Sunday at 8:00 pm

Signal to Noise

Free-form radio inspired by the free-form experiments of underground radio in the mid to late 60s, although I play much more than just rock and roll. This program is dedicated to the proposition that all good music transcends it’s genre and is just as relevant today as it was in 1930, for instance. On Signal To Noise you’re likely to hear anything from Charley Patton to Super Furry Animals. The trick to free-form radio is to blend different styles of music from different eras and make it sound not only natural, but right.

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I have long believed in community radio. It is the purest form of radio-grassroots and locally based. Community radio is all about people with a deep knowledge and passion for music being given the freedom to express themselves on the air. I program for people with wide, eclectic tastes who like to explore the musical realms.

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