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ARTSPEAK RADIO is a live radio program on KKFI that airs every Wednesday at noon. Host Maria Vasquez Boyd serves up information about the visual and literary arts community including live interviews with artists, writers, and performers. 

Past guests on ARTSPEAK Radio include the following individuals and organizations. Scribe, Bernie Koehrson, The Writers Place, Jose Faus, Carol Kariotis, Lisa Cordes, Shawn Pavey, Main Street Rag, Tara Varney, Glenn North, Matt Jacobs, David Rhoades, Damon Lee Patterson, Jill Downen, Greg Patterson, Seth Johnson, William Peck, Jared Flaming, 2013 Verses and Voices, Mary Ann Haenni, Judith Towse, Molly Kaderka, Norma Cantu, The Artists for Life Project, Darryl Chamberlain, Bluest Aye, Jennifer Leigh Coates, Missi Rasmussen, Alex R. Carpernter, Skye Livingston, Michele Johnson, Justin Beachler, Carla Malone Steck, Janet and Stan Banks, Mark Allen, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Angela Cervantes, Geo Sipp, Daniel Shea, Meghan Henry, Kansas City Public Library, Dr. Phong Nguyen, Tracy Abeln, Julia Cole, The Riverfront Reading, Phyllis Becker, Carl Bettis, Eve Ott, Patricia Lawson, and Silvia Kofler, Thomas Cobian, Sean Starowitz, Carrie Riehl, Emily Kenyon, Summer Osborn, Jen Harris, Woodneath Library, Andie Paloutzian, Jorge Garcia Almodovar, Diego Chi, Ahram Park, Lindsey Martin-Bowen, Sara Miss Conception Glass, Tommy Frank, Rhiannon Ross, Michele Pond, David Arnold Hughes, Sharon Eiker, Madeline Gallucci, Patrick Alexander, Eric Dobbins, Luis Garcia, Cory Imig, Jeanette Powers, Lauren Sobchak, Ari Fish, Miguel M. Morales, Sofiana Olivera, m.o.i. (aka the minister of information, aka Don Wilikson) Sarah Starr, Maril Crabtree, Stephen Roth, and Dave Dalton, Melaney Mitchell, Bobby Howsare, Sandra Moran, Front/Space, Don Simon, Chance Wolf, Suzanne Gladney, MaryFrances Wagner, Greg Field, Jane Booth, Suze Ford Fernandez, David Wayne Reed, Lorenzo Collado, Jessy Terrero, Petra & Kester Horn-Marsh, Eve Brackenbury, Brandon Forrest Frederick, MyArts, Adam Goldberg, Deana Bellamaganya, Ryan Teney, Mihn Du Pha, Eric Lindquist, Jenny Mendez, Teresa Magel, Sarah Hyde-Schmiedeler, Deborah Shouse, Ron Zoglin, Nicole Emanuel, Adam Finkelston, Jay Meara, Danny Orendorf, Laura Isaac, Whispering Prairie Press, Jessica Conoley, Pat Daneman, Marianne Getchell, and Annie Raab.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO chats with Megan Crigger, Vladimir Krstic, Sherry Bushue, Cassie Allen, Cristina Muniz, & Andrew William Erdrich May 25, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Maria welcomes Megan Crigger, Director of Creative Services KCMO and Vladimir Krstic, Director of KC Design Center,for a discussion about the Our Town Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The Office of Culture and Creative Services, in partnership with Kansas City Design Center is one of the recipients for an award of $100,000 for the "West Bottoms Reborn: Activating Public Space through the Arts" project, a "place-keeping" strategy that integrates local artist and design professionals in the visioning and planning process of public space to extoll and nurture the unique qualities of the West Bottoms.

Sherry Bushue, founder of The Little Fig and illustrator Cassie Allen talk about their multi-lingual children's books. Based in the Kansas City metro area, The Little Fig self publishes multi-lingual and special situation children's books for pre-school and early elementary school aged children. The books are intended to be both entertaining and education, teaching concepts, facts and a second language. Selected titles are available in E-book and print on demand formats in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Telugu, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Artists Cristina Muniz and Andrew William Erdrich joins us live in the studio to talk about their art and open studio event at The Drugstore 3948 Main St. KCMO. The Drugstore is a collaborative and grassroots effort between 20 artists of varying disciplines in the old Katz Drugstore. The Drugstore Spring Open Studios Friday May 27 from 6pm - 9pm

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ARTSPEAK RADIO live -Anthony “AO” Oropeza, Mario Mora, Jason Sierra, & Andie Paloutzian
May 18, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Maria talks with artists/writers Anthony "AO" Oropeza, Mario Mora, Jason Sierra and Andie Paloutzian. Oropeza and Mora will attend and display their work at Planet Comicon -Kansas City's largest comic con and pop culture expo. Planet Comicon will be held at Bartle Hall 301 W. 13th St. KCMO and runs Friday May 20 through Sunday May 22. For more information visit

Anthony “AO” Oropeza, “I love comics. I wanted to create my own one day. I didn't know how much work it would be. Comics for me are a great mix or art, story and graphic design. I now know the effect a well-drawn comic book and comic book character can have on a book and a story. I am thriving for a better book and a better story each and very publication. It makes it tough for the studio is that our book is about a Latin main character. It’s also bilingual, it is different. Anything different will succeed if the story is good. My goal is to create great stories and combine them with great art-with that combo, the books will succeed in all languages.”
Booth #1234 Artist Alley Friday – Sunday May 20-22
New book released - The Big Tuna Luna is Introduced in Issue #1.

Mario Mora is a full time freelance illustrator and comic creator, he is the writer and illustrator of the indie comic Pagan Zoetrope, as well as a handful of other self published poetry and children's books. He is a graduate of UCM, and has worked in various studios around the Kansas City area for the last 18 years. On weekends he mentors students on weekends for the Scribbler's Co. program in KCK. He also recently curated the Chicano Art Exhibit at Hallmark headquarters, KCMO. In this spare time, he also runs a one man podcasting effort. Mario will be at Planet Comicon table 2134.

Jason Sierra uses different mediums of expression, working in commercial art, graphic design, illustration, poetry and music. Sierra hosts, Drink and Draw at the minibar the last Wednesday of every month at minibar 7pm to 10pm. His POP poetry book is due out in August through Prospero’s. His work currently is at the Bite and Mattie Rhodes. .

Story Center Program Manager, Andie Paloutzian with the Woodneath Library Center talks about upcoming events. Woodneath Library Center is located at 8900 Flintlock Rd. KCMO 816.883.4900

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ARTSPEAK RADiO with Godfrey Riddle, The Writers Place, & Ari Fish
May 11, 2016 | 12:00 pm

ArtsKC Development Manager Godfrey Riddle returns to discuss upcoming events, artist opportunities, & advocacy for the arts.
ArtsKC 106 Southwest Blvd., KCMO 64108

Board member of The Writers Place Phyllis Westover talks about 2016 Celebration of The Muse- honoring the muses of the year Tina Hacker & Maryfrances Wagner who also join us in the studio.
2016 Celebration of the Muse
Thursday May 12 6pm-8pm hosted by Ann Slegman and Tom Isenberg

In the 2nd half of the program, Ari Fish Academic Advising and Career Services Coordinator with the Kansas City Art Institute, joins us with members of the 2016 grauduating class to discuss life after art school.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO with Jenny Mendez, Adam Smith, Matt Fox, The Volland Store, & Paper Giants: Ky Anderson, Meg Like, and Vicki Sher
May 4, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Director Jenny Mendez talks about the Mattie Rhodes Art Center Gallery in partnership with HEART-Hispanic Education Awareness Resource team of Hallmark Cards, Inc., & Scribblers Co. of Kansas City announce the first exhibition of Chicano Voice -Art Exhibiton & Festival, Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7. This event is two exciting days of art, live music, food, drinks, poetry & performances along with a month of workshops, discussions, and screenings.
Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery 919 W. 17th St. KCMO

Author Adam Smith & Illustrator Matt Fox joins Maria to talk about their graphic novel, "Long Walk to Vahalla," which recently received a 2016 Eisner Award nomination for best graphic album. Billed as a "Southern fable," Long Walk to Vahalla fuses Norse mythology with rural Arkansas redneck-ery for a surprisinly tender tale of repressed familial tragedy."- Jason Wilks, Broken Frontier,July 21, 2015.

In our 2nd half of the program,The Volland Store Director Patty Reece & artists Ky Anderson, Meg Lipke, and Vicki Sher discuss
the gallery and an exhibiton of large scale works on paper. Paper Giants: Ky Anderson, Meg Lipke, and Vickin Sher, is an ongoing project between the three New York artists and is currently showing now through May 29, 2016. The Volland Store, rich with history, is a place for art and community located at 24098 Volland Road, Alma Kansas.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO live with Music + Poetry + Art, Iris Appelquist, The Studios Inc., & Jason Preu
April 27, 2016 | 12:00 pm

This week on ARTSPEAK RADIO-Maria talks with Martha Gershun, Thomas Cobian, & Rick Malsick about Music + Poetry + Art, Friday April 29, 7-10pm at the Downtown Neon Gallery 1921 E. Truman Rd. KCMO

Poet/writer Iris Appelquist joins us in the studio. Spartan Press has published two full-length volumes of Appelquist's poetry, including BRIAR (2012) and Blunt Trauma (2009), co-authored by Jason Ryberg.

Director Colby Smith discusses The Studios Inc. provides studio space, professional development, networking, and exhibitons for mid-career artists in Greater Kansas City.

Writer Jason Preu, joins us in the second half of the program. His fiction writing has been featured in numerous publications including Indigo Rising, Kansas City VOICES, Holdfast, and

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ARTSPEAK RADIO with Norma Cantu, KCAI, Charlotte St. Foundation & The Rabbit Hole
April 20, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Norma Cantu, KCAI, Charlotte St. Foundation, & The Rabbit Hole featured guests on ARTSPEAK RADIO.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO live with Jameson Bayles, Jason Ryberg, Jenny Molberg, Phong Nguyen, & Andrew Reeves
April 13, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Jameson Bayles, Jason Ryberg, Jenny Molberg, Phong Nguyen, & Andrew Reeves join us live in the studio.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO with Adolfo Martinez, Jeanette Powers, Iris Appelquist, & Terance L. Williams
April 6, 2016 | 12:00 pm

ADOLFO MARTINInfusing the familiar with inferences to culture, history and place, Adolfo Martinez creates stunning works. Martinez was born and raised in Kansas City, yet his Mexican heritage and multicultural perspective arise in narrative paintings that reveal his depth, drive and continuing journey as an artist. Martinez began his sofa paintings series in 1999, in reaction to seeing a starving artist “sofa sized paintings” sale advertised on television. He reinvented his inocuous painting genre through whimsical, thoughtful works imbued with cultural signifiers and motifs. His inspirations include Native American imagery (which he studied extensively at Pan American University in Texas), Mexican murals, symbolism and surrealism. Frequent showings at Mattie Rhodes Center, The Late Show, other local venues, and his first public billboard project, "¡Bienvenidos al Westside!" (2007), have broadened public recognition of his work.

IRIS APPELQUIST is a 32 year old native and resident of Kansas City, Missouri. As a self-educating single mother, her endeavor to carve out a niche for herself has been rewarded with publication of two full-length volumes of poetry, Blunt Trauma (Co-authored by Jason Ryberg, 2009, Spartan Press, KCMO) and BRIAR (2012, Spartan Press, KCMO) -- not to mention appearing to read and discuss poetry on her local NPR affiliate, in the local Kansas City Star, and several independent online and print magazines and journals. Her newest publication, WHERE WE WERE WE WERE THERE, is a small collection that details the mystifying process of personal growth through the confessional style and surrealist conjecture.

JEANETTE POWERS-POP POETRY: #12poets in12months is a publishing venture founded by Jason Ryberg and Jeanette Powers, that prints a new book of verse by a KC poet each month. Jeanette is savvy at writing and performing poetry, building-up the KC poetry community, making the Uptown Arts Bar a happening place, and creating her visual arts. In 2015 she had quite a year for she competed in the Women of the World Poetry Slam, was crowned Best Poet by The Pitch.

TERANCE L. WILLIAMS-Terance L. Williams is a Producer at The Gospel of Poets on Kprt 1590am, Producer at Local Vokalz on KUAW 98.5FM and Producer at Welcome to the neighborhood on KUAW 98.5FM.
Terance talks about the poetry radioshow on KPRT Gospel 1590 AM
live on stage Friday April 8, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 4525 Oak KCMO
The Gospel of Poets on Kprt 1590am, hosted by Sheri Hall
Introduction & recognition by Karis Harrington
This live poetry event is free to the public, powered by the music & more foundation & friends.

[email protected]

This just added-Maria will give away 2016 AWP - Association of Writers & Writing Programs swag bags to lucky callers during the program!

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ARTSPEAK RADIO Live with Anthony Oropeza, Erin McGrane, & Bill Sundahl
March 30, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Illustrator/artist and creator of AMIGOMAN, Anthony Oropeza and songwriter/musician and poet, Erin McGrane joins us live in the studio.

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ARTSPEAK RADIO chats with Rodolfo Marron III, Elizabeth W. Fischer, Musicians Otis Lee & Jason Vivone, & Poet/activist Sheri Hall
March 23, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Rodolfo Marron III joins us live from the studio.
Rodolfo's illustrations glimpse into something very personal and reflecting on his relationships with nature, family, religion, and various cultures in an effort to decipher some sort of spirituality for himself. Inspired by individual life stories such as those of Martha P. Johnson, the drag queen who threw the shot glass heard around the world during the Stonewall Riots, Amada Cardenas, a "peyotero" from southern Texas, and Ella, an orphaned deer who resided in the Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City, MO. Ella's story allowed Rodolfo to expand on this native creatures most tragic story of death through his own means of further exploring his tales of an afterlife. Works on old torn paper give this sense of something old, frail, and perhaps forgotten. Also, utilizing a number of natural materials that can be found here in the Midwest—poke berries, mulberries, walnuts and elderberries—to derive pigment offers a personal venture to understand and connect with nature by learning some of its medicinal uses, its folklore and overall importance of ease and beauty around us.

Elizabeth W. Fischer, Executive Director of The Writers Place talks with Maria about upcoming events. The Writers Place is a literary center that advances and celebrates the craft of writing. As a literary community center and gathering place for writers, readers, and the general public, we provide support, resources, and inspiration for those in our region who care about the word as art.
The Writers Place is located at 3607 Pennsylvania KCMO 816.753.1090

Otis Lee, self-taught harmonica player performs live in the KKFI studio. Otis plays throughout the Kansas City area, solo and with numerous groups.

Jason Vivone joins us live in the studio. The leader of Kansas City’s award winning band the Billy Bats, Jason Vivone hosts The Boogie Bridge on KKFI 90.1 FM Thursdays 4pm to 6 pm.

As a musician, Vivone has toured primarily in the Midwest and the South. As a recording artist, his music has been downloaded and played all over the world.

Poet/activist Sheri Hall (Purpose Tha Poet) talks about her recent appearance at the Topeka State Capital, The Gospel of Poets on KPRT 1590am, and hosting the Local Showcase on KKFI, March 24 from 8pm - 10pm.

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