10:00 pmRobert Coleman TrussellTwo by TwoJucie and JiveGoodnight Loving RecordsCDtrack
10:00 pmRobert Coleman TrussellTwo by TwoJuice and JiveGoodnight Loving RecordsCDtrack
10:12 pmRobert Coleman TrussellGoodby for NowJuice and JiveGoodnight Loving RecordsCDtrack
10:20 pmRobert Coleman TrussellLittle .22Texas GothicGoodnight Loving RecordsCDtrack
10:32 pmRobert Coleman TrussellLong Way TopekaJuice and JiveGoodnight Loving RecordsCDtrack
10:55 pmDrew SixWish I Never HadWe KissClub West RecordsCDtrack
11:12 pmThe Alfred packer memorial bandCountry RoadsGuns and Rubber chickensRed houseCDtrack
11:15 pmSpontaneous CombustionStory In your EyesWhere There's SmokeCombustible RecordsCDtrack
11:23 pmThe Bluegrass Missourians12 Mile Traveler12 Mile TravelerIndependentCDtrack
11:26 pmThe Bluegrass MissouriansInterstate Rag12 Mile TravelerIndependentCDtrack
11:32 pmSpontaneous CombustionDo You elieve in MagicHere There's SmokeCombustible RecordsCDtrack
11:46 pmThe Bluegrass MissouriansLeaves That Are Green12 Mile TravelerIndependentCDtrack
11:55 pmGary KirklandWhen You GoShooting the Works on LoveDark Horse ProductionsCDtrack