Halloween Kansas City Style

Celebrate Halloween AND Kansas City in this two hour Kansas City Halloween program. They’ll be tuning in from Spookside to GrandBoo. Jason Vivone & the Bill Bats, BCR, Dean Christopher, the Grand Marquis, and more.

Ari Berman on Rigging Elections, Dean Baker on the Debt Bogeyman

This week on CounterSpin: With the presidential election in sight, Donald Trump is now claiming that if he doesn’t win, the thing must be rigged. It’s concerning that his supporters may believe that, but also concerning that others might imagine that the fact that Trump mentions the idea of voting improprieties must mean there is no such thing. Ari Berman has been following voting rights for years; he’s a senior contributing writer at The Nation and author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America. We’ll talk with him about voting in 2016.

Wednesday MidDay Medley & Haunted Tracks from The Limelight

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Nico Gray & Haunted Tracks from The Limelight in Chicago + Michael McQuary + Beth Byrd’s Physical Theatre

At 10:00 Mark welcomes actor Michael McQuary, who will share his unique interpretations of the monsters of film: Béla Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, and more. Michael will be performing Friday, October 28, with Johnny Riley & The Delta Beats, at Westport Saloon, 4112 Pennsylvania Ave, with The Culprits, when they open for the legendary Blues Legend, Jimmie Mayes. Michael also stars of the new Mile Deep Films short film, “Corvalo” directed by Anthony Ladesich, playing the Kansas International Film Festival, November 10, at The Glenwood Arts Theatre.

At 10:30 Mark talks with Beth Byrd of Byrd Productions Physical Theater, founded in 1995. Bryd Productions present a Physical Theatre Festival, October 24 through October 30, at The Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Penn Vally Drive. The Festival includes numerous workshops, along with live performances, and A Physical Theatre Festival Cabaret Night, Saturday, October 29, at 8:00 PM at Just Off Broadway Theatre. More info at: www.byrdproductions.org

At 11:00 Nico Gray, joins us as “Guest Producer”. Nico is a former theatre actor, performance artist, writer, and is currently a marketing and advertising consultant. Nico will spin haunted tracks inspired by his move to Chicago, 30 years ago, when he worked at The Limelight. The Limelight opened July 31, 1985 and closed New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1988. Nico writes “Halloween was an everyday lifestyle that we lived and emulated at Limelight.” Nico will play representative songs of these moments and memories, and the holiday that perpetuated the Chicago 1980’s underground nightclub lifestyle.

Show #653

Thomas Merton, A Mystic Lover Of Life with Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

Thomas Merton was an American Catholic writer, mystic, and Trappist monk who died mysteriously in Bangkok, Thailand when he was 53 years old. The gifts he left behind from his short life were immense. He combined deep contemplation with social action. Here Fr. Matthew Fox shares his profound intersection with Merton via Creation Spirituality. It was Merton who suggested that Fox, who was a young Dominican at the time, go to Paris and pursue his doctorate. Through many years, Fox was stimulated by his correspondence with Merton. He takes us through a history lesson of the Roman Catholic Church and highlights such turning points as the introduction of original sin, which instituted a dualistic, pessimistic, and patriarchal view of the world. Fox also shares Merton’s view that technology and information will not save humanity, and analyzes the media and the capitalist system, as “giving the public what it wants in order to get the public’s money to increase profits.” Merton honored silence and understood that compassion contains action. Fox and Merton shared a similar path as they both explored Creation Spirituality. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Matthew Fox, Ph.D. is a priest and was a member of the Dominican Order of the Catholic Church for thirty-four years. He holds a doctorate in History and Theology of Spirituality and is a scholar in residence with the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as founder and president of Friends of Creation Spirituality.

Matthew Fox is the author of more than thirty books including:

To learn more about the work of Matthew Fox go to www.matthewfox.org.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How a contemplative monk can also be an activist
  • The suspicion that Merton’s “accidental” death was the result of foul play
  • How Fox was influenced by Merton through correspondence and advice
  • How Pere Chenu, with his ideas of Creation Spirituality, was a mentor to both Fox and Merton
  • When original sin was first introduced in the Church
  • How original sin is a very dualistic, pessimistic, and patriarchal view of the world
  • What was the meeting between the Dalai Lama and Merton like
  • How Meister Eckhart brought Eastern and Western spiritual thought together
  • How Merton’s God was one of awe and wonder (via Positiva), pathos and suffering (via Negativa), the creative (via Creativa), and the journey through suffering (via Transfomativa)
  • How the absence of a sense of the sacred is the basic flaw in our view of the natural world
  • Why did Merton feel that technology is not going to save us
  • How creation mystics call God, Mother
  • What is the fourth path of joy and creativity that is left out of most religions

Host: Justine Willis Toms           Interview Date: 8/30/2016           Program Number: 3593

Cultivating Your Own Vitality with Dr. Deborah Zucker, N.D.

“Vitality is the essence of what it is to be alive,” says Deborah Zucker“it is our life energy moving through us and expressing itself uniquely in each of us.” She believes that health and vitality are one and the same, so taking care of our health is absolutely necessary for our total wellbeing. Our bodies will tell us when something is wrong. When our vitality is weak, it can manifest as illness, fatigue, or irritability, reminding us to pay attention and start tending to ourselves. Our health is everything, Zucker says. It isn’t just dieting, exercising, or getting enough rest. It’s about being honest about where we’re losing our energy and experimenting with ways to redirect it in the manner that makes us thrive. “If there are things in our life that aren’t aligned for us, we’re feeding all this life energy into things that aren’t allowing us to step into our full expression in life…every single choice that we’re making affects our state of vitality, of aligning with what’s our unique truth, our unique passions, our unique things that light us up and help us to shine.” For example, paying attention to our internal dialogue can help us see ways that we are sabotaging our self-care. She also discusses the importance of play and kindness, and advocates trying different things for short periods of time and evaluating their efficacy. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Deborah Zucker, N.D. is a naturopathic physician and transformational health coach who helps people transform their fundamental relationship to health. She’s the founder of Vital Medicine and offers many virtual and retreat-based programs. She holds a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University where she has also served as adjunct faculty.

Deborah Zucker is the author of:

To find out more about the work of Deborah Zucker go to www.vitalmedicine.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • Why is it important to pay attention to discomfort
  • What are shadows and how can we become more aware of them
  • How is the breath like a portable altar
  • What are some ways to begin to recover our energy
  • How can we experiment with ways to restore our vitality
  • How is our vitality like a fruit tree
  • Why is play so important
  • Why is it important to be gentle with ourselves
  • What is the inner GPS and why is it important to recalibrate it
  • How can you thrive through connection with others
  • How does nourishing your own vitality contribute to the vitality of others

Host: Justine Willis Toms            Interview Date: 9/15/2016             Program Number: 3594

Boost Your Joy With The Help Of Technology, Gadgets, And Cognitive Enhancers with Jonathan Robinson

Technology can enhance our lives or it can detract from our good health and well-being. The wise use of the tools of technology, gadgets, cognitive enhancers and supplements, may help us to have more peace, love and joy in our lives, supporting us to create a better and more sustainable world. Or, technology can become “gadgets of mass distraction.” Here we look at some criteria that can help us discern which of these will enhance our lives and which we should avoid. Jonathan Robinson makes a distinction between technologies that train you and those that are more addictive. For example, “Video games are very addictive, but there are now some video games and virtual reality games that actually train you to get over fears or train you to get over depression and they seem to be very effective at doing that.” Robinson’s advice is to use the technology that actually opens our heart, that makes us feel peaceful, and connects us more deeply with each other. Here he gives us some reviews on what he has found, for himself, that elevates his well-being. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, workshop leader and keynote speaker. His work has been translated into 47 languages. He’s made numerous appearances on the Oprah show, CNN and many other national TV shows. Robinson has spent over 35 years studying the most practical and powerful methods for personal and professional development.

He’s the author of:

To learn more about the work of Jonathan Robinson go to www.findinghappiness.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How the technology for happiness and joy is exploding exponentially
  • The criteria for finding what is useful and what to avoid
  • What is a Peace Chair
  • How some technologies are addictive
  • How using video games can help someone to overcome PTSD
  • Two questions that will boost your happiness level
  • What is the tolerance level that makes a supplement lose its effect over time
  • What is a “gratitude visit”
  • What are the up side and the down side of virtual reality
  • What are some questions we can ask about whether technology is good for us
  • What was the magic mantra he learned from a guru in India

Host: Justine Willis Toms         Interview Date: 8/13/2016         Program Number: 3588

The “Narrative Intelligence” of the Greek Myths with Carol Pearson, Ph.D.

Most of us are trapped in the stories we tell ourselves; they guide what we pay attention to. When we expand that story, our possibilities increase. Archetypes, such as found in the Greek myths, can help us identify and change a debilitating tale into a powerful one that shifts our perspective and changes what we are noticing. This can enhance our narrative intelligence and encourage us to tap into our potential. Carol Pearson says, “Archetypal stories are not ordinary ones; they are more powerful than everyday stories because they’re carrying the energy of a human potential.” She retells the stories of four powerful Greek Gods and Goddesses, Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, and Dionysus, and how each can trigger a new personal story that helps us notice the opportunities, the props, and the characters that may have been invisible to us before. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)


Carol Pearson, Ph.D. is an expert in depth psychology and transformational leadership as well as archetypal narrative intelligence. She has served as professor at several universities and colleges and also served as president of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. She was the senior editor of The Inner Edge: A Resource for Enlightened Business Practice.

She is the author of such classic works as:

To learn more about the work of Carol Pearson go to www.carolpearson.com.

Topics Explored in This Dialogue

  • How we are in an “incomplete” social and political revolution
  • The two competing paradigms operating in today’s world
  • What are the Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece
  • What is the story of Persephone and her mother, Demeter
  • How did Demeter change the story of an authoritarian Zeus
  • What is Zeus’ story and what strengths of his we can tap into
  • How Persephone was pro-active and creative in her choices regarding her life in both upper and lower realms
  • How the Eleusinian Mysteries describe following the allurement that make us deeper, wiser, and happier
  • How to increase our narrative intelligence by looking at the stories we are telling ourselves
  • Why archetypal stories are more powerful than everyday stories
  • Why understanding what we notice is key to changing our story
  • What is an archetypal download
  • Why Dionysus energy of joy is important in these times

Host: Justine Willis Toms          Interview Date: 8/3/2016          Program Number: 3591