Merit Badge, Sapwoods, Drew Black and Dirty Electric at Record Bar

A couple weeks back we caught a great show down at Record Bar. The lineup featured: Merit Badge, the Sapwoods, and Drew Black and Dirty Electric.  The band Merit Badge made their debut.  Billed as “Instrumental boy scout rock” they played a set of rock and roll tunes all featuring names based on found phrases from the Boy Scout handbook.

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Following Merit Badge was the Sapwoods from Iowa City.  This was the first trip to KC for the group and they were well received by the crowd.  They were a great group of guys who we hope to see back in town again.

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The headliners for the evening were Drew Black and Dirty Electric.  They ripped through a set of loud, hard rocking numbers before calling it a night.

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New Year, the Friday After with: Me Like Bees, Electric Lungs and The Westerners

Over at the Record Bar on Friday of the new year, there was yet another great show on tap.  This time around the show featured fellow travelers Me Like Bees and the Westerners with local punks Electric Lungs.  Here’s some images:

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NYE: Record Bar with Radkey, Drop A Grand, Bummer and Mace Batons

We rang in the New Year at Record Bar with an excellent selection of hard rockin, punk infused, thrash tunes by the bands Radkey, Drop A Grand, Bummer and Mace Batons.  It was a loud night with ice cold beer, good vibes and a new year. Check it out:

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The Clementines, Katy Guillen and the Girls at Coda

Back around Christmas, we caught a great show full of blues, rock and soul from a couple of great local bands at Coda.  Miry Wild opened the show, but we didn’t make it down until the Clementines set.  The evening finished with Katy Guillen and the Girls. It was a packed house that had to be pushing capacity in the cozy pub.  Check it out:

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The Brick: Faultfinder, Lazy, Vertigone, Jorge Arana Trio

Back at the end of November, (Sorry, we’re that far behind) we caught a show at the Brick featuring an ‘eclectic lineup’ to be put it lightly.  The show featured: Faultfinder, Lazy, Vertigone, and Jorge Arana Trio.

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Faultfinder’s sound is that of a really heavy thrash metal, sludge vibe.  The bass shakes everything, the screams are ear piercing and the chugging guitars bring an ominous sense of doom.

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Following Faultfinder was Lazy, a more punky, garage rock styled outfit.  Their set was a slightly more accessible than Faultfinder’s but equally entertaining.

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Vertigone was next up on the bill.  Vertigone for the uninitiated is a hip-hop artist from KC.  He has a punchy cadence that often triples against the beats creating  a unique off beat rhyme and pulse that is refreshing to hear.  He had the Jorge Arana Trio join him at the end of the set for a couple free-flowing tunes.

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Closing out the night was the Jorge Arana Trio.  The Trio adds another dimension to this already diverse lineup.  Jorge Arana the band’s namesake leads an instrumental acid jazz styled group with complex rhythms and unusual changes.  It’s truly one of the more unique bands in Kansas City.

Found A Job at Knuckleheads

It was a hot and sweaty affair at the East Bottoms roadhouse Knuckleheads on Nov 21.  Found a Job, the local Talking Heads tribute outfit featuring members of a half-dozen different bands around town put on a great performance of the Heads’ classic flick “Stop Making Sense”.  The multi-set performance featured the entire “Stop Making Sense” show as well as another 6-7 additional classic Talking Heads tunes.  The packed house danced and sang for the nearly 2 hour show.  Just for extra superfan points they even threw in Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love”.

Check it out:

Stop Making Sense Set List


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Bootsy Collins at Voodoo Lounge

I had the awesome privilege of getting to go over to the Voodoo Lounge on Nov 22 to see the Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band show.  It was incredible to finally get to see the one last member of Parliament I never had seen perform live before.  The show consisted of a 1 1/2 hour set touching on Bootsy hits as well as several P-Funk tunes.  In addition they threw in a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Changes”.

“Bootzilla” or “Casper the Funky Ghost” as he is also known has over-the-top wild style and an incredible grin that beams when he plays.  It’s really impossible not to have a good time at a Bootsy show and his musicianship with the bass is second to none.  Flanking both sides of the drummer and stage were stacks of Mesa Boogie cabinets with the signature star logo across the front.  The bass shook the Voodoo Lounge when the first notes came across the PA and didn’t stop until Bootsy said so.It was a great opportunity to finally catch this legend in the flesh and one I’ll not soon forget.

Here’s images from the show and a partial set list:
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“The Name is Bootsy, Baby”
“Mothership Connection”
“Groove is in the Heart”
“Don’t Take My Funk Away”
“Body Slam”
“I’d Rather Be With You”
“Give Up The Funk”
“Touch Somebody”
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Harling’s with Electric Lungs, Mace Batons, The Philistines

Over at Harling’s a couple weeks back, they opened up the large rear room and had a hard rocking, punk fueled show featuring a great lineup.  We headed over to Harling’s after catching the Mountain Sprout show at Davey’s.  We managed to catch the Electric Lungs, Mace Batons, and Philistines sets.

The sound is pretty decent in the back room and plenty of space for a good crowd.  It was a really good turnout with folks sticking around for most all of the bands sets.  It was Philistines drummer Steve Gardels’ birthday.  Jameson and cupcakes were passed around for well wishers.

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