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Mind The Gap


Have you ever gotten sick of most of the commercial EDM out there on the radio right now? Is it all starting to sound the same? Did you ever wonder where some of today’s trends got their roots? Then pull up a chair, put on some headphones, and LISTEN. Music from the UK is unparalleled in its uniqueness, and its uncanny ability to be able to live on the cutting edge of the Next Big Thing. Nowhere in the world is club music more influenced by multiculturalism, nor does any of it sound the same. Between bashment dancehall, to deep house, to UK funky to UK garage, to jungle and then its progeny drum-n-bass, to breaks and dub-heavy, wobbly beats, to grime and the UK’s own brand of spoken word and hip hop, it NEVER gets boring or stale.

This show is going to expand your horizons of what is commonly known as just ‘dance music’, and hopefully it will smack you in the face like it did me over 6 years ago, when I happened to tune in to Annie Mac’s Mashup Show streaming online one night in November, 2008 while sitting at the computer, balancing my checkbook. Life was never the same again after that night—-all the clubby techno I’d loved in the 90s had been reinvented, and in a way I’d never heard before.

I hope you feel the same way, too, after tuning in. So grab a brewski, some ear buds, and a comfy couch—-though once we’re three songs in, you may not feel like just sitting around any more! That’s my hope with Mind The Gap.

J Zed xx

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RGL, Acid Mondays, Anja Schneider, Etherwood, & DISC 2 w/Fabich & Lane 8! February 24, 2018 | 10:00 pm

Get your weekend madness started with J Zed and all-new tracks by RGL, Acid Mondays, new material from Hessle Audio's Batu (UK) and label owner of Sous Music, Anja Schneider, drum n bass from Etherwood and S.P.Y., and a DISC 2 from Fabich & Jafunk, and something ambient by Lane 8.

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Rockwell x Roni Size, Krystal Klear, Ferreck Dawn, Sick Music 2018, & DISC 2 w/Toddla T & Chromeo! February 17, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's got fresh new tracks from Krystal Klear, Brett Gould, Ferreck Dawn, DJ Seinfeld, Friend Within, and more during The First 30, plus more drum n bass from Sick Music 2018, and a DISC 2 with Toddla T and Chromeo!

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Gorgon City, Peppe Citarella, Peggy Gou, Sick Music 2018 & SG Lewis! February 10, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's back with all-new tracks from Gorgon City, Peppe Citarella, Riva Starr, ANOTR, Peggy Gou and more during The First 30...the second half features a special highlighting Sick Music 2018, the new Hospital Records compilation, and DISC 2 comes courtesy of Icarus and SG Lewis.

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Sean Roman, Beste Modus, & Love Vibration Nation Label Spotlight! February 3, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed features a new track by Sean Roman, and one more track off the Beste Modus label...but the big news belongs to the Love Vibration Nation label group and the myriad of 2018 signings they've accumulated.

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La Fleur, Todd Terry, Answer Code Request, & MEGA UKHH/Bashment/Reggae Special! January 27, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed is FINALLY back in the saddle on this week's Mind The Gap with ALL-NEW tracks from Todd Terry, La Fleur, and Catz N' Dogz, PLUS her first UK hip-hop, bashment, and reggae special of 2018 with tracks by Jus Now & Dismantle, Rewd Adams, The Last Skeptik, Children Of Zeus, and we'll check in with London's Soul Jazz Records as well...DISC 2 is a super-special new release from Answer Code Request.

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Sean Roman, Beste Modus, Love Vibration Nation Label Spotlight, DISC 2 w/ RUBEO! January 20, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed features a new track by Sean Roman, one more track off the Beste Modus label, and a DISC 2 w/ RUBEO ahead of his Riot Room debut on January 22nd...but the big news belongs to the Love Vibration Nation label group and the myriad of 2018 signings they've accumulated.

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Boxia, Wilkinson & Dimension, Beste Modus Special Pt. 2, & DISC 2 w/Project Pablo! January 13, 2018 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's back at it this weekend with a shortened First 30 segment featuring tracks by Boxia, Maurice, Awanto 3, & more, PLUS drum n bass from Wilkinson & Dimension, Part 2 of her month-long special spotlighting East Berlin house & techno imprint Beste Modus, and a DISC 2 featuring Project Pablo.

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Richy Ahmed, LongPlay, Parx, Beste Modus & DISC 2 w/Catchment! January 6, 2018 | 10:00 pm

Kick off the first weekend of 2018 in style with J Zed and Mind The Gap as she brings you a fresh remix by Richy Ahmed, disco house trax from Parx, LongPlay, & Peven Everett & Roy Davis, Jr. during The First 30...later, it's Part 1 of J Zed's all-month-long special highlighting East Berlin house & techno label Beste Modus, and DISC 2 comes to us from Catchment & Remoda.

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3-HOUR NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA!! December 30, 2017 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's sitting in for The Black Steel Brothers this weekend to present a three-hour NYE party starting at 8:00 PM featuring all new music by Nyra, Sasha & Alan Fitzpatrick, TRP, Gardens Of God, Kölsch, Technimatic, Breakage, and more...Then, DJs Jeff Bass and Bobby Bohn join us in the second half for a chat about their #NoGlam NYE party, plus an hour of mixes by them, AND a guestlist giveaway! DISC 2 is courtesy of Call Super's new album.

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Denis Sulta & Best Of 2017 (LAST ONE)! December 23, 2017 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's got your holiday cheer in the form of a brand new track by Denis Sulta, plus the final segment of her Best Of 2017 Playlist featuring acid house and deep house from T. Williams, Steve McCready, Marquis Hawkes, Roy Davis, Jr., and more. DISC 2 comes to us from Call Super's brand-new album.

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Patrick Topping, London Elektricity Big Band, & Part 3 of Best Of 2017! December 16, 2017 | 10:00 pm

J Zed's got the new belter from Patrick Topping, material from London Elektricity Big Band, and Part Three of her Best Of 2017 Playlist, which is ALL tribal and Latin house--think Melé, COEO, Addison Groove, & more...and DISC 2 comes to us courtesy of Chloé.

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A music head since age 3, when she made her mother buy her Van McCoy's "The Hustle" on vinyl, J Zed grew up listening to funk, hip hop, and disco before falling for New Wave in the 80s. Developing a healthy love for alternative Brit bands like New Order, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Happy Mondays and Joy Division, she discovered house music in the early 90s. Instantly gravitating towards the soaring anthems and diva vocals, it was a love affair that wouldn't soon die, and having a radio show in college at Drake University with a good friend sparked an excitement for being on the air that she never forgot. Still an aficionado of the music genres of her youth, J Zed celebrates the evolution of them into the new and fresh, having a keen finger on the pulse of what's coming up, which she translates into her weekly shows.

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