TAKE TWO: “The Magnificent Seven” #FilmReview Podcast

Susan and Russ have different takes on the remake of the western classic from 1960. The location, motives and back stories have changed, but the David vs. Goliath elements remain the same. This is the first time that Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and director Antoine Fuqua have worked together since Washington’s Oscar-winning turn in “Training Day.”

Native Spirit Radio Sept. 25th,2016 with Harvest Moon organizers

Rhonda LeValdo talks with the organizers of the Harvest Moon Festival event scheduled for Oct. 1, 2016 in Downtown Kansas City information in this link:  http://harvestmoonfestivalkc.com/ Come join Rhonda as she hosts and emcee’s the event!


05:00PM-05:03PM (3:30) Keith Secola “Indian Cars” from Native America Calling (CD, Album, Other) on Trikont

05:22PM-05:25PM (3:00) The Red and the Blues (CD, Other, Private) onIndependent (http://oldno5s.com, none, USA)

05:25PM-05:30PM (5:00) William Mehojah “Interview with William Mehojah” from Interview with William Mehojah(Single) on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

05:46PM-05:49PM (2:30) Reed Bobroff “The four elements of ghost dance” from The four elements of ghost dance(CD, Album, Other) on Indie (http://xopublicity.com/xo-for-the-holidays-vol-ii, UK)

05:49PM-05:52PM (3:00) Various Indian Tribes “Hopi Basket Dance” from Authentic Music Of The American Indian(CD, Album, Private) on Legacy International

05:52PM-06:00PM (8:47) Northern Cree “The Real Hey Ya (Whistled)” from Red Rock (CD, Album, Other) on Canyon Records

Harris Wilder

Charles and the gals welcome Harris Wilder back to deconstruct the current political landscape.

Online Only

Due to the fund drive, we will not air Between the Lines. You can listen online at your leisure.

Jersey City, ’72

The Grateful Dead in full steam.

Part 1 29:29
Grateful Dead 9/26/72 Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ

Part 2 26:29
Grateful Dead 9/26/72 Stanley Theatre, Jersey City, NJ
Jerry Garcia, Garcia (Round)

Women Of Courage Awards And Celebration and The KKFI Fall On-Air Fund Drive

****Because of the pledge drive we will be starting at about 9:20 AM instead of 9 AM
Call In 888-931-0901

The Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughter Women Of Courage Awards and Celebration

Mothers of Incarcerated Sons and Daughters support group assists families and persons dealing with incarceration and re-entry into the community. Their members spend time lobbying in Jefferson City for prison legislative reforms and other efforts seeking “justice for all.” MISD meets the second Saturday of every month, noon to 2 pm at the Waldo Branch of the Kansas City Public Library, 201 E 75th St, Kansas City, Missouri.

MISD’s Women of Courage Awards will be held Saturday, Oct 8th 3-5 pm, Saint Monica Church, 16th & Paseo. You can get your tickets here and/or to make a donation to our secure payment center: Adults 20.00, children 10.00 go online to – https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=40hFyr4jmIV8tMTljZjxSiL0At1V30wgV2q_Fc80tLAkY8s28GBb2WPDyDK&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d4fe1dd75ca3bd4f11d72275b28239088

KKFI Fall On_Air Fund Drive

You can show your support for KKFI and Jaws of Justice Radio by calling 888-931-0901 or going to the KKFI website http://www.kkfi.org/

“An Act of Love”

Host Craig Lubow will have a panel of ministers that will discuss the internal conflict within various churches on performing gay weddings and some of the church trials held to determine what happens to ministers that perform gay weddings in defiance of official church policy. We will also discuss the emerging tolerance of gay marriage in some churches.