08:03 pmGranmaxTake Me AwayA Ninth AlivePanamaCDtrack
08:09 pmMissouriParty DownThe Best of MissouriCow town recordsCDtrack
08:14 pmShooting starEverybodys crazyCirclesFrontiers recordsCDtrack
08:21 pmPhantasiaGive life another tryPhantasiaWorld in soundCDtrack
08:25 pmTrizo 50Day dreamerTrizo 50World in soundCDtrack
08:28 pmRainmakersDrinking on the jobOslo-witchita-liveMercuryCDtrack
08:38 pmGranmaxCeiling wallA Ninth AlivePanamaCDtrack
09:01 pmGranmaxMistress of EternityKiss Heaven GoodbyePanamaCDtrack
09:37 pmGranmaxTravels of TimKiss Heaven GoodbyePanamaCDtrack
09:41 pmLucyTell Me A SecretLucyIndependentCDtrack
09:44 pmJPT Scare BandRat Poison For The SoulRum Dum DaddyKung bonar recordsCDtrack
09:51 pmFast Johnny RickerAre You ExperiencedSingleIndependentCDtrack
09:55 pmKansasDown the RoadThere's know place like homeStar cityCDtrack