Hipshot Killer and the Electric Lungs at Davey’s

Here are some images from the Hipshot Killer and Electric Lungs show over at Davey’s a couple weeks back.  If I recall, the Lungs were shooting a video that night around the bar featuring a guy in a heart costume and another with a giant afro.  There might have been drinking involved.

The Electric Lungs:





The Electric Lungs

Hipshot Killer:




Hipshot Killer

New Year’s with the Architects

Davey’s Uptown had a solid punk heavy lineup on New Year’s Eve featuring: Dead Ven, Mr Deadly, American Dischord, and the Architects.

Here are some images from the Architects set:







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Electric Lungs Album Release at Davey’s Uptown


Back on Friday the 13th, the Electric Lungs released their latest full-length album, “Don’t Be Ashamed of the Way You Were Made” at Davey’s Uptown.  Hair metal throwback Bone Spur, spooky rockers the Haunted Creepies, and Kodascope provided support.  There’s audio of pretty much the entire show for your listening pleasures.

I would also suggest you go and get a copy of the Lungs new album.  It has been stuck in my CD player since I put it in.

Bone Spur




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The Haunted Creepies



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The Electric Lungs




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Clementines Release show with Junkyard Genius, Drew Black and Dirty Electric

Back in September, the Clementines had a show to mark the release of their latest album titled “The Journey Begins” at Davey’s.  The album is available for release on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

We also caught the sets after the Clementines featuring rockers Junkyard Genius and Drew Black and Dirty Electric.

Check it out:

The Clementines

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Junkyard Genius

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Drew Black and Dirty Electric

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Mark Manning’s 10th Anniversary Party at Davey’s Uptown

Back on Dec 12, The fine folks at KKFI hosted a party for Mark Manning in honor of his 10 years of hosting the “Wednesday Midday Medley” on KKFI.  It was well attended event of music fans, friends, family and well-wishers.

The bands on the bill included: The Pedaljets, Dolls on Fire, The Philistines.  The event also served as a “soft” release of the upcoming Dolls on Fire album “Synesthesia“.  At any rate, here’s the images:

Click for more of the Pedaljets


Click for more Dolls on Fire


The Sing-Along


Mark Manning (R)
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Harling’s with Electric Lungs, Mace Batons, The Philistines

Over at Harling’s a couple weeks back, they opened up the large rear room and had a hard rocking, punk fueled show featuring a great lineup.  We headed over to Harling’s after catching the Mountain Sprout show at Davey’s.  We managed to catch the Electric Lungs, Mace Batons, and Philistines sets.

The sound is pretty decent in the back room and plenty of space for a good crowd.  It was a really good turnout with folks sticking around for most all of the bands sets.  It was Philistines drummer Steve Gardels’ birthday.  Jameson and cupcakes were passed around for well wishers.

Click to see more Electric Lungs


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Mountain Sprout at Davey’s Uptown

Back on Nov 15, we caught the early show featuring Mountain Sprout at Davey’s Uptown.  It was a good sized crowd for a pretty chilly Saturday night.  The band’s lineup has shuffled a couple times over the last year.  Fiddle player Blaine Thiebaud left the band to be replaced by Mike Schembre.  Blaine’s brother Dean Thiebaud has also permanently joined the band on guitar.  Overall, the hard-partying, no-holds-barred style of shows that have come to define Mountain Sprout over the years have been toned down quite a bit.  The tunes are still solid, but the overall feel of the shows lack that same substance fueled crazy energy.  It’s not bad, just different.  

They touched on many Mountain Sprout standards through the two hour show.   In addition, they performed several tracks of their recently released Long Time Comin’.

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