An alternative musical history of our own Cosmo-Genesis narrated by Jay Mandeville and orchestrated by the BCR ensemble.


The short and long term effects of the B62a‐mod 11 nuclear bomb (stockpiled at Whiteman Air Force Base) are mapped to the newEar contemporary chamber ensemble…shock waves, atmospheric effects, electromagnetic pulse waves, biological effects.


“Co‐composer Dwight Frizzell captured the full range of motion and two fully operational US Air Force attack planes from their flights to their subtle shutdown sounds. Orchestrator Michael Henry then wrote a score, using traditional (military band) instruments to echo the flaring motors and snorting exhaust. The (National Audio Theatre) plays the piece with stunt‐pilot daring, blurring the lines between music and machine.”—Andrew Miller, The Pitch


Performed by newEar featuring soprano Patricia Johnson.
“…a dramatization of a woman isolated in a damp, echoing cave. Removed from all time cues, she becomes obsessive-compulsive, brushing her teeth, free-associating words on a piece of paper. Soprano Patricia Johnson gave a stunning portrayal of Our Subject, dispatching the most disjunct vocal lines with pinpoint tuning and ringing tone…”–Scott Cantrell, The Kansas City Star

Complex PTSD: Your Brain Isn’t Broken – It’s Just You Were Raised On Mars

Playwright and author Carolyn Gage delivers another Sermon for the Lesbian Tent Revival. Not just for lesbians, this one discusses the origins and treatments of the complex post-traumatic stress disorder that comes from being forced to deny who you are. Gage’s works can be found at


Recording courtesy Carolyn Gage; Series Editor for WINGS, Frieda Werden.






The Coltrane Legacy

On January 12, 2007, Alice Coltrane passed away from respiratory failure in the West Hills of Los Angeles. She was 69.

Alice was a very humble woman, rarely speaking to the press and preferring to speak about John when she did. In July 2005, she was gracious enough to sit down with her friend and KPFK music programmer, Maggie LePique, and Mark Torres from the Pacifica Radio Archives.

The interview is intimate and personal, sticking mostly to John’s life and her life with him, but it is candid and unlike any other interview Alice Coltrane gave. We’re proud to say it only exists here in the Pacifica Radio Archives. This week, on From the Vault, to honor Alice Coltrane and her husband John Coltrane, we air excerpts from the documentary that was made from the original interview, titled ‘Trane Legacy.

Women In Astronomy & The Big Bang

On this edition of Exploration, George Johnson of the New York Times talks about women in astronomy, and how they have been ignored in the past. Then, Michael Lemonick of Time magazine talks about the big bang.

Border Children: Why Do They Come?

Judy Ancel is President of The Cross Border Network, which has been doing human rights work in Honduras since the 2009 coup. She will talk about the children on our doorstep and why this is blowback from decades of disastrous U.S. policy.