Thursday at 7:00 pm

Thursday Night Special

You never know what you might hear in this time slot. It could be a new show audition, a timely current events story or a show from our archives.

The first Thursday of the month features Khadijah and the White Guy, a half hour program about race, followed at 7:30pm, by Shots in the Night Radio Theater.

The second Thursday features Mind The Gap, an hour of UK Underground Dance Music hosted by J Zed.

The last two or three Thursdays of the month are dedicated could be anything!

Upcoming episodes

Justin Perkins – Guest DJ August 20, 2015 | 7:00 pm

Justin Perkins - Guest Dj

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Parker’s Planet : Yardbird in the Space Age – One Hour Special August 27, 2015 | 7:00 pm

The freedom-loving, and bebop-fused ascendency of Charlie Parker is illuminated in this musical biography written by Jay Mandeville with the voices of Chuck Haddix (author of Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker), Dick Wright, Rodney Franks, Jeff Harshbarger, Joey Skidmore, and Margaret LaPique ; along with rare Yardbird recordings courtesy the Marr Sound Archives.

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Shots in the Night Programmers | Email me

This theater collective performs live during the Local Showcase timeslot on Thursdays.

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