved Community

The annual MLK Forum, sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee and Southern Christian Leadership Conference, recorded on the afternoon of Martin Luther King Day, 2017 at Friendship Baptist Church prior to the mass celebration.

Hear from a panel of inspiring community leaders.
Learn about panelists’ perspectives and what they and their organizations are doing to reject policies of hate, scapegoating, and discrimination and to create the Beloved Community. Hear how we can support each other and about the 1/8 cent sales tax to reinvest in economically abandoned eastside KCMO neighborhoods.

• Micah Kubic, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas
• Nubia Estefes, Community Organizer in the undocumented community for El Centro
• Moussa Elbayoumy, Board Chair, KS Chapter, Council on American–Islamic Relations
• Karen Curls, PhD, Member, Urban Summit; Penn Valley Community College, Social Science Division Chair
• Margaret May, President of Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association
• Don Maxwell, Developer of the Linwood Shopping District

Responding to economic abandonment and community deterioration and supporting the campaign for a 1/8 sales tax to reverse the economic deprivation of eastside KCMO neighborhoods.

Rejecting policies of dehumanization, hate, scapegoating, deportation, Muslim registration and all discrimination!

Joining with others to create a narrative of love and unity, rather than fear, blame, exclusion and division!

This event is organized by: American Friends Service Committee &
Southern Christian Leadership Conference of GKC. As the AFSC Kansas City Office is closing, this is the last year that they will participate.

It was Twenty Years Ago Today

Mike Murphy closes out January with a look back at 1997. We will be airing music from that year, as well as your memories of that year. Call in during the program at 816 931 5534.

All the Farms in Cuba!

Richard Mabion welcomes Eric Kirkendahl back to EcoRadio KC. This time, to discuss his recent tour of Cuban farms.

WMM Talks with Amy Marcus, Jen Harris, & Susanna Lee

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New & MidCoastal Releases + Amy Marcus
+ Susanna Lee Lucky-Deluxe & Poet Jen Harris

Mark will play New & MidCoastal Releases from: Of Tree, Calvin Arsenia, Dylan Guthrie & The Good Time Guys, Krystle Warren, Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds, Amy Marcus, Eems, Shy Boys, The Philistines, Jessica Paige, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Old Sound, The UK’s, Klymaxx, Dione Taylor, and William Onyeabor.

At 10:30 we’ll talk with Kansas City based singer/songwriter Amy Marcus and we’ll feature songs from her debut EP Brave, and her new single she recently recorded in Dallas. Amy Marcus studied photography at the Kansas City Art Institute. She is a single mother of three and works as a professional photographer and personal chef. She has been writing songs since she as child, but only recently made the leap of faith to begin recording and performing her music live. More information at:

At 11:15 Mark talks with Kansas City-based Spoken Word Poet, Women’s Rights & LGBT activist, published author, founder and host of KC Poetry Slam, Jen Harris about her new one-woman-show, Lust & Disdain. Her show is described as, “a train wreck of poorly memorized monologues, dark stand up comedy and emotionally unsettling slam poetry. Jen Harris explores the extremes she has gone to in search of and in spite of Love.” The show will have four performances, February 3 and 4, at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm, at The Outburst, 1715 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, Missouri. More information at:

Also joining us is the amazing and multi-talented Susanna Lee Lucky-Deluxe who has performed her one-woman shows throughout the United States. Susanna Lee is the founder and owner of The Outburst, a new Performance Gallery for offbeat, cutting-edge entertainment located in the Crossroads District. The Outburst just opened on January 13 and will regularly showcases multiple performance arts genres, including stand-up, spoken word, solo shows, storytelling, live music and more. More information at:

Show #666

The Black Madonna, Barclay Crenshaw & Lady Chann, T. Williams & MORE!

J Zed is live on the decks this weekend on Mind The Gap featuring tracks from The Black Madonna, JR, DJ Koze, and Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke) & Lady Chann‘s killer collab during The First 30, plus more from Hospital RecordsWe Are 21 compilation and a DISC 2 featuring T. Williams, The Sneekers, and Paperwater. LOG ON, OR JOG ON!! Stream us worldwide from 10PM CT at KKFI.ORG, or locally at 90.1 FM.

Native Spirit radio with host Rhonda LeValdo and special guest Marei Spaola 1/22/17

Kansas City’s only Native American radio program with host Rhonda LeValdo and guest Marei Spaola. Topics discussed today: Updates on #NoDAPL, the Presidential Inauguration, the Women’s Marches and KC sadness with the loss of a wonderful pitcher, KC Royals World Series Champion Yordano Ventura. Rhonda plays a Native American Church prayer song to end the show and send prayers to the Ventura family.


Embracing (Rather Than Fixing) Our Authentic Selves with David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW

We are a society of armchair psychologists, who are constantly self-diagnosing. There are scores of books and television programs that suggest ways for us to reprogram and rid ourselves of disturbing feelings and behavior patterns. David Bedrick is deepening the dialogue about the role and practice of psychology in today’s society. Much of mainstream or “pop” psychology give us plenty of labels, but does it go deep enough to motivate us to truly change destructive patterns? David Bedrick gives us a new vision of psychology where people are seen not as either functional or dysfunctional. It’s a psychology where awareness and dialogue are more important than labels. Mainstream psychology often misses the range of diversity in people and tries to “normalize” them into a sea of sameness. In Process Oriented Psychology, for example, there are no 7 steps to a cure. This branch of psychology acknowledges that everyone is different. Bedrick is an awareness follower and says, “I’m using my awareness in watching all the communication a person gives me, much of which is not verbal.” He follows what they are showing him until the client reveals their own cure or medicine. He gives many exciting examples in this dynamic dialogue. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


David Bedrick, JD, DIPL PW is a teacher, counselor, attorney, organizational consultant, and writer. He’s a practitioner of Process Oriented Psychology, a branch of Jungian psychology. He did his clinical training at the Process Work Institute which is inspired by the work of Arny Mindell. Bedrick is a diplomate of the Institute. Currently he maintains a practice as a counselor and coach for individuals and groups. He also speaks and writes on topics ranging from ethics, diversity, and relationships, to dreams, diet, body image, anger, and shame.

He’s the author of:

To learn more about David Bedrick’s work go to

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How does mainstream psychology try to normalize people
  • How family systems label certain members as “identified patient”
  • How Bedrick would work with the “black sheep” of a family
  • What are some alternatives to medications for ADHD
  • How Process Oriented Psychology deals with the beast of anger
  • How a client will eventually reveal their own cure or medicine
  • Why we must look carefully at our resistance to compromising
  • How the diet industry banks on our failure
  • Why it is not effective for a therapist to go along with a client’s self diagnosis

Host: Justine Willis Toms                  Interview Date: 9/24/2013                   Program Number: 3482