Science and Technology

Guest: Robert Callum, speaking about the ecosystem of our oceans
Guest 2: Oliver Sachs talks about why we love music so much.

Robert Frost Reads His Own Poetry 1956

This week on From the Vault we present a 1956 poetry reading with 4-time Pulitzer Prize winning poet Robert Frost.

Who thinks Robert Frost is an old stodgy iambic pentameter irrelevant poet..? Well I will argue that Robert Frost began the modern Occupy Movement over 70 years ago…

“Make the whole Stock Exchange your own
If need be…. Occupy a throne”

– Robert Frost from his poem Provider Provider

He is pretty funny in this recording… knowing that he was pals with Ezra Pound and other poets that were breaking the chains of traditional poetic structure said that he’d “no sooner write free verse than play tennis without a net”.. haha he’s pretty witty even in his 80’s.

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco in 1874 and continued living a relatively urban lifestyle in Massachusetts until 1900. In that year Frost’s grandfather bought him a small farm in New Hampshire where he began a failed farming endeavor, but more importantly began to write poetry from his rural observations. He sold the farm in 1912 and moved to England, where he believed he had his best chance to sell his poetry.

Frost’s plan worked, as he found a Publisher to print his first book of poetry A Boy’s Will at the age of 38. But the more significant event happened when he met and friended two poets, Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas. It was their support and encouragement that proved the missing element to move his poetry to respectability in the Publishing world. In particular, Edward Thomas, a poetry critic and poet himself would go on walks with Frost in the English countryside. It was on one of these walks that Frost was inspired to write maybe his most famous poem The Road Not Taken. Sadly Edward Thomas was killed in World War I while on a mission in France.

When Robert Frost returned back home to America, Publishers were now ready to work with Frost, including work they had turned down prior to his move to England.

4 Pulitzer Prize’s later, Robert Frost is back In Berkeley California to give a poetry reading that is broadcast on Pacifica Station KPFA on June 11, 1956. This is an incredible reading as Frost takes the time to tell witty anecdotes about his life and his poems.

Poems read include
– One Step Backward Taken
– A Peck of Gold
– Once by the Pacific
– The Runaway
– Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
– The Death of the Hired Man (rare reading)
– A Silken Tent
– Why Wait For Science? (he explains he was friends with Wilbur Wright)
– Etherializing
– Provide Provide
– Departmental
– The Road Not Taken
– A Considerable Speck

Harriet Tubman: Great Women Series

On this edition of From The Vault we present a radio special on Harriet Tubman’s life and fight to help slaves escape to the North from a radio series called Great Women produced at KPFA in Berkeley by Darcell King in 1980.

Harriet Tubman might be the first African American woman to have her image printed on U.S. money. A group called Women on 20’s is campaigning to have her image replace the image of President Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill. The campaign has gotten the attention of the White House.

50 Year Anniversary of the Vietnam War

50 Year Anniversary of the Vietnam War: Professor Susan Schnall

From 1967 to 1969, during the Vietnam War Lieutenant J.G. Susan Schnall was a Navy nurse stationed at a hospital in Oakland California treating wounded marines. She and other soldiers threw anti-war leaflets out of airplane on to an Army base in California. For this she received a general court martial and was discharged from the Navy in 1969. She’s an expert on the effects of Agent Orange. The chemical used by the United States to commit chemical warfare against the Vietnamese people and their land.

Guest- Susan Schnall, co-coordinator of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, chairing the legislative outreach and science group. She is currently a professor in Health Policy and Planning at NYU and a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace and American Public Health Association. In 1969 she was tried and convicted by a general court martial for her anti-war activities while a member of the US Navy.


50 Year Anniversary of the Vietnam War: Attorney Jim Lafferty

When the United States government escalated its war in Vietnam in 1965, Detroit Attorney Jim Lafferty who is a leader of the National Lawyers Guild and an attorney representing draft resisters became active in what was unfolded as the mass movement opposing the American war. Jim was one of the five national coordinators of the National Peace Action Coalition and played a central role in the huge anti-war demonstrations in 1967, 1969 and 1971.

Guest – Jim Lafferty, has been a movement lawyer, political organizer, and legal worker for the past 50 years. He served as NLG executive director from 1963 to 1967, during the peak of Guild work in the South. In Detroit, he was a founding partner of Lafferty, Reosti, Jabara, James, Stickgold, Soble and Smith, a law firm which, according to his Red Squad file, represented every left-wing, civil rights, anti-war, and black nationalist group in Detroit. Jim is also a strident antiwar activist. He established numerous draft counseling centers in the Midwest, helped organized some of the largest Vietnam War protests, and, when Iraq invasions loomed in both the 90s and the aughts, he coordinated some of the largest anti-war coalitions. Jim has served as the Los Angeles chapter s Executive Director for over two decades. Most recently, he headed his chapter s well-publicized support for Occupy LA.


50 Year Anniversary of the Vietnam War: Doug Rawlings

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the American war in Vietnam, many believe that the US government is attempting to reshape the historical record, omitting the perspectives of antiwar protesters and of disaffected and nonconforming soldiers and their families. Also missing are the narratives of Southeast Asians who suffered from misguided and disastrous foreign policies. Veterans for Peace has launched a Full Disclosure campaign calling on Americans to write letters to the soldiers whose names appear on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. They urge everyone with a role in the Vietnam war–be it war resister, combatant, family member, conscientious objector or citizen, to share their memories and perspectives.

Guest – Doug Rawlings, founding member of Veterans For Peace and was an active member in early years of the organization, became Maine chapter president for 5 years, and served as chapter secretary. He was on the planning committee for the annual PTSD symposia and, planning committee for the 25th anniversary national convention. Rawlings was drafted in the fall, 1968 and served in Vietnam from July 1969 to August, 1970, 7/15th Artillery. He was a secondary school teacher for six years and has been teaching at the University of Maine at Farmington for close to thirty years.


Neo-Psych Etc.

This Week’s Playlist:

Shiner – 3rd Gear Scratch – 1:06

My Morning Jacket – It Beats for You – 1:09

Failure – Another Space Song – 1:14

The Sonics – Dirty Robber – 1:20

Wanda Jackson – Fujiyama Mama – 1:22

The Temptations – All I Need – 1:25

Wilbert Harrison – Kansas City – 1:29

Flaming LIps – Silver Trambling Hands – 1:32

Tame Impala – Keep On Lying – 1:38

Tame Impala – Why Don’t They Talk To Me – 1:43

Tame Impala – Lucidity – 1:48

Panda Bear – Bros – 1:52

Thee Oh Sees – Corprophagist – 2:06

Thee Oh Sees – I Come From the Mountain – 2:08

The Shivas – Make Me Wanna Die – 2:16

Black Angels – You’re Mine – 2:18

Black Angels – The Flop – 2:22

Pontiak – Colors – 2:26

Mallard – The Fog – 2:30

Allah-Las – Sacred Sands – 2:32

Fungi Girls – Doldrums – 2:36

Nobunny – I Am A Girlfriend – 2:40

Essex Green – Late Great Cassiopeia – 2:43

Pond – Leisure Pony – 2:54

Spats – She Done Moved – 2:57

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Hot Wax – 3:00

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – The River – 3:03

Arc Flash – Earls – 3:14

Twin Peaks – Making Breakfast – 3:17

Twin Peaks – Irene – 3:19

Cucumber & the Suntans – Gloria – 3:22

Cucumber & the Suntans – Sun Baked – 3:25

Black Lips – Stranger – 3:32

Black Lips – Again & Again – 3:34

King Khan & the Shrines – Outta Harms Way – 3:37

King Khan & BBQ Show – Outta My Mind – 3:41

Apples in Stereo – Alright Not Quite – 3:43

Os Mutantes – Ave Genghis Khan – 3:46

Caribou – Bees – 3:51

Manitoba – Kid You’ll Move Mountains – 3:55

Wednesday MidDay Medley presents “That’s Soooo Gay” our annual LGBTQIA Pride Show! with KC Gay Pride + The Tony Awards!

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

That’s Soooo Gay! (Our Annual Gay Pride Show)
+ KC Pride Fest June 5-6-7 + The 69th Annual Tony Awards!

We celebrate The LGBTQIA Pride Season with our annual show, “That’s Soooo Gay!” Mark spins music from: Liberace, Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde, Jim Nabors, Noel Coward, Fred Astaire, RuPaul, Grace Jones, Dos Fallopia, Judy Garland, Al Franken, Lily Tomlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Porter, David Bowie, Lou Reed, John Cale, The Magnetic Fields, The Cure, The Sleazebeats, The Kinsey Sicks, Summer Osborne, The Clementines, The Lucky, MK Nobilette, Kate Pierson, The Hazzards, the Broadway casts of “Hedwig & The Angry Inch,” “Kinky Boots,” “A Chorus Line,” “Avenue Q,” “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” and “Fun Home.” Plus the film soundtracks to “Bambi,” and “Sordid Lives.”

We’ll feature music from the biggest Gay Pride celebration of the year, The 69th Annual Tony Awards. We’ll hear music from Fun Home, a new musical based of the 2006 graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel with book & lyrics by Lisa Kron, and the score composed by Jeanine Tesori. We’ll also feature, An American in Paris, nominated for 12 Tony Awards including Best Book of a Musical by Craig Lucas, with Director & Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon nominated in both categories. The 69th Annual Tony Awards will be held at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, June 7, 2015, and broadcast live on CBS. Kristin Chenoweth & Alan Cumming will co-host the ceremony. John Cameron Mitchell will receive a special Tony Award for his return to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Tommy Tune will be given the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Stephen Schwartz will receive the Isabelle Stevenson Award. More info at:

At 11:15, Mark talks with Bill Svoboda, Festival Director for KC Pride Fest – Love is the Cure, June 5th, 6th, & 7th, at Berkley Riverfront Park, KCMO. Friday & Saturday is $5.00. Sunday is FREE! Children 12 & under are FREE! Friday night will feature: Cyon Flare, DJ Barry Harris, Dirty Dorothy, DJ Chef Nguyen, DJ Daniel, DJ Aaron, DJ Chad Slater, DJ Remix Wes Warner, and Men of Skin. Saturday will feature: Josh Zuckerman, The First Ladies of Disco, Material Girl, MK Nobilette, Devin Tait, Heartland Men’s Chorus, Missie B’s, PerformOut KC, and Widow Von’Du. Sunday will feature: Melinda Rider, Flo, The Clementines, performances by Black Gay Pride, Latino Gay Pride KC, and Sidekicks Saloon. For more information about tickets, vendors, directions, events, or to volunteer, visit:

Show #579

Brandon Ellington and Ms E Discuss Voice of the People

Hosts Amy Bell and Sharon Lockhart interview Missouri Representative Brandon Ellington from Kansas City’s East-side (District 022) and Mrs E on their Voices of the People initiative, an effort to educate urban citizens’ on their rights.