Innovations in Labor from This Year’s Jobs with Justice Conference

This week on the Heartland Labor Forum, we’ll take out our crystal balls and look at the future of work and bargaining with help from the Jobs with Justice national conference in February, the National Guestworker Alliance on how seafood temp workers are organizing across borders and combatting the blacklist, and a great story about organizing Facebook contract drivers from the Teamsters. Who says the labor movement is dying? These stories from the new labor movement will inspire you. Tune in Thursday at 6pm, rebroadcast Friday at 5am.

Innovations in Labor from This Year’s Jobs with Justice Conference

Sheila Carapico on Saudi Arabia Visit, Maria Luisa Mendonça on Brazil Impeachment

This week on CounterSpin: Some variant on “Obama Seeks to Repair Frayed Ties” was the favored headline for Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia. The friendship between the two countries faces friction, media said, due to things like the Saudi threat to dump US assets if held legally responsible for September 11 attacks, and the US’s nuclear deal with Iran—but not Saudi Arabia’s disastrous human rights record or anti-democratic government. What explains the relationship CNN called an “unhappy marriage”? We’ll hear from Sheila Carapico, professor of political science and international studies at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

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Timekeepers: The Art of Drumming, 4/27/2016

This week on American Routes, we’re keeping the beat with drummers and rhythm makers across the genres: everyone from Sun Records’ Rockabilly drummer JM Van Eaton, to jazz percussionist Ben Riley, who had to keep up with the unconventional rhythms of Thelonious Monk. In between, we listen live in-studio to New Orleans’ King of Treme, Shannon Powell, whose music takes us from the church to the streets and beyond. The funky backbone of The Meters, Joseph,”Ziggy” Modeliste tells us what it really means to hit a groove, and we’ll play an encore presentation of our interview with New York City percussionist, Tito Puente, El Rey de los Timbales.

Now on Weekly!

Khadijah and the White Guy premier their weekly timeslot.

How’s the Water?

Kansas Riverkeeper’s Laura Caldwelland some area youth, will be talking about their water testing experience, and Dawn Buehler will be highlighting the Kansas RiverKeeper’s and their upcoming river fun outings..

Plus on This Week in Water:

Houston, we have a problem–too much pavement.

The U.S. is buying water from Iran–and it’s pretty heavy stuff.

China wants to build floating nuclear power plants. What could possibly go wrong?

The EPA has called on water providers across the country to post information about locations of risky lead pipes–and some states are balking.

When oceanographer Patricia Yager went to study the Amazon River in Brazil she got more than she expected.

Here’s why the water on your nightstand tastes funky in the morning.

ARTSPEAK RADIO live with Music + Poetry + Art, Iris Appelquist, The Studios Inc., & Jason Preu

This week on ARTSPEAK RADIO-Maria talks with Martha Gershun, Thomas Cobian, & Rick Malsick about Music + Poetry + Art, Friday April 29, 7-10pm at the Downtown Neon Gallery 1921 E. Truman Rd. KCMO

Poet/writer Iris Appelquist joins us in the studio. Spartan Press has published two full-length volumes of Appelquist’s poetry, including BRIAR (2012) and Blunt Trauma (2009), co-authored by Jason Ryberg.

Director Colby Smith discusses The Studios Inc. provides studio space, professional development, networking, and exhibitons for mid-career artists in Greater Kansas City.

Writer Jason Preu, joins us in the second half of the program. His fiction writing has been featured in numerous publications including Indigo Rising, Kansas City VOICES, Holdfast, and

Terry Kitchen

Terry Kitchen is a musical storyteller.

Award-winning Boston contemporary folk singer/songwriter Terry Kitchen is as much a storyteller as a musician. His new CD The Post-American Century combines his considerable skills as a singer, composer and guitarist with his fearless emotional honesty, keen eye for detail, and deep empathy for his subjects for a compelling portrait of the land we live in. The Post-American Century presents ten sketches of American life, from the unhealed schism of the Civil War to the Baby Boom generation’s looming mortality. His first release since the 2013 publication of NEXT BIG THING, Terry’s debut novel, and first full-length folk CD since 2009’s Summer to SnowflakesThe Post-American Century finds Kitchen’s songcraft honed sharper than ever, with insightful lyrics matched to moody, stick-in-your-brain melodies.

Kitchen gets plenty of help fleshing out his sparse, rootsy vignettes from a talented group of friends including singers Mara Levine (featured on the duet ballad “Eternity” and three other tracks) and Amy Malkoff (“Tall Against the Wave”) and players Bob Harris (who played mandolin with Johnny Cash in the 1980s), Dobroist Roger Williams (the Amy Gallatin Band), violinist Chris Devine (Ritchie Blackmore) and Brice Buchanan (guitarist of Kitchen’s ’80s band Loose Ties). Kitchen himself adds accents on mandolin, autoharp and harmonica in addition to his fluid acoustic guitar playing.