Cultural Baggage – Legalizing Weed in Canada

Today on Sprouts, we’ll hear the latest from Cultural Baggage, a weekly half-hour program hosted by Dean Becker. Cultural Baggage is a part of Drug Truth Network from Pacifica’s KPFT in Houston. The program focuses discussion on the war on drugs, with topics ranging from medical marijuana and sentencing reform, to racial profiling and police corruption. Today’s segment will feature a conversation with Jodie Emery and Matt Elrod on the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO with Kat Husk, Samantha Slupski, & ArtsKC

Wednesday Sept. 27, 2017

Host/producer Maria Vasquez Boyd talks with painter/sculptor/photographer Kathryne Husk, poet/writer Samantha Slupski, and ArtsKC.

Kathryne Husk is an award winning and nationally exhibited artist. She was the recent subject of the short documentary “Kathryne: Uncensored”, and her artwork and poetry has been published in various literary journals. Kathryne’s activist work has lead to numerous lectures and presentations on Intersectionality and issues facing the disability community, while her current focus is bringing awareness to the lack of accessibility within the Kansas City arts scene.​
In my current series, I intend to initiate a dialogue about issues facing the Persons with Disabilities community through the use of mythological and contemporary symbolism and the female form. By incorporating symbolic elements of struggle in my figures, my art serves as a form of activism by functioning as a voice for myself and others within the disabled community.
Inspired by feminist revolutionaries, iconography, and the political elements of street art, my work explores cultural ideas of female nudity, and the empowerment that is emblematic in nude representations of the disabled. While my figures have a poetic vulnerability, my work has an overarching narrative of strength in the face of oppression. My intention is to break down the barriers of how disabled bodies are viewed in contemporary art and in society.

Samantha Slupski is a 23-year old poet and mental health advocate. She currently serves as the Slam Master for Kansas City Poetry Slam, Executive Director of Poetic Underground, and a board member for Fountainverse, the small press poetry festival in Kansas City. She is an ARTSKC Inspiration grant recipient, a competitor in Texas Grand Slam 2016 and 2017, and was published through EMP Press in January 2017, as well as various online journals. Her main focus is using the power of poetry to save lives. She feels it is so often that we are left alone in this world, and poetry gives us the chance to reconnect, relate, and heal. She believes poetry can save lives because it saved hers.

ArtsKC – Regional Arts Council was founded in February 1999. ArtsKC was started as a result of a community-wide planning process facilitated by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and supported by the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation. ArtsKC has developed programs and services designed to “unleash the power of the arts.” This includes programs for the arts community, the business community, and services to the civic community. Today, we serve Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, and Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties in Missouri.
ArtsKC acts as a central hub of information, resources, and support. Each specific program or service we provide to artists, arts organizations or the community at large was developed to address a need within our local arts ecology. ArtsKC continually assesses and adjusts our services to respond to the needs of our growing arts community.
ArtsKC serves as the voice for the arts in civic dialogues. By working closely with both the arts and business communities, we keep informed of challenges and provide a forum for the community to discuss current issues and opportunities. ArtsKC promotes networking, learning, and collaboration among the arts and business communities.
Kansas City is one of the largest regions in the United States that does not have an established source of dedicated public funding for the arts, which is crucial to the long-term health of our arts community. Securing sustainable public funding for the arts is a long-term goal of ArtsKC, and perhaps one of the most important. In 2007, ArtsKC started the ArtsKC Fund, a united arts fund. The ArtsKC Fund support arts organizations and artists through a competitive grants system.
Have questions about our work? Join us for an ArtsKC Lunch and Learn or give us a call at 816.221.1777.


