Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute – 2017

This week on From the Vault, we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with two speeches he gave near the end of his life – two speeches that rarely get much attention.

By 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King’s strategy for organizing had evolved beyond just the Civil Rights Movement; he clearly saw how resources that could be helping the poor communities were being absorbed by the country’s military budget. King began strategizing for a broader-based Poor People’s Campaign that transcended Black communities, and instead focused outreach on any American who poor, regardless of race.

You will this topic discussed our first selection, a February 25th, 1967 address titled The Casualties of the War in Vietnam, which was sponsored by the Nation Magazine at a Nation Institute Conference in Los Angeles. Our second selection, titled Luncheon Address at California Democratic Council, shares a similar thread and was given in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1968, just weeks before his assassination.

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Has it Really Been Thirty Years?

Yes that’s right, 1987 was thirty years ago. Some baby boomers may regard this as recent history, but keep in mind that this was before KKFI was on the air. We’ll be playing some great music from 1987 and accepting your calls at 816 931 5534 to share your reflections on that year. You can also post reflections here:

Russ Choma on Trump’s Conflicts, Megan Hustings on Food Sharing

This week on CounterSpin: It seems clear that for Donald Trump, as for Humpty Dumpty, words mean just what he chooses them to mean—neither more nor less. So if Trump says he’s erased his conflicts of interest by letting his kids run his businesses day to day, well then they’re erased—and it’s fake news to say otherwise. The question for the press corps, then, is whether they will keep both feet in reality, or allow the perceived requirement to “include” the Trump camp’s spin “redefine” previous understandings beyond recognition on things like conflicts of interest. We’ll talk about the substance and the coverage of the problem with investigative reporter Russ Choma from Mother Jones.

Erik Stafford – Black History in KC

Erik Keith Stafford is a return guest… he always has interesting Kansas City history to reveal and discuss.  Join the conversation.  We’ll be taking your calls, as always.

Double Play Day – Morning Mix

Join Host Beth Pike as she dips her hand into the Proverbial box of Chocolates and see what sweet musical treats it brings this week.  Looks like a Double Play day of some talented artists such as Alan Parsons, Queen, David Bowie, a small tribute to another Great lost in 2016, Billy Joel, Chrissy Hydne, your RDAR, Stevie Ray Vaughn and a whole lot more!!  Don’t want to give it away because as you know….”Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates…You Never Know What You Are Gonna Get ! ”  Streaming the broadcast on KKFI.org    90.1FM  Kansas City Community Radio.

Remembering MLK

Move on Up a Little Bit Higher: A Tour of the African American History Museum

Just a stone’s throw from where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, there’s a new landmark – one that people are lining up around the block to see. It’s the National Museum of African American History and Culture. About 10 percent of its nearly 3,000 artifacts are related to religion, so we sent our producers Ruth Morris and Abigail  Holtzman to have a look. Featuring Yolanda Pierce, Director of the Center for African American Religious Life at the NMAAHCTulani Salahu-Din, Museum Specialist at the NMAAHC.

“Precious, Go Tell Our Story”

Amirah Muhammad’s grandfather was a leader of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad. But to Amirah, he was just her grandfather. For years she held onto a necklace that he had given to her grandmother, Clara. She shares her memories of them, and walks us through the difficult decision to give up this family heirloom that meant so much. Produced by Abigail Holtzman.

Rev. Dennis Wiley: Carrying Rev. King’s Message Further

Our guest, Dennis Wiley currently serves as pastor at Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ.  Reverend Wiley’s connection to Martin Luther King runs deep; he fought to make Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday in the early 80s, and he marched in the very first parade honoring Rev. King. As racial tensions worsen and the nation’s first black president hands over the White House to Donald Trump, we asked him–What would Rev. King say today?

Beyonce Takes Us to Church

We’re ending our tribute to King with a nod to the Queen…you know, Beyonce? Her 2016 album, Lemonade, has been called “fiery, insurgent and fiercely proud.” But for Yolanda Pierce, it’s more than that. For her, it reminds black women that even if their own religious traditions fail to “see” them, they are still reflected in the divine.  Yolanda Pierce is a Professor of African American Religion and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary.  This  essay was originally published in Religion Dispatches.

Wednesday MidDay Medley Plays New & MidCoastal Releases Hand Picked For Your Ears

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New & MidCoastal Releases + Spinning Tree Theatre + Inauguration Alternatives

Mark will play New & MidCoastal Releases from Erica Joy, Calvin Arsenia, Krystle Warren, Emmaline Twist, Katy Guillen and the Girls, Christopher Tolle, The Architects, Hipshot Killer, The Blackbird Revue, Faultfinder, Vehicles, David Bowie, The xx, Dirty Projectors, Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White and others.

At 10:30 we’ll talk with company members of Spinning Tree Theatre about their newest production, SHIPWRECKED! AN ENTERTAINMENT, playing January 19 through February 5, at Just Off Broadway Theatre is at 3051 Penn Valley Drive, Kansas City, Missouri. The show is directed by Vanessa Severo and a cast that includes: Charles Fugate, Megan Herrera & Bob Linebarger. More information at www.spinningtreetheatre.com

At 11:00 we’ll talk with Amy Farrand & Judy Mills about Rock The Twat, Friday, January 20 at 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, at Mills Record Company, 4045 Broadway Blvd, with Katy Guillen & the Girls at 6:30 pm, members of Bohemian Cult Revival at 7:15 pm, and Sister Mary Rotten Crotch at 8:00 pm. Rock the Twat, is a feminine product drive to help those at the Rose Brooks Center (refuge for domestic violence victims). $10 suggested donation at the door, or $5 with an unopened feminine product. All donations go to the Rose Brooks Center.

At 11:30 we’ll talk with Sondra Freeman about, Musicians For Active Justice: Get Loud!, Friday, January 20, 2017, at 9:00 PM, with The Architects, Emmaline Twist, HipShot Killer, and (the) Medicine Theory, at recordBar 1520 Grand. $10.00, proceeds will benefit KC For Refugees an organization founded on April 6, 2016, to provide a unified platform for diverse communities to help create a welcoming environment for refugees moving to and living in the greater Kansas City area. More information at: www.kcforrefugees.weebly.com

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