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Foolkiller Folk

Bob and Diana Suckiel on the “Foolkiller Folk” radio show.

We have been longtime supporters of folk music and we are performing musicians as well so the name of our program is Foolkiller Folk!

We are members of the old Foolkiller now known as CrossCurrents and we are involved in theater and local political activism.

We want to share the music we love with the rest of the community and share historical aspects of the music also. We want to help broaden our listeners’ knowledge  of all kinds of folk music from all over the country, from the pre-war era to now.

What is CrossCurrents, formerly, Foolkillers?  CrossCurrents is Kansas City’s Folk  Arts Alliance. It is a nonprofit corporation in Kansas City which is dedicated  to people creating their own culture. They produce concerts, plays, and community events, such as barn dances. This alliance encourages all interested people to get involved, no matter what level of talent they think they have. If you are looking for locally produced Folk music, Contra-dance, original acoustic music, women’s music, theatre or banjo-playing, join CrossCurrents.

By the way, if you wondered about “ Foolkillers” …

“We prefer crude vigor over polished banality. Remember, as one becomes enlightened, one KILLS the FOOL within.”    — Jack Conroy.

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mailbag program – feels like Winfield September 20, 2015 | 11:00 am

Mark & Val with a mailbag program of new to us music with the feel of Winfield for those of us who didn't get there this weekend. Tune in to hear from Pete Seeger, Atwater-Donnelly, Bob Larkin & Family, Kate Burke & Ruth Hazelton, Tom & Ben Paley, Hog-Eyed Man, Lowest Pair, Anna & Elizabeth, Morrison Brothers Band, Jayme Stone, Cindy Novelo, Rhiannon Giddens, Rattle on the Stovepipe, Grinnell Giggers, Hiter Covin, Sin and Swoon, Kacy& Clayton, 2nd South Carolina String Band, and Mason Brown.

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Preview the Irish Fest Here! August 23, 2015 | 11:00 am

M & V with their annual Irish Fest preview show. We'll bring you a taste of Celtic Rock to Celtic Trad from perennial favorites to new discoveries to whet your appetite. Tune in to hear Tupelo, The Elders, Flannigan's Right Hook, Chance the Arm, Ellis Island, Jonathan Ramsey, Eddie Delahunt, Ashley Davis, Flashpoint, Bob Reeder, Daimh, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Socks in the Frying Oan, Gaelic Storm, Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly, Mundy, and We Banjo Three.

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What we saw at the Folk Alliance – Volume 4 July 26, 2015 | 11:00 am

Mark & Valerie bring you a show picking up artists from last February's Folk Alliance Conference who we haven't played (or played much of) before. You'll be hearing local and international music (including Canada, England, Scotland and Wales) with some really great songs.

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honoring African American Music Month June 14, 2015 | 11:00 am

M & V with a show honoring African American Music Month. Music from 23 black folk & blues artists recorded from 1931 to the present day.

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What we saw at Folk Alliance, Part II May 17, 2015 | 11:00 am

Mark & Val with What we Saw at the Folk Alliance, Part III. You'll hear from Laney Jones, (KKFI's own) Kasey Rausch, I Draw Slow, Blackbird Review, Sin and Swoon, Lowest Pair, Bela Fleck and Aboigail Washburn, Oh Pep!, the Honey Dewdrops, Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore, Dom Flemons, Red Moon Road, Devon Sproule, and Matt the Electrician.

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What We Heard at the Folk Alliance Conference, Day 1 (plus some new releases from local artists) May 3, 2015 | 11:00 am

"But wait a minute!" I hear you say. "Wasn't the FAC way back in Feb?" Why, yes it was! And we're had five related shows in the can for the last few months which you'll be hearing over the next few. ------ Mark & Valerie

Tune in today to hear cuts from: Little Joe McLerren, Kate & Bill Isles;The Roe Family Singers, Sin and Swoon, Dana Falconberry, Harpeth Rising, Phillip Henrt and Hannah Martin, Durham Counts Poets, Josienne Clark & Ben Walker, Jacquelyn Hynes, Brother Sun, Carrie Elkin, the latest release from The Shortleaf Band and the upcoming release by KKFI's own Mikal Shapiro.

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Earth Day Preview April 19, 2015 | 11:00 am

Kathy Peters brings us music to heal the planet by.

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Suckiels, The Kemps, Connie Dover, & The Blackbird Revue April 12, 2015 | 11:00 am

Four Premium Acts up for bid!

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Band Auction/How Mark & Val spent the Folk Alliance Conference, Day 1 April 5, 2015 | 11:00 am

Join Mark & Val at 11:00 to hear the artists we heard on the first day of the Folk Alliance conference. You’ll hear the Lonely Heartstring Band, Mikal Shapiro (yes – River Trade Radio’s own Mikal Shapiro), Vincent Cross, Chris Lee Becker, Robert Hoefling, Little Joe McLerren, Bill & Kate Isles, The Roe Family Singers, Brishen, Durham County Poets, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Jacqueline Hynes, Brother Sun, Carrie Elkin, Sin and Swoon, Phillip Henry and /Hannah Martin, and Harpeth Rising.

Fraoch will join us for the Band Auction at 11:30 and you can bid on Chris Hudson (from the Parlor Waves) who will close out the show at 12:30.

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Fraoch & Chris Hudson From the Parlor Waves April 5, 2015 | 11:00 am

Celtic Sensation, Fraoch is up for bid at 11:30, followed guitar whiz, Chris Hudson at 12:30pm.

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Valerie Andruss | Email me

Following early exposure to folk music in a series of East Coast coffeehouses, Valerie has been a long time fan, promoter and concert producer of local, national and international Celtic and American Trad.

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Mark Andruss

Mark is currently co-recording secretary for Missouri Valley Folklife Society, and Treasurer for Crosscurrents. He also is a folk programmer with Valerie Andruss on the KKFI 90.1 FM "Foolkiller Folk" radio show, and is the Chair of the Programming Committee of the station.

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Diana Suckiel

Diana is a retired plumber with Local #8 and supporter of workers and their rights.

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Bob Suckiel

Bob is a retired railroad engineer, union member and supporter of workers and their rights.

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Kathy Peters | Email me

Programmer information for Kathy Peters coming soon!

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