08:05 pmEddie hazelCalifornia dreamingGames dames and guitar thangsIndependentCDtrack
08:06 pmBlind boys of alabamaDown in the holeSpirit of the centuryNonesuchCDtrack
08:15 pmVan morrisonOne of these daysTell me somethingWarner brothersCDtrack
08:16 pmMavis staplesWrote a song for everyoneYou are not aloneNonesuchCDtrack
08:18 pmArcade fireGames without frontiersGames without frontiersIndependentCDtrack
08:22 pmNeko caseNumber of the beastNumber of the beastIndependentCDtrack
08:26 pmLos lobosShoot out the lightsRide thisMammothCDtrack
08:31 pmXSoul kitchenLos angelesRhinoCDtrack
08:40 pmShe and himYou really got a hold on meVolume oneMergeCDtrack
08:41 pmMarty stuart steve earleCrying waiting hopinNot fade awayMCACDtrack
08:43 pmRolling stonesNot fade awayThe rolling stonesDeccaCDtrack
08:57 pmUntamed youthShe's so satisfyingHomegrown vol. 8IndependentCDtrack
08:57 pmThe kinksMilk cow bluesKinks kontroversyCastleCDtrack
08:58 pmThe beatlesMoneyAnthology 1AppleCDtrack
09:07 pmLou reedSee that my grave is kept cleanSoul of a manColumbiaCDtrack
09:08 pmRichard thompsonSeason of the witchCrossing jordanColumbiaCDtrack
09:12 pmJohn hiattTake time to know herRarities vol. 1AtlanticCDtrack
09:13 pmBuddy hollyLove is strangeThe complete buddy hollyMCACDtrack
09:21 pmThe gentrysCinnamon girlThe gentrysSunCDtrack
09:21 pmThe nowBad little womanThe nowCity sparkCDtrack
09:26 pmRicky dean sinatraUranium rockBad car wreckIntelligent designCDtrack
09:29 pmPendergastWhite freightliner bluesBetween The Bottle and the PulpitIndependentCDtrack
09:29 pmThe wildersNight train to memphisSpring a leakRural gritCDtrack
09:30 pmPaul siebelWeary bluesMud acresRounderCDtrack
09:44 pmMuddy watersSmokestack lightningRare and unissuedChessCDtrack
09:45 pmBettye lavetteOn the surfaceI've Got My Own Hell to RaiseAntiCDtrack
09:45 pmMott the hoopleIn your own backyardBrain capersAtlanticCDtrack
09:46 pmSteve wilsonCry baby cryCry baby cryDownstairs recordsCDtrack
09:48 pmIris dementThat's the way love goesNpr studio cutsNprCDtrack