Abandoned Bells at miniBar

Nightmaricana” is how Abandoned Bells describes their sound.  It’s an apt description.  But not hellish, evil nightmares the likes of Hollywood horror.  No, Abandoned Bells is a mix of very left-of-center, ghoulish, bizarro variety of Americana.  The three-piece group featuring drums, banjo, baritone guitar and vocals is one of the more unique bands currently occupying the KC scene that doesn’t get kitschy like so much “unique” music can.  The group’s songwriting ability coupled with the confidence as performers allows them to stretch out considerably within genre.  We caught the band recently playing at set down at miniBar and were not disappointed.  






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New Riddim and Grisly Hand at the Brick

On a frosty night in December after Christmas, the New Riddim and Grisly Hand kept it hot at the Brick in the Crossroads with a swinging night of tunes.  The New Riddim gave a ran the gamut of ska, and reggae tunes.  The end of the set featured a fun bit with Rico taking the mic while members of both bands shuffled to play a couple “Christmas” tunes. Mike Stover even sat in to add a little pedal steel.

The Grisly Hand followed up with their brand of roots, americana, country music and led ended the holiday weekend on a great note.

We’ve got audio from both sets including Rico’s Christmas set and lots of images so have a look:

New Riddim/Rico’s Christmas

New Riddim and Rico’s Christmas AUDIO





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The Grisly Hand

AUDIO: The Grisly Hand





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