Moving The Goalposts

More than 9,000 girls and young women from two disadvantaged counties in coastal Kenya are now learning and playing the beautiful game under the auspices of local society Moving The Goalposts. MTG also offers peer education programs on reproductive health, women’s rights and economic empowerment. They won gold in New York at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals international football competition.


Coach Fathime Tibu, player Mapenzi Changawa, Moving the Goalposts founder Sarah Forde. 


Produced and hosted for WINGS by Diana Wanyonyi; Series Producer, Frieda Werden.

Sacrifice Zones – Part 1

Since 2003, a rash of proposals have surfaced in communities throughout the Northwest to export vast amounts of fossil fuels to Asian markets via Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. If these plans go through, the Northwest would become home to the largest oil terminal in North America, the largest coal export facility in North America, and the largest methanol refinery in the world.

As the fossil fuel industry turns up its pressure to turn the Pacific Northwest into a fossil fuel export hub, a Thin Green Line stands in its way.

This week we present part one of Sacrifice Zones by Barbara Bernstein. It’s the first in a two-part series on the pressure to transform a region of iconic landscapes and environmental stewardship into a global center for shipping fossil fuels. Bernstein investigates how proposals for petrochemical development in the Pacific Northwest threatens the regions core cultural, social, and environmental values.


Sacrifice Zones was written, narrated and produced by Barbara Bernstein.
Sacrifice Zones was funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Puffin Foundation. Original music was composed and performed by Bernstein and Floating Glass Balls.

Host: Monica Lopez
Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez, R.J. Lozada
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Audience Engagement Manager: Sabine Blaizin
Development Associate: Vera Tykulsker
Contributing Producer: Barbara Bernstein


Wednesday MidDay Medley plays New & Scary Songs + Michael McQuary + Freight Train Rabbit Killer + Calvin Arsenia

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New & Scary Cool Songs + Michael McQuary + Freight Train Rabbit Killer + Calvin Arsenia

Anticipating the Halloween weekend, we play New & Scary Cool Songs from: The MGDs, Amy Farrand and The Like, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Jametatone, Season To Risk, Looming, Arcade Fire, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ministry, Iggy & The Stooges, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, and Regina Spektor.

Michael McQuary and his Classic Monsters of Filmland joins us as our special guest. Michael will share his interpretations of Béla Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Dr. Fu Manchu, Bette Davis and more. Michael is the creator of the award winning one-man shows in New York City including: Matinee Idol, Man of 1001 Faces, My Own Space and most recently, for the KC Fringe Festival “I’m Hollywood.” Michael McQuary is also a visual artist of personal portraits and life captures and he creates personal art works of metal. Michael is seen in multiple films, in promotional shorts for the OM Film Festival, and recently in the Mile Deep Films short film, “Corvalo.” More info at:

At 11:00 we talk with Freight Train Rabbit Killer, a musical duet made up of Kristopher Bruders (Freight Train) and Mark Smeltzer (Rabbit Killer). Described as “Apocalyptic Roots” or “Doom Blues” their intense and riveting live shows are accompanied by suits and masks. Freight Train Rabbit Killer have teamed with Haymaker Records to release a 7 inch vinyl series called “Wake Snake Death Dance”. Freight Train Rabbit Killer play a Vinyl Release & Costume Party, on October 28, at 8:00 pm, at Stockyards Brewing Co. 1600 Geneses Street. Freight Train Rabbit Killer play Socialheart Rockin’ Halloween, Sunday, October 29, at 7:00 pm at recordBar, 1520 Grand, with The Haunted Creepys, Loaded Goat, and Thunderclaps. More info at:

At 11:30 Calvin Arsenia joins us to play live in our 90.1 FM Studios, fresh from his 3 month US/European “Outlyre Tour” playing Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver, NYC, Boston, Edinburgh, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, and Paris. Calvin Arsenia plays Apocalypse Meow 10, Saturday, November 4, at recordBar, starting at 6:00 PM with Brandon Philips and The Condition, IVØRY BLACK, Nathan Corsi, Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds, Sandoval (reunion), and Split Lip Rayfield For more info: or

Show #705

Beth Bombara – Tasty Brew Music Highlight Artist of the Week

This week’s featured artist – Beth Bombara.  Tasty Brew favorite Sky Smeed first recommended St. Louis based Americana artist Beth Bombara to Host Diana Linn  when she first played The Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads over a year ago.  Since that appearance,  Diana Linn and Beth have crossed paths in Nashville during Americanafest , both at the Conference and during a fundraising event at Bobby’s Idle Hour on Music Row.  Beth is returning to the intimate confines of The Gospel Lounge on Thursday October 26.

