Suwannee Spring Fest and Foxboro Mass

Part 1 28:38 Accident of Birth VICTIM OR THE CRIME Rumpke Mountain Boys 3/20/14 Suwannee SpringFest, Live Oak FL TIGER ROSE Talk Grateful Dead 7/14/90 Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro MA CRAZY FINGERS-> UNCLE JOHN’S BAND

Part 2 26:54 Grateful Dead 7/14/90 Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro MA DRUMS-> SPACE-> I WILL TAKE YOU HOME

Trifecta Resista

Many people consider Kansas City as flyover country.  But our area is actually anchored to national and international issues.

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth, Drones are being operated out of Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Missouri, and a new WMD factory is being built in Kansas City.

Bill Clause speaks to Peaceworks’ Tamara Severns about the efforts to resist these by peace activists and the 3 day action that will be happening May 30 – June1

Adam Gaffney on Obamacare Costs; Astra Taylor on ‘The People’s Platform’

This week on CounterSpin: It’s an understatement to say that media characterizations of the Affordable Care Act vary wildly. But so much analysis is devoted to political football, when health insurance is an issue calling out for news that people can use. We’ll talk about coverage with Adam Gaffney, a physician and writer at the Progressive Physician.

peoplesplatformAlso on the show: It wasn’t that long ago that many people believed the Internet would be a kind of utopia; today many still hold that if only everyone had a way to get online, it could be a truly democratic town square. A new book interrogates that idea, and shows how in many ways the Net is anything but revolutionary. It’s called The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age. We’ll speak with author Astra Taylor.





The Progressive Physician

The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age, by Astra Ta

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Band Auction Edition: Project Mayhem & Dean Christopher!

It’s a true two-fer for local group Project Mayhem as they sit in with host Mike Lytle at 7:00 to give listeners one last chance to bid on them before the KKFI Band Auction ends for yet another year! Also, the talented Dean Christopher will take to the KKFI studio at 7:30 to provide a sampler of tunes guaranteed to entice you to bid! Snag that credit card and grab that phone. 888-931-0901. Simple and easy!

Band Auction Edition: Project Mayhem & Stovepipe Perkins!

Join host Wendy Mason this week for a special last KKFI Band Auction edition of Edged In Blue as she welcomes local blues groups Project Mayhem and Stovepipe Perkins to the studio to play music for the listening masses! This is your last chance to bid on some of these bands, so get those wallets out to support both local talent AND your local community radio station, AND have a killer band to play your next party. Call in at 888-931-0901 to get your bid on!

Band Auction Edition: Ala Mode!

Join the Jazz Geek this afternoon for a last KKFI Band Auction hurrah as he hosts local band Ala Mode, beginning at 2:30 through till 3:00 PM! If you love local jazz, please support these talented musicians AND your local community radio station by getting your bidding on! It’s as simple as calling our friendly volunteers who are standing by at 888-931-0901!

Band Auction Edition: Outlaw Jim & The Whiskey Benders, Twang Daddies, & more!

This week it’s the last chance to bid on incredible, local bands on Rebecca Roche‘s Eclectics as she plays host to Outlaw Jim & The Whiskey Benders, Twang Daddies, Rivertown, and Winston Apple, all starting at 10:00 and going straight through till noon! Get supreme local talent to play your next party AND support KKFI at the same time by calling in your bid at 888-931-0901!