Reenie Carmack

The name of my show is EcoRadio/Alternative Medicine because it is my mission  to educate our community about the dangers of junk food and prescribed drugs. I want to help people live more sustainable, greener and healthier lives!

The specialty I bring to KKFI is my interest in Natural Medicine. I have been involved in all aspects of how to heal our bodies using natural and alternative methods, i.e., healing diet, herbs, energy healing, etc. I have been a “Reiki Master” for several years, practicing many types of energy healing techniques. I feel that all disease and physical imbalances begin on an “energetic” level and when dealt with on that level first, we can avoid the physical manifestation before it becomes a serious disease or illness.

It has always fascinated me about how miraculous the body is, and given the right nutrients, can heal itself. I love to help others learn about how they can heal themselves, their families and pets, with natural, non-toxic medicines.

I believe we are too dependent on pharmaceuticals, which, I  believe  are poisoning our bodies and the environment. We are addicted to junk food which is the crux of our health crises. The purpose of my show is to offer healthy alternatives and practical solutions.
I have had many local guests on my show in the past three years, many who own their own healing businesses and promote healthy living  for families and pets.

Some past guests and topics include:

  • Owners of Brookside Barkery (Natural Pet Food Store)
  • Dr. Raphael Smith, “Pet Loss and Grief Support”
  • Frank Ferrante of the hit movie “May I Be Frank”
  • Chris Bledy, author of the book “How I Healed Cervical Cancer Naturally”
  • Jane & Loran VanBenthusen “Healing Cancer Naturally”
  • Mark Pedersen of “Show-Me Cannabis Regulation” about benefits of Medical Cannabis
  • Dr. Michelle Robin DC, owner “Your Wellness Connection”
  • Dr. Nancy Russell, Holistic MD
  • Roslyn Rogers, “Natural Hormone Therapy”
  • Natalie George, owner “Cafe Gratitude KC”
  • Heidi Belle, owner “FuD”, KC’s first “Raw Food Restaurant”
  • Alis Buhler & Susan Herold, “Reflexology”

I am a volunteer programmer at KKFI because I strongly believe in its mission to bring alternative news and information to our community without influence of corporate money. KKFI is probably the last, truly unembedded media we have left in Kansas City!

Programmer for these shows :

EcoRadio KC is a magazine show, including live segments, prerecorded stories, and interviews. The weekly explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life.

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