12:00 amGqI do love youDisco nightsAristaCDtrack
12:06 amQuincy jones featuring the brothers johnsonThe secret gardenBack on the blockQuestCDtrack
12:14 amAmbrosiaHow much I feelBody talkTime life musicCDtrack
12:19 amTeddy pendergrassJoyJoyElektraCDtrack
12:25 amStevie wonderPart-time loverIn square circleMotownCDtrack
12:32 amThe o' jaysSing a happy songIdentify yourselfPhilladelphiaCDtrack
12:36 amRick james roy ayersDance wit meThrowin' downMotownCDtrack
12:44 amSteely danDo it againCitizenMcaCDtrack
12:50 amPlayerBaby come backSamePolygramCDtrack
12:54 amLionel richieStuck on youCan't slow downMotownCDtrack
12:57 amBen e. kingStand by meGreatest hitsAtlanticCDtrack
01:00 amGeorge bensonFeel like making loveIn your eyesWarner brosCDtrack
01:05 amLou rawlsIt's supposed to be funIt's supposed to be funBlue noteCDtrack
01:11 amThe gap bandYearnin' for your loveGap band IIITotal expeirenceCDtrack
01:17 amAl greenLet's stay togetherLet's stay togetherHiCDtrack
01:21 amPeabo brysonFeel the fireReaching for the skyCapitolCDtrack
01:27 amDonna summerMc arthur park suite: mc arthur park, one of a kind love affair, heaven knowsLive and moreCassablancaCDtrack
01:46 amSam cookeWonderful worldSam cooke: the man and his musicRcaCDtrack
01:48 amLenny welchSince I fell for youBest love songsArt laboeCDtrack
01:51 amThe dellsOh what a nightOh what a nightVee jayCDtrack
01:54 amTommy edwardsAll in the gameBest love songsArt laboeCDtrack
01:56 amThe flamingosI only have eyes for youBest love songsArt laboeCDtrack
02:00 amCarlos santana featuring rob thomasSmoothSupernaturalAristaCDtrack
02:06 amThe funk bros featuring joan osbornWhat becomes of the brokenheartedStanding in the shadows of motownMotownCDtrack
02:10 amRay charlesWhat'd I say parts 1 and 2The anthologyAtlanticCDtrack
02:16 amKool and the gangTake my heart (you can have it if you want it)Something specialDe-liteCDtrack
02:20 amRoberta flack featuring donny hathawayBack together againRoberta flack featuring donny hathawayAtlanticCDtrack
02:31 amAlabamaTouch me when we're dancingThe touchRcaCDtrack
02:35 amKenny rogersThe gamblerThe gamblerCapitolCDtrack
02:38 amBonnie raitI can't make you love meLuck of the drawCapitolCDtrack
02:44 amElvis presleyKentucky rainHitstoryRcaCDtrack
02:47 amBill haley and his cometsShake, rattle, and rollRock around the clockDeccaCDtrack
02:50 amBilly ward and his dominoesSixty-minute man14 hits volume oneKingCDtrack
02:52 amThe driftersUnder the boardwalkGreatest hitsAtlanticCDtrack
02:55 amChuck berryJohnny b. goodeGreatest hitsChessCDtrack
02:57 amThe coastersYakey yakThe very best of the coastersAtlanticCDtrack
03:00 amLtdLove balladLove to the worldA and mCDtrack
03:05 amThe commodoresJust to be close to youHot on the tracksMotownCDtrack
03:12 amSly and the family stoneThank-you (falettimm be miceelf again)Greatest hitsEpicCDtrack
03:17 amMarvin gayeTrouble manTrouble manMotownCDtrack
03:20 amThe whispersA song for donnyThe whispersSolarCDtrack
03:25 amWarBaby it's cold ousideOutlawMcaCDtrack
03:32 amGroover washington, jr, featuring grady tateLittle black sambaCome morningElektraCDtrack
03:38 amJoe williams with count basie and his orchestraEveryday I have the bluesThe diffinitive joe williamsVerveCDtrack
03:45 amStanley clarke and george dukeSweet babyThe clarke/duke projectEpicCDtrack
03:48 amRay, goodman. and brownHappy anniversaryRay, goodman, and brown IIPolydorCDtrack
03:53 amLakesideFantastic voyageFantastic voyageSolarCDtrack
03:59 amJr, walker and the all starsWhat does it take (to win your love)What does it take (to win your love)MotownCDtrack
04:03 amSmokey robinson and the miraclesOoo baby babyHi, we're the miraclesMotownCDtrack
04:06 amDr. hookSharing the night togetherGreatest hits and moreCapitolCDtrack
04:08 amHarold melvin and the blue notes featuring teddy pendergrassBad luckTo be truePhilladelphiaCDtrack
04:16 amEarth, wind, and fireGetawaySpiritColumbiaCDtrack
04:20 amThe brothers johnsonAin't we funkin' nowBlamA and mCDtrack
04:25 amThe originalsBaby, I'm for realBaby, I'm for realMotownCDtrack
04:29 amWhamCareless whisperMake it bigColumbiaCDtrack
04:36 amTerri de sario and kcYes, I'm readyTes, I'm readyTkCDtrack
04:39 amThe spinnersI'll be aroundThe spinnersAtlanticCDtrack
04:42 amChristopher crossArthur's theme (best that you can do)Theme from arthurWarner brosCDtrack
04:49 amAretha franklinDon't play that songI've never loved a manAtlanticCDtrack
04:51 amBill withersUse meGreatest hitsColumbiaCDtrack
04:56 amBobby womackI wish he didn't trust me so muchOnly survivorMcaCDtrack