Band Auction Edition: Dave Hayes Band & The Dan Dirty Rice Band!

Jason Vivone‘s The Boogie Bridge certainly lives up to its name this week, as it’s a special Band Auction edition of the show! Starting at 5PM, he’ll have the Dave Hayes Band and then The Dan Dirty Rice Band at 5:30 LIVE in the studio–these guys are amazing and truly not to be missed, so SUPPORT your community radio station and also benefit by having them play at your special event by calling in your bid at 888-931-0901–this is our biggest band auction yet, so get involved!

Band Auction Edition: Bingo! Woodhead, Street Level Uprising, & Drunkard’s Dream

Wake up to a healthy dose of killer tunes as Mike Murphy hosts three bands for a lively Band Auction special starting bright and early at 6:30 AM with Bingo!Woodhead, then Street Level Uprising, and finishing off with Drunkard’s Dream. Crawl out of bed, grab that credit card, and GET BIDDING! Support your local community radio station and get a rocking local band to play your next event. 888-931-0901!

Band Auction Edition: Pat Nichols & Delta Blues, Kyle Elliott & VooDoo Soul, and more!

It’s gonna be a full house here at the Voodoo Kittens’ Road Trippin’ Blues Show this week, as we have SIX LIVE BANDS playing for you this afternoon for you to bid on for your special event!  Starting at 3:00, we have Pat Nichols & Delta Blues, Kyle Elliott & VooDoo Soul, Trublood Blues Band, Loozin’ Sleep, Rain Dogs, and finishing out are the Doghouse Daddies. Tune in and get your wallets and dialing fingers ready–call in at 888-931-0901 to put in your bid!

Electric Dialect

Electricity, that invisible, inner, sexual and mysterious fire transferred between bodies, transports us to a time when old technologies were new.


This week on Beale Street Caravan we feature Greyhounds. Greyhounds are a fantastic band that might be under most folk’s radar right now, but we don’t expect that to last much longer – they’re making a big statement with a brand new record that’s got heads turning. Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell have been collaborators in some form or fashion for over 15 years – as session musicians and songwriters, on the road backing other artists, and working together on a catalog of songs that they’ve released sporadically under the Greyhounds moniker. Their newest effort, Accumulator, is out this week; it’s their first, formal release and it’s powerful stuff.  Also on the program, we continue our series The Man Who Invented Rock and Roll. This week, the late Sam Phillips talks about Rufus Thomas.

About the artist:

As Greyhounds, guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell have been making music and touring for 15 years, refining and developing a sound Trube calls “Hall and Oates meet ZZ Top.” The band also has long ties to Memphis, home of the soul that inspires them.
Ardent Music, the independent record label based out of legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, expects to build on the fanbase the band has developed both on the road and as a staple of the Austin music scene. Label director Reed Turchi says, “We committed to three albums not only because we believe in these guys, not only because they’re great musicians and songwriters, but because they’ve been incredibly prolific.” “We’re always writing,” Trube says. “We’ve got songs for eight albums.”

Ardent has had a long and productive relationship with Texas music: Studio C was designed for ZZ Top, which called Ardent Studios home for many years, and Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan recorded Family Style in the famous brick building on Madison Avenue.

The first ‘hounds out of the gate will be Accumulator, scheduled for an April 2014 release. The album will combine cream-of-the-crop tunes the band’s devoted followers pass along to the uninitiated with new, previously-unreleased tracks.

Bad Water: Women vs. Toxic Spill

In West Virginia, 35,000-gallon of chemicals used for cleaning coal leaked into a containment pond that failed, contaminated the Elk River and thereby the water system serving 300,000 people. In this installment of WINGS, women residents challenge the system that allowed this to happen and the poor response to the disaster.

Featured speakers/guests:

Song by Marium Bria, a single mother of three children whose water was contaminated. Interviews with local residents Jacqueline Hill and Kira McNabb, excerpt from speech by Anne Berry, a physician who works at a community health center near Charleston.


Produced for WINGS by Melinda Tuhus. Series producer, Frieda Werden.

Words vs. Bars: How Prison Poets Escape

Locked up for month, years, or decades. Poetry is form of self-expression that’s become vital to the incarcerated. In prison, poetry can keep you sane, and help you move towards a better future. To mark National Poetry Month, we bring you a special production by the Prison Poetry Workshop. We go from California’s San Quentin prison, to a group of Alabama prison poets, and we’ll meet a legendary prison poet of the 1960s who helped spark a literary movement.

Featuring: Andrew Gazzeny, San Quentin prisoner poet; Etheridge Knight, formerly incarcerated poet; Janice Knight-Mooney, Etheridge’s sister; James Depp, poet and friend of Etheridge; Melba Boyd, former Broadside Press employee; Ira Smith, Guy Carter, AJ Payne, Sarge Daniels, Calvin Green, Staton Correctional Facility poets; Keyes Stevens, Alabama Prison Arts and Education Project facilitator; Dwayne Betts, formerly incarcerated poet.


Host: Andrew Stelzer, Rend Smith
Contributing Producers: Rend Smith, Nick Szuberla
Producers: Andrew Stelzer, George Lavender
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Web Editor: Kwan Booth
Organizational Volunteers: Dan Turner and Barbara Barnett


Singing, Fighting, and Mushing for Bristol Bay: Winning Against the Pebble Mine

Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay has been spreading the call to step up for the well-being of the people and ways of life threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region. It’s a hopeful time as we speak to several defenders of the people and the land: former Alaskan State Senator Suzanne Little; Alaska State Representative and former Bristol Bay commercial fisherman Bryce Edgmon, a member of the Curyung tribe; Iditarod dog musher Monica Zappa; and musician/organizer Si Kahn.

Featured speakers/guests:

Si Kahn, Suzanne Little, Monica Zappa, Bryce Edgmon, Mark Helpsmeet