Nazgol Ghandnoosh on Criminal Justice Racism, Stephanie Simon on Pearson

This week on CounterSpin: FBI director James Comey received praise for saying that police officers should recognize their own racial biases. But a new report says eliminating racism in criminal justice is about more than what’s in a cop’s mind. We’ll speak with the report’s author, Nazgol Ghandnoosh of the Sentencing Project.

Pearson as PacmanAlso on the show: How does a company become wildly profitable and market-dominant–with little or no evidence that its products and services are effective? And the business it’s in is…testing students and teachers? We’ll talk to Stephanie Simon, senior education reporter at Politico, about the power of Pearson.


Black Lives Matter: Eliminating Racial Inequity in the Criminal Justice System, by Nazgol Ghandnoosh (Sentencing Project, 2015)

–”No Profit Left Behind,” by Stephanie Simon (Politico Pro2/10

The Collected Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer

Continuing our celebration of Black History Month, this week on From the Vault we listen to the speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer, the iconic civil rights activist and leader of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, in a collection mixed by Terabu Betsuri in 1989 celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pacifica Radio. Included are excerpts from a 1965 interview by Colin Edwards in Berkeley, the documentary “The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer,” a speech at the Vietnam Moratorium rally at U.C. Berkeley, and a selection from “Profiles of Movement Activists II : Voices of the Civil Rights Movement.” But before we hear Ms. Hamer in her own words, we first highlight how these preserved recordings are finding new life and utility, in an interview with documentary filmmaker Robin N. Hamilton.

ARTSPEAK RADIO presents, The Bunker for the Arts with John Hastings and Jim Adams

Maria welcomes John Hastings and Jim Adams to the program to discuss The Bunker Center for the Arts.

The Bunker Center for the Arts is located at 19th and Troost, At the Bunker, Art reigns. Gallery space. Studio Space. Dreamspace. The Bunker is a place to see, to make, to talk, to dream, to dialogue about Art. We are fluid and open to possibility. It is all about the conversation.

Angela Davis: A Lifetime of Revolution

On this week’s From The Vault, we present a February 23, 2015 conversation between Professor Angela Davis and the University of Southern California’s Dr. Michele Turner at an event entitled Angela Davis: A Lifetime of Revolution.

February 23 is an important date. On this day in 1968 W.E.B Dubois’ was born. It’s also the day in 1972 a humble dairy farmer from Fresno California put up his farm so that Angela Davis could make bail on three felony charges that a jury would eventually return a not guilty verdict. and on this day in 2015, The University of Southern California s Black Student Assembly and Speakers Committee together with a litany of USC group cosponsors hosted American political activist, scholar, and author Angela Davis.

A full house of 1500 students and educators gathered in USC’s Bovard Auditorium to listen to Professor Davis trace her experiences growing up in Alabama, packing her bags to find Freedom outside the South, and realizing this was a much bigger issue than Geography.

Dr. Michele Turner guides the conversation to address many of the important moments in Angela Davis s life including her childhood, her early days teaching at UCLA, her arrest in the early 1970 s, the Free Angela Davis Campaign, and her current work illuminating root causes of the Prison Industrial Complex which disproportionately incarcerates men and women of color.

But first we will listen to quick montage of recordings that Pacifica Radio Recorded of Angela Davis from 1969 to The Wall Street Occupy Movement in 2011.

Women Rising 27: A Farm Worker Advocate

We follow Dr. Ann Aurelia Lopez as she shows us the reality of farm workers’ lives in the United States and Mexico.

Featured Guest: Dr. Lopez founded the Center for Farmworker Families in Watsonville, California and serves as the Director of the organization as well.

The Assassination of Malcolm X

Excerpts of a panel discussion by people who were personally and professionally close to Malcolm X, as well as scholars of the topic of assassination. The discussion was held in 2009 at the Shabazz Center in Harlem, New York City, historic site of the assassination of Malcolm X.

Panelists describe intimate details and specific circumstances surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X and provide an intriguing look at the method and meaning of assassinations in our culture.

Particular focus is on the last days of Malcolm X’s life.

Featured Guests Include: Iman Talib ‘Abdur-Rashid’, Wynne Alexander, Professor James Small, Steve Clark, John Judge