Ross Quinn

Ross Quinn has been a resident of Kansas City since 2014. Although he wasn’t raised within the city or state(s), he does have KCMO blood running through him thanks to his father, Jim. During his three years as a resident, he has spent two as a neighbor of 90.1 KKFI, living off 39th and Warwick, and he makes his own coffee- most of the time – as in store bought coffee you make at home. He does not pick and cure, then roast and grind, then brew, his own coffee. You might recognize him around town by his auburn hair. And if you do, give him a wave and say hello – if it ends up not being him, at least you were being friendly.

Programmer for these shows :

Cat's in the bag is a mixed bowl of nuts at a local pub or the collected pool of sweat in the middle of the floor at your favorite club.The show is based off new music releases and emerging artists. The playlist is based off my current mood of the week, and is an ever evolving set with a heavy rotation that pushes the show's weekly agenda ashore and then steadily fades away to a new tide of music, always in sync with the changing of the moon's cycle. Genres you can expect to hear: Rock, Pop, Electronic, Folk, Blues, Jazz,, R&B, Hip-Hop, and esques of each genre listed.

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