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Heartland Labor Forum is Kansas City’s only program about the workplace. It is produced by and for our working people. We have been agitating on the air since 1989. Find out who is busting unions and who is fighting back. Hear the voices and inspiration of troublemakers in the workplace and in the global economy. Listen to our monthly features: Know Your Rights, Safety First, Economics Unmasked, and Common Good. Find out who won this month’s Boss Hog award. Heartland Labor Forum has won the International Labor Communications Award several times. This year we won two awards.

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United Fruit Company: Rotten Bananas and Keeping America White: US Immigration Policy May 24, 2019 | 5:00 am

Listen to author Peter Chapman peel the layers of corruption and ruthlessness to reveal the origins of Chiquita, the infamous United Fruit Company. Then, Zac Mueller and Diana Martinez discuss the racist history of US immigration policy.

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Kansas’s New Secretary of Labor, Delia Garcia and Kansas City’s Pay Gap Study May 17, 2019 | 5:00 am

Kansas has a new Secretary of Labor. She’s Delia Garcia, the first Latina to serve in a Cabinet post. We’ll get to know her this week. Then, the city of Kansas City, Missouri is about to embark on a study to assess Gender Pay Equity in city jobs. The results should provide a map for attacking the pay gap.

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Eugene Debs: American Socialist – The Movie and Herbert March: 1930’s KC Organizer May 10, 2019 | 5:00 am

We explore our radical and socialist roots. Eugene Debs: American Socialist is a new movie-we’ll talk to the film maker. Then, Herb and Jane March came to Kansas City as young communists during the depression to organize meat packing workers. We’ll talk to their son about his new book on his parents, who helped build one of our most inclusive and democratic unions.

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Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight over Women’s Work May 3, 2019 | 5:00 am

Jenny Brown’s new book Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight over Women’s Work has been described as an audacious analysis of the falling U.S. birth rate. She uncovers the ugly truth behind the so-called pro-family agenda. Is there really a birth strike going on? Find out when we spend the Heartland Labor Forum with Brown.

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Celebrating May Day with a book for teens about Haymarket and Centennial of The Seattle General Strike April 26, 2019 | 5:00 am

It’s May Day 1886 in Chicago, and 12-year-old Addie is witness to the general strike for the 8 hour day and the following Haymarket bombing. This week on the Heartland Labor Forum we celebrate May Day and labor history with an interview with the authors of a children’s book about Haymarket and of the Seattle General Strike: Labor’s Most Spectacular Revolt, marking its centennial.

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The Disabilities Integration Act Could Create Jobs and the Attack on Missouri Initiatives II April 19, 2019 | 5:00 am

The Disabilities Integration Act will push more people out of institutions and into home care. That should be good news for home care workers, but has unionization of them stalled because of opposition from courts, legislatures, and agencies?

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Feel the Trickle: the Tax “Cuts” April 12, 2019 | 5:00 am

We talk to the Missouri Budget Project and the Kansas Center for Economic Growth about the issues state lawmakers are dealing with to balance this year's budgets.

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Bruce Campbell: The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster: Public Betrayal, Justice Denied and A New Labor Caucus for Missouri Democrats April 5, 2019 | 5:00 am

We interview Bruce Campbell on his new book on a one-man train disaster: The Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster: Public Betrayal, Justice Denied. Then, find out about organized labor’s new caucus in the Missouri Democratic Party.

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Celebrating Heartland Labor Forum’s 30th Anniversary with our first show: The Eastern Airlines Strike and Railway Workers Speak Out on Safety March 29, 2019 | 5:00 am

We’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary this week on air with something old and something new. The old is our first show: it’s about the Eastern Airlines Strike 30 years ago. The new is a talk with railway workers about a fresh corporate strategy called precision railroading which some workers say puts profits ahead of safety.

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A Teach-In at the Border March 22, 2019 | 5:00 am

Last month, teachers met in El Paso to demand an end to child detention. This week we’ll hear about their teach-in at the border – a teach-in for freedom. Find out how US policies are affecting kids from eyewitness testimonies.

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