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Jaws of Justice Radio

It is the intention of Jaws of Justice Radio to investigate how to achieve justice in America, this includes issues of economic injustice, political injustice and the criminal justice system. We want to put a human face on those caught in the grasp of injustice and those that are part of an unjust system. We strive to dispel the misconceptions created by the news and entertainment industry, politicians and our educational system. We want to pull back the veil and reveal those that really write our laws and who our justice system is meant to protect. It is our intention to seek out alternatives to the present practice that puts the law before justice, alternatives that are restorative to those that have been wronged and just to those that have offended. In short, we want to inform our society of the realities of the existing systems and in doing so start a dialogue about how to create systems that truly seek justice for all.

The Jaws of Justice Radio group is made up of formerly incarcerated citizens, family members of victims, family members of the incarcerated, lawyers, and justice seeking members of our community. We invite you to join the dialogue.

Jaws of Justice Radio has covered issues of law enforcement, courts, incarceration, homelessness, economic injustice, foster care, death penalty, constitutional rights and more. We are looking for organizations and individuals to tell their story, and more folks that want to learn how to produce radio.

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Jeff Humfeld | Email me

Jeff is working as producer of Jaws of Justice Radio broadcast every Monday at 9:00 a.m. He hopes to help other under-served groups and individuals bring their voices and stories to the airwaves in the future.

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Jessica Thomas | Email me

Programmer biography coming soon.

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Alverne Z. Bush | Email me

Alverne Z. Bush started as a Programmer for the Jaws of Justice program in 2013. She grew up in KCK, attending area colleges and universities.

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Melvin Merritt

Programmer biography coming soon.

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Keith Brown El | Email me

I am a native son of Kansas City, Missouri who recently returned to this city after a long expedition, or journey that took me to some of the places in America that are referred to here at KKFI as the “Jaws of Justice!” Once I heard that terminology, I automatically knew this is where I belonged and I have been here every sense.

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Lee Moore | Email me

I first became interested in the media during the early to mid 1980’s as an International Economics major at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. I truly loved the news. To me, it was special to be “in the know” about many of our society’s key issues. I was re-introduced to media through my friend and cousin, Keith Brown, El, a programmer for the KKFI Jaws of Justice Radio Show.

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Margot Patterson

I am a host for Jaws of Justice Radio and I have served as a reporter for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines in this country and abroad such as, I was an editor with “The Prague Post” and I was a senior writer, then opinion and arts editor at “The National Catholic Reporter” for seven years.

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Macy Jones

Macy is part of the Jaws of Justice Radio collective.

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