From….”With a folksinger’s head and a rocker’s heart, Beth Bombara has built her career on an evolving sound that blurs the lines between genres. To those who make their living onstage, she’s a musician’s musician — a road warrior who writes her own exemplary material, plays multiple instruments, and fronts her own band, often a duo with her husband. With 2017’s ‘Map & No Direction,’ Bombara’s songs take aim at a larger audience with melodic hooks that showcase a love not only for roots-rock, but the irresistible punch of classic pop, too.”


Also in store this week, a Tasty Brew of classic Americana, Country and Roots music along with brand new music from Willie Nelson & Sons, Chris Stapleton, Travis Meadows, and Margo Price.

Health problems from Bannister Federal Complex

This episode will feature interviews about health problems experienced by former employees at the Bannister Federal Complex and the current safety concerns facing the community in light of the planned demolition of the Kansas City Plant.  For decades workers at Bannister were not warned about the danger to their health from exposure to toxins in the production there of parts for nuclear weapons.  Although a 2001 law mandated compensation to workers whose health was damaged, according to a whistleblower at the Department of Labor, officials have deliberately thwarted claims.  Maurice Copeland, who worked at the Kansas City Plant for 32 years, explains how many of the workers’ claims have been unjustly denied.  Wayne Knox, radiation physicist with 50 years experience around nuclear production facilities,outlines the steps that should now be taken to protect the community before the imminent demolition of the Bannister Federal Complex.

This evening we will interview two men who can shed light on issues of concern about the Bannister Federal Complex, 1500 E. Bannister Road in Kansas City, Missouri.  For nearly seventy years this plant produced parts for nuclear weapons.  In 2013 operations were transferred to a new facility in south Kansas City.  The history of the Kansas City Plant raises questions about whether the government adequately protected workers’ health in the past.  Today questions are being raised about whether community health is being protected as plans proceed to demolish the plant.

We will speak with Wayne Knox, radiation physicist, and Maurice Copeland, Kansas City native and veteran employee at the Bannister Federal  Complex.   Mr. Copeland worked at the Kansas City Plant for 32 years as a tool and die maker and as a supervisor.  He has firsthand knowledge of materials used at the plant and firsthand knowledge about the failure to protect or warn workers concerning the dangers from toxins at the plant.  His eyewitness account of procedures at the Kansas City Plant are crucial to evaluating some assertions by officials. Thank you Mr. Copeland for being here.

Mr. Knox’s expertise as a radiation physicist can shed light on the health impacts to workers at the Bannister Federal Complex where nuclear weapons parts were produced in Kansas City for several decades.  In addition, Wayne Knox brings his expertise to help us understand the necessary safeguards for the greater Kansas City community now before the planned demolition of the facility begins.

In 1967 Wayne Knox began his career in the US Air Force.  Later he moved on to the Army Medical Corps as a Major in nuclear medicine science.  He then worked as an operational health physicist for Westinghouse at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state where he developed policies and procedures for handling radioactive materials and later served as an internal radiation safety auditor.   After the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, Knox was hired to work for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission where he developed industry rules and regulations for safety, emergency preparedness, post-accident sampling and core damage assessment – all policies necessary for crises such as the one in Fukushima Japan in 2011. All necessary safety and emergency preparedness steps that should be required before demolition of the Kansas City Plant begins.

A tentative agenda for this live interview includes the following:

  1. Wayne Knox has previously stated that he supports the production of nuclear weapons in the service of national security, and that he celebrated the many beneficial applications of nuclear research to both medicine and industry.  He added that no one, governments or businesses, can offer absolute protection to workers and the public.  At the same time he has questioned whether everything that could have been done was done to protect all of us around nuclear production sites.  He has visited Kansas City in the past to interview workers whose health has been adversely affected from exposure to toxins at the Kansas City Plant. We plan to ask him to discuss the conclusions he has drawn about the safety precautions implemented on behalf of workers at the Bannister Federal Complex and any information he collected from workers about whether they were alerted to the dangers.
  2. What can Knox tell us about the secrecy surrounding the dangers inherent to the production of nuclear weapons?
  3. Knox previously suggested that the secrecy rules inherent in the production of nuclear material was often exploited by corporations to enhance their own interests, because those secrecy procedures prevented close public scrutiny.  Might he have further comments on this?
  4. The Missouri governor has given his approval for the transfer of ownership of the Kansas City Plant to the private corporation Center Point.This clears the way for Center Point to begin the demolition of the plant.  What questions do our guests suggest the public ask Center Point to answer before demolition begins?
  5. What do our guests say about the need for an independent monitor to evaluate air water and ground samples around the plant during the demolition and reconstruction process?

Victimized By Two Men And The Justice System As Well; and Anne Precythe, New Director of MODOC

Victimized By Two Men And The Justice System As Well

Christy DiMaggio is a strong woman that is fighting for custody of her child, a child that the courts awarded to his father, a drug user, who beat Christy and numerous other women in the past. Christ DiMaggio was not always the strong woman she is today and that led her to trust an unethical lawyer who took advantage of her. Christy Dimaggio used to be naive about the Justice System and the “good old boy network” that gave her a judge and her son a Guardian Ad Litem that along with her lawyer formed a triumvirate that destroyed her life and very nearly her mental health. Christy Dimaggio is not perfect and has made some bad decisions, but she did nothing that broke the law or endangered her son.

Today Host Elisa Brietenbach talks with Christy DiMaggio in the first of three interviews that it will take to address the multitude of ways the legal system has worked to destroy her credibility, her mental health and give her son to her abuser. This is a story that has been covered in detail in The Pitch and now you get to hear Christy’s cautionary tale directly from her.

Anne Precythe, New Director of MO Department Of Corrections
Anne Precythe

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens came into office to find a Department of Corrections in disarray with officers being harassed by other officers and supervisors. He said “Missouri’s Department of Corrections is broken, and that puts public safety at risk,” and “Our corrections officers struggle in a culture of harassment and neglect, in a department with low morale and shockingly high turnover.” He knew he needed to make a change at the top and change the culture in the Corrections administration and in the individual institutions.

He offered the job to Anne Precythe from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Her corrections career began in 1988 as a probation and parole officer and she later served in various administrative roles for the North Carolina DOPS. When she got to Missouri in February she quickly realized she had a monumental job ahead of her and got to work immediately.

Host Nancy Leazer talks with MODOC Director Anne Precythe about the changes she sees are necessary and how she is working to change an entrenched culture within the department.

Director of MODOC Anne Precythe –
Office Phone – 573-526-6607
E-Mail [email protected]

JoJR Calendar for October 23rd

AmnestyKC’s October meeting will be, Thursday Oct 26th from 6:30-8:pm at the Kansas City Center for Inclusion, 3911 Main, KCMO. The speaker will be Martin Okpareke of Jewish Vocational Services. Martin, a native of Nigeria, will speak about the state of human rights in Nigeria, especially as it relates to the Igbt community.
The Coalition Against Contamination will hold a town hall to discuss the claims process for former workers at the Bannister Federal Complex whose health has been harmed and the steps that should be taken now, to protect the health of the Kansas City community as the Plant is about to be demolished. A panel that includes a radiation physicist, an attorney and advocates for nuclear safety will answer questions. The town hall will be held Saturday, October 28th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Southeast Community Center, 4201 East 63rd St, KCMO.
Representatives DaRon McGee and Judy Morgan along with Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, are sponsoring the second annual Self-Defense Class for Women. You can attended this helpful and very informative class, Saturday, October 28th from 8 am to noon at the South Patrol Police Station, 9701 Marion Park Drive, KCMO. Registration deadline is Wednesday, October 25th. You can register and find more details at

Wall Writers

Wall Writers is the story of the birth of modern day graffiti told first hand by the pioneers themselves. The episode offers perspectives on the culture of street art, inner city survival and youthful expression. Interviews include New York City’s TAKI 183, Philly’s Cornbread, and many more.


Aaron DJ A-L Ladley, KGNU Boulder/Denver, CO.