Dedrick Asante-Muhammad on the Widening Racial Wealth Gap

This week on CounterSpin: Virtually every newscast will contain some item about “the economy.” It’s always been a very inexact way to talk: The economy encompasses many factors and many actors. But as a new report underscores, even if we’re just talking about people’s economic well-being, speaking in broad terms doesn’t just miss a lot, it’s anti-explanatory; it obscures more than it reveals. The report is called The Road to Zero Wealth: How the Racial Wealth Divide Is Hollowing Out America’s Middle Class. It explores why that wealth gap exists, and how we might intervene to turn it around. Because if we don’t, we are driving the country toward what authors describe in no uncertain times as a “racial and economic apartheid state.”

Plus we take a quick look back at recent press, including Trump’s North Korea threats and the Senate’s massive military hike.

Democracy Now co-host Juan Gonzalez

Democracy Now co-host Juan Gonzalez discusses his latest book, Reclaiming Gotham: Bill de Blasio and the Movement to End America’s Tale of Two Cities. The book describes how progressive mayors from around the country and the world are making changes that provide progress in the face of the disastrous policies of Donald Trump.

This is a rebroadcast of the RadioActive Magazine broadcast on September 26.

Democracy Now Co-host & Award Winning Journalist Juan Gonzalez

Democracy Now co-host Juan Gonzalez discusses his latest book, Reclaiming Gotham: Bill de Blasio and the Movement to End America’s Tale of Two Cities. The book describes how progressive mayors from around the country and the world are making changes that provide progress in the face of the disastrous policies of Donald Trump.

Families For Justice As Healing; and The Criminal Appeals Process With Attorney Kent Gipson

We are rebroadcasting a show from January 9, 2017 because both interviews contain very important information. In our original broadcast we had to edit the Interview with Andrea James to fit our format, the podcast above includes the complete interview.

Families For Justice As Healing

At Families for Justice as Healing, they organize formerly incarcerated women to join the movement toward creating community wellness alternatives to incarceration that heals and rebuilds families and communities.
Their membership advocates for community wellness, public health alternatives to the current U.S. drug policies and legislation that focus on criminalization, the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

Host Keith Brown El talks with Andrea James of the Massachusetts based Families For Justice As Healing about their work with formerly incarcerated women to heal themselves and their community. Ms James also talks about the National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls with their efforts to keep women in contact with their children.

Andrea James
Email – [email protected]
Phone – 617-905-2026
website –
website –

The Criminal Appeals Process With Attorney Kent Gipson
(Rebroadcast from August 2016)

For the past 30 years, Kent Gipson has focused his practice exclusively on representing citizens that have been accused or convicted of crimes at both trial and on appeal. Over the years, he has represented dozens of criminal defendants at trial before a jury. In recent years, the bulk of his practice has been devoted to appellate and post-conviction litigation in both state and federal courts in Missouri and in a few other states. Many observers and commentators have described the post-conviction process in state and federal court as a procedural minefield that lays traps for the uninformed or inexperienced prisoner or counsel. If a mistake is made or a deadline missed early on in the process, this could result in procedural bars in later post-conviction proceedings.

On this edition of Jaws of Justice Radio host Latahra Smith talks with local Appellate Lawyer, Kent Gipson about the criminal appeals process and the appellate system on the federal and state level. He will give us a basic understanding of the appellate system and why it is necessary. We hope to learn how it works and why sometimes it doesn’t work.

121 East Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64114
Telephone number 816-363-4400, Fax number 816-363-4300

“Conscious Eating” with Matt Menger

How we eat can greatly affect our health, our planet, and social justice. Matt Menger will provide practical omnivorous dietary advice that supports our need for more sustainable food systems, ethical cuisine, and healthier daily choices. Matt is an Integrative Health Coach in Kansas City.

“Eugene Onegin” & “Times Not Listening”

This week’s edition of Arts Magazine has Michael welcoming guests from the Lyric Opera to discuss their production of Eugene Onegin. Later, at 12:30, Mason Kilpatrick from the Charlotte Street Foundation will give us the details on their player/composer showcase, Times Not Listening. Join us on your lunch break for lively chat and to hear what’s on in Kansas City!