Sunday at 8:00 am

Psychic Talk

Psychic Talk is an informative, good-natured look at intuitive and metaphysical thought
and practice in Kansas City. Saphira and her guests from the psychic and intuitive
community talk and give live demonstrations of psychic ability on the air each week.
“Psychic Break” has been on KKFI in one form or another since 1988, making it the
longest-running show of it’s type in the region. Saphira won the Pitch newspaper’s “Best
Radio Talk Show in Kansas City” award in 1994 while producing her previous program,
“The Heart to Heart Metaphysical Radio Talk Show”.

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Homeless in Kansas City Radio Hour 8am to 9am (Psychic Talk pre-empted) October 21, 2012 | 8:00 am

Homeless in Kansas City Radio Hour. Our focus is about three organizations that help the poor and homeless of the Greater Kansas City area. The organizations are OPERATION BREAKTHROUGH, CARE OF POOR PEOPLE, INC. and SYNERGY SERVICES.
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Saphira is an Active Member at KKFI 90.1 FM, a Mensan and a member of the Dowsing Society of Kansas City.
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Rainbow Mooon, host of Psychic Talk, 3rd Sundays | Email me | Facebook
Rainbow Mooon, co-host of the "Psychic Talk" show, began her on-the-air Readings as a regular guest of Saphira’s in the early 1990’s during which time she grew to appreciate the importance of Community Radio.
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Dennis Cromwell | Email me
Programmer biography -- under construction.
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