Jeffrey D. Clements: “Corporations Are Not People”

This week on Tell Somebody, host Tom Klammer will be talking to Jeffrey D. Clements, author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy from Big Money and Global Corporations.  Clements will be speaking at the Kansas City Public Library Central Branch on Wednesday evening, October 29.

Kingpins of the Gulf Coast: Rodney Crowell & Dr. John, 10/22/2014

The Houston-born singer/songwriter Rodney Crowell talks about growing up on the rough side of town with the ghost of Hank Williams as a “family member,” as well as writing songs for his recent duet partner Emmylou Harris. He also wrote for many of the country heavyweights from Jerry Reed to Guy Clark and Bob Seeger, and was the antagonist in Rosanne Cash’s signature tune “Seven Year Ache.” Then we’ll sit down live in a rare visit to Nashville with the Crescent City’s Nite Tripper himself Dr. John, who reminisces about and demonstrates his early days at the piano and on a music industry “spying mission” that could only happen in New Orleans.

“Media, Capitalism and the Environment” with David Barsamian

Threats to the planet are growing in spite of legislation like the Clean Water Act and an agency named for Environmental Protection.  As global warming accelerates and carbon-fueled capitalism shows itself incapable of making necessary changes to protect the planet, we need to think about a different economic system.  David Barsamian is the founder of Alternative Radio, a progressive, international public affairs program.

“Violence Seen as an Infectious Disease” with Rex Archer N.D, MP H

Should violence be viewed as a contagious disease? This is the contention of some experts in the field. Dr. Rex Archer, Director of the Department of Health for Kansas City, Missouri, will discuss how violence is spread from one person to another, how violence fits the basic infectious disease framework and how our understanding of this is leading to better strategic for reducing violence in Kansas City.

It’s a Spooktacular Halloween Special!

Join the Foolkiller Folk crew this Sunday as Bob and Diana Suckiel host a fun (and not-so-scary!) Halloween music special. We promise treats, not tricks! Let the storytelling, the good music, and the hijinks begin!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Art McDonnell joins Mike Murphy for music about baseball.  Baseball Fever: Catch It!

Listen for Bob Dylan, John McCutcheon, The Baseball Project, & more.


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It’s Saphira’s Last Show!

Today we bid farewell to the retiring Saphira Rain, and with it, Psychic Talk, an important part of our Sunday morning line-up since the station’s inception in 1988, making it the longest-running show of its type in the region. Saphira won the Pitch newspaper’s “Best Radio Talk Show in Kansas City” award in 1994 while producing her previous program,
“The Heart to Heart Metaphysical Radio Talk Show”. We wish Saphira and her colleagues all the best, and we thank her profusely for all her years of service to KKFI and to the psychic community here in Kansas City. WE’LL MISS YOU, SAPHIRA!!

Elaine Lee’s “Trans Mars Tango”

Trans Mars Tango provides a fresh and original take on transgender issues.” — Radio Drama Reviews Online

The Ark presents an off-world, gender-bending sci-fi adventure by cyber-sex fashionista Elaine Lee (Starstruck, Vamps, Honey West) starring Phil Proctor (Firesign Theatre) and Robin Miles (Maya’s Soul), directed by Brian Price with music by Dwight Frizzell, Julia Thro and Patrick Conway. A National Audio Theatre Festivals production. Recommended for adults and sneaky teens.