05:06 pmThe Great Recession OrchestraSomebody's Been Using That ThingHave You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown?NewTexCDtrack
05:07 pmRed LeftyCrazy LegsRagged but RightRhythm & SwingCDtrack
05:10 pmThree Blue TeardropsCadillac JackHeads up for '53...Here ComesIndependentCDtrack
05:11 pmPeanuts WilsonCast Iron ArmThat'll Flat Git It Vol 2Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:14 pmTwo Timin ThreeWhere Did You Sleep Last NightWhere Did You Sleep Last NightVinyluxCDtrack
05:16 pmGene MaltaisCrazy BabyThat'll Flat Git It Vol 2Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:20 pmRay CampiIt Ain't MeThat'll Flat Git It Vol 5Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:23 pmLew WilliamsCat TalkThat'll Flat Git It Vol 12Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:25 pmJimmy SpellmanDoggonitThat'll Flat Git It Vol 5Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:27 pmDick BanksDirty DogThat'll Flat Git It Vol 12Bear FamilyCDtrack
05:29 pmRoy OrbisonDevil DollThe Sun StoryRhinoCDtrack
05:31 pmLos Straitjackets with Big SandyChica AlborotadaSing Along WithYep RocCDtrack
05:33 pmJerry Lee LewisBreathlessThe Sun StoryRhinoCDtrack
05:38 pmElvis PresleyDevil in Disguise50 Worldwide Gold Award HitsRCACDtrack
05:38 pmAdam Lee & the DHSCThank the BoozeWhen the Spirits Move MeIndependentCDtrack
05:40 pmGeorge Thorogood and the DestroyersRide On JosephineHot Rods & Custom ClassicsRhinoCDtrack
05:44 pmElvis PresleySuspicious Minds50 Worldwide Gold Award HitsRCACDtrack
05:48 pmThe PyramidsPenetrationEbb TideRhinoCDtrack
05:51 pmThe SurfarisBomboraEbb TideRhinoCDtrack
05:56 pmDavid LindleyMercury BluesHot Rods & Custom ClassicsRhinoCDtrack
06:05 pmThe TremorsDemon Boogie FeverDemon Boogie FeverBrain DrainCDtrack
06:07 pmLefty FrizzellMy Baby's Just Like MoneyHillbilly BoogieColumbia LegacyCDtrack
06:10 pmThe DonettesThree ChordsShake the Shack Vol 7KEXPCDtrack
06:13 pmBill HaleyCrazy Man CrazyLoud Fast & Outta ControlRhinoCDtrack
06:16 pmJohnny BurnetteTear It UpJohnny Burnette & More Kings of RockabillyPrimoCDtrack
06:18 pmLucky StarsAm I In Love or Am I Just HungoverShake the Shack Vol 7KEXPCDtrack
06:21 pmThe ChampsTequilaLoud Fast & Outta ControlRhinoCDtrack
06:26 pmKing KingSixteen TonsDevil's DozenIndependentCDtrack
06:30 pmJerry ReedI've Had EnoughThat'll Flat Git It Vol.3Bear FamilyCDtrack
06:32 pmWolfman JackIntroSurfin ToonsWolfman Jack's Graffitti GoldCDtrack
06:34 pmThe MarkettsBalboa BlueSurfin ToonsWolfman Jack's Graffitti GoldCDtrack
06:36 pmJD McPhersonWolfteethSigns & SignifiersHiStyleCDtrack
06:38 pmSkeets McDonaldYou ought a see grandma rockThat'll flat get it vol. 3Bear familyCDtrack
06:41 pmPsycho Devilles6 Beers in Six MinutesNight ProwlerIndependentCDtrack
06:44 pmJohnny Kidd & The PiratesShakin All OverLoud Fast & Outta ControlRhinoCDtrack
06:47 pmLloyd CopasCircle RockThat'll Flat Git It Vol 5Bear FamilyCDtrack
06:49 pmJames InveldtLet's Get StartedHave FaithMolenaartCDtrack
06:52 pmLittle RachelOoh He's FineCause I feel GoodEl ToroCDtrack