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Artspeak Radio


Artspeak Radio is a live 60-minute program about the thriving visual arts and literary community in the Kansas City area. Hosts Maria Vasquez Boyd and Blair Schulman interview local artists, writers, and performers and let you know what’s going on with an arts events calendar.

Past guests on ARTSPEAK Radio include the following individuals and organizations. Scribe, Bernie Koehrson, The Writers Place, Jose Faus, Carol Kariotis, Lisa Cordes, Shawn Pavey, Main Street Rag, Tara Varney, Glenn North, Matt Jacobs, David Rhoades, Damon Lee Patterson, Jill Downen, Greg Patterson, Seth Johnson, William Peck, Jared Fleming, 2013 Verses and Voices, Mary Ann Haenni, Judith Towse, Molly Kaderka, Norma Cantu, The Artists For Life Project, Darryl Chamberlain, Bluest Aye, Jennifer Leigh Coates, Missi Rasmussen, Alex R. Carpenter, Skye Livingston, Michele Johnson, Justin Beachler, Carla Malone Steck, Janet Banks, Stanley Banks, Mark Allen, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Angela Cervantes, Geo Sipp, Daniel Shea, Meghan Henry, Kansas City Public Library, Dr. Phong, Nguyen, Tracy Abein, Julia Cole,The Riverfront Reading, Phyllis Becker, Carl Bettis, Eve Ott, Patricia Lawson, Silvia Kofler, Thomas Cobian, Sean M. Starowitz, Emily Kenyon, Carrie Riehl, Jen Harris, Summer Osborne, Anna Marten, Andie Paloutzian with the Woodneath MidContinent Library, Jorge Garcia Almodovar, Diego Chi, Ahram Park, Lindsey Martin Bowen, Sara Miss Conception Glass,  Tommy Frank, Rhiannon Ross, Michelle Pond, David Arnold Hughes, Sharon Eiker, Madeline Gallucci, Patrick Alexander, Eric Dobbins, Luis Garcia, Cory Imig, Jeannette Powers, Lauren Sobchak, Bryan Colley, Ari Fish, Miranda Hall, Miguel M. Morales, Sofiana Oliveri,  m.o.i. (aka the minister of information aka Don Wilkison)  Sarah Starr, Maril Crabtree, Stephen Roth, Dave Dalton, and Joe Orser.

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Maria Vasquez Boyd | Email me

Maria Vasquez Boyd is a writer, painter, illustrator, radio producer and a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective.

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Blair Schulman

Blair Schulman writes about art and artists in and around the Kansas City area for a variety of local, regional and national publications.

In 2013, he was named "Best Spokesperson for the Arts" by The Pitch newspaper.

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