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KKFI’s mission is to give a voice to the views, opinions and musical genres typically ignored by the mainstream media. Won’t you consider making a generous tax-deductible pledge of support for programming that you’ll hear only on KKFI. A non-profit, KKFI is a 501(c)(3) entity.

You can select one of TWO WAYS to contribute online to KKFI: A Sustaining (Monthly) Donation or a One-Time Donation.

  • Sustained Giving is an easy and efficient way for you to support the programs you rely on through secure, automatic monthly payments from your credit card, debit card or bank account. Learn more about Sustained Giving.
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Secure online donations via Click and Pledge – To process your donation, you will be directed to the Click and Pledge website, which is a secure and widely-used payment processing service. After donating, you will be directed back to the KKFI website and asked to answer a few more short questions and make comments.

Note when making a Sustaining (Monthly) donation: On the Checkout Page, please be sure to choose “Month” next to the “Repeat Payment?” option, then indicate the number of months you wish to pledge. For example, to make a $10 monthly donation for 36 months, enter 36 in the “periods” option.


SPECIAL THANK YOU GIFTS – Spring 2016 Fund Drive
(June 3rd through June 16th)
Keep It Local.   All of these Thank You Gifts are Designed, Printed, and Mailed Out directly to you by Local Artists and Companies.

Please allow 6 to 8 Weeks for Delivery of your Thank You Gift.

Collaborations CD cover art$75 Donation (or More) — Online and On Air
KKFI is offering a Collaborations CD.  A Project that has brought together artists to collaborate in a merging of styles.  The end result is this beautiful set of music. Only available by Supporting Your Community Radio.
Recording artists included on the CD: Betse & Clarke with Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut; Kasey Rausch & The Vine Street Seven; Cucharada & Gerald Trimble; Freight Train Rabbit Killer & Jason Vivone; Howard Iceberg & Hidden Pictures; Victor & Penny with Cody Wyoming; Jen Harris & Rich Hill; Gary Kirkland & Bill Dye; Angela Hagenbach & The KKFI Jazz Band; Bobby Watson & Grupo Aztlan with the T.J. Martley Trio; BCR with Betse Ellis & Bill Dye; The Boss Toms; and Enrique Chi with Bob & Una Walkenhorst.





2016-Spring-Shirt-idea-color$90 Donation (or More) — Online and On Air

This Pledge Drive the KKFI Collectors TShirt will feature the global nature of Community Radio.  Streaming 24/7 to anywhere with an WiFi or and Internet connection.  The future is here!

Short Sleeved TShirt just in time for the warm days of Summer at the ballpark.

These are available in sizes from Small to XXXXL







guestdjcert-sample50$150 Donation (or More) — Guest DJ Certificate — Online and On Air

Appearing live in our studio, the Guest DJ will introduce a playlist of favorite tunes that he or she has put together for their special radio appearance.  The playlist of songs, of course, must reflect the style of music for that program. KKFI has plenty of eclectic programming to fit nearly any musical style.
This certificate is good for one year and is transferable. It makes a wonderful unique gift for that music lover in your life.









Thanks for Supporting KKFI, Your Community Radio Station.

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