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Foolkiller Folk

Bob and Diana Suckiel on the “Foolkiller Folk” radio show.

We have been longtime supporters of folk music and we are performing musicians as well so the name of our program is Foolkiller Folk!

We are members of the old Foolkiller now known as CrossCurrents and we are involved in theater and local political activism.

We want to share the music we love with the rest of the community and share historical aspects of the music also. We want to help broaden our listeners’ knowledge  of all kinds of folk music from all over the country, from the pre-war era to now.

What is CrossCurrents, formerly, Foolkillers?  CrossCurrents is Kansas City’s Folk  Arts Alliance. It is a nonprofit corporation in Kansas City which is dedicated  to people creating their own culture. They produce concerts, plays, and community events, such as barn dances. This alliance encourages all interested people to get involved, no matter what level of talent they think they have. If you are looking for locally produced Folk music, Contra-dance, original acoustic music, women’s music, theatre or banjo-playing, join CrossCurrents.

By the way, if you wondered about “ Foolkillers” …

“We prefer crude vigor over polished banality. Remember, as one becomes enlightened, one KILLS the FOOL within.”    — Jack Conroy.

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Foolkiller Folk with Mark & Val July 24, 2016 | 11:00 am

We start and end with Cat Stevens providing a bit of comfort music in response to the trauma of recent events then segue into the finale of our Folk Alliance series and wrap up with a collection of mostly recent Celtic. You'll be hearing Cat Stevens from his recording 'Gold' , Bill Frisell from 'East/West', Jerron Blind Boy Paxton from 'Dirtiest little Darling/Railroad Bill' and 'Pickathon Music Festival', Happy Traum from 'Just for the Love of It', Connla from 'The E.p.', Kern from 'False Deceiver', Goitse from 'Inspired by Chance', Realta from 'Clear Skies' and Jeremiahs from 'Culture Ireland 2016'. tune in at 11:00!

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M and V Do Foolkiller Folk July 10, 2016 | 11:00 am

Today in recognition of the recent current events, we're opening with the Welsh hymn 'Ebeneser (Dyma Gariad Fel Y Moroedd)(Ton Potel)' (translation: love as vast as the ocean (a song about God's love for mankind) by Lleuwen Steffan and ending with the Youngbloods 'Get Together' . In between you'll hear an eclectic collection of national and international artists, most of whom we heard at the Feb, 2016 Folk Alliance Conference and a couple of artists/songs we just feel like playing:

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What M & V saw at Folk Alliance, Volume 4 (Friday Day and the Public Showcases) May 22, 2016 | 11:00 am

M & V's journey through the 2016 Folk Alliance conference continues with what we saw Friday before the private showcases. Today Mark will bring you selections from The Young Folk, Maria Pomianowska, the Yves Lambert Trio, Fish & Bird, Leveret, Ensemble Iberica, Red Moon Road, Fretless, Matt Nakoa, and Tracy Grammar. Tune in at 11:00!

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What we saw at Folk Alliance, Volume 4 May 8, 2016 | 11:00 am

Mark and Val continue our exploration of the 2016 Folk Alliance Conference. Today we bring you what we saw at the Thursday night private showcases - enough of each performer for you to decide whether you'd like to hear more. You'll be listening to: Carie Elkin, Rosie & the Riveters, Hannah Shira Naiman, WOR, Gentle Good, (KKFI's own) Mikal Shapiro, Lowest Pair, Roe Family Singers, Dave Gunning, April Vetch, Kerr Fagan Harbon, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, and Lowest Pair with a brief interlude to bring you the songs 'Little Boxes', 'Charlie the Midnight Marauder' and 'Pink Houses' because Mark was messing around in the music collection and discovered that was a fun set.

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What we saw at Folk Alliance, Volume 2 April 10, 2016 | 11:00 am

Mark & Val with 'What we saw at the Folk Alliance, Volume 2'. Thursday night before the showcases we mostly hung out at the international stages but also took in a bit of Americana. So get ready for ODE, Plu, Tarabband, Calan, Perla Batalla, Kacy & Clayton, Blackberry Bushes Stringband, Darlingside, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, and Qristina & Quinn Bachand.

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Four More April 3, 2016 | 11:00 am

Four more great acts are up for auction

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Who we saw at the Folk Alliance Conference, part 1 of 5 March 13, 2016 | 11:00 am

Between the two of us, Mark & I saw over 60 bands at Folk Alliance. Tomorrow we bring you the first 14 in more or less the order in which we heard them. Tune in to hear: Anna & Elizabeth; Corey Harris; Paul O'Dette, Andrew Lawrence-King and David Douglass; Gerald Trimble; Crane Wives; Scenic Roots; Soorleys; Danny Schmidt; Pirates Canoe; Kaia Kater; Lady Maisery; Railsplitters; and Blackbird Review

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Will you miss me when I’m gone?, Part 2 February 14, 2016 | 11:00 am

Mark & Valerie with Part 2 of "Will you miss me while I'm gone?" our annual program honoring artists we've loved but lost the year before. On today's show we'll be honoring Jim Ed Brown, B.B. King, Jim McCann, Flora McNeil, Al O'Donnell, Andy M Stewart, and John Renbourn.

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The Christmas Story in Song December 20, 2015 | 11:00 am

This season Mark & Val's Christmas program returns to the roots of the Christmas story. We begin with the Annunciation and go straight through chronologically to the arrival of the Three Kings. We'll bring you Gabriel's message, Mary's pregnancy, Herod and the babies, the trip to Bethlehem, the birth of Christ, the friendly beasts, Mary's lullaby, a few nowells, the shepherds, the herald angles, the celebration of the birth, the arrival of the Three Kings and a benediction, all with just the tiniest nod to the pagan origins of the whole darn celebration (see if you can find it). There'll be a few of our favorite carols (including one version that you literally cannot hear on any other radio station) plus a few pieces we've never played before. A perfect playlist for the Sunday before Christmas if I do say so myself! Tune in!

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Celtic Mailbag: old favorites; new discoveries November 22, 2015 | 11:00 am

M&V on air with a Celtic mailbag program of old favorites and new discoveries. There might be something new to you, too. Tune in and find out! But what can we expect, you ask? Well we'll be sampling songs & tunes from from: Battlefield Band; The Casey Sisters; Archie Fisher; Jenna Reid and Harris Playfair; Rura; Siobhan Kennedy; Eamon Dooley, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Julie Fowlis & Ross Martin; Mary MacNamara; Robyn Stapleton; Emily Smith; Barrule; Andy Lamy; Micho Russell; Jean Redpath; Rachel Hair Trio; Freya Rae and Louis Bingham; Gordon Gunn; O'Carolan Family; Eamonn O'Riordan and Tony O'Connell; and Calan,

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Valerie Andruss | Email me

Following early exposure to folk music in a series of East Coast coffeehouses, Valerie has been a long time fan, promoter and concert producer of local, national and international Celtic and American Trad.

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Mark Andruss

Mark is currently co-recording secretary for Missouri Valley Folklife Society, and Treasurer for Crosscurrents. He also is a folk programmer with Valerie Andruss on the KKFI 90.1 FM "Foolkiller Folk" radio show, and is the Chair of the Programming Committee of the station.

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Diana Suckiel

Diana is a retired plumber with Local #8 and supporter of workers and their rights.

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Bob Suckiel

Bob is a retired railroad engineer, union member and supporter of workers and their rights.

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Kathy Peters | Email me

Programmer information for Kathy Peters coming soon!

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