11:01 amMary StauntonNeary's Jigs/The Old FlailCircle of FriendsFuschia MusicCDtrack
11:05 amMary Staunton and John PrineBoots of Spanish LeatherCircle of FriendsFuschia MusicCDtrack
11:11 amMary StauntonJenny Dang the Weaver/Johnny Allen's ReelCircle of FriendsFuschia MusicCDtrack
11:16 amSteve and Dave MasonMy CreatorMy CreatorIndependentCDtrack
11:18 amAlferd Packer Memorial String BandSally's Gone to PittsburghThink Locally Act YokellyIndependentCDtrack
11:20 amAlferd Packer Memorial String BandThreshing BeeThink Locally Act YokellyIndependentCDtrack
11:24 amAlferd Packer Memorial String BandRock That HurricaneThink Locally Act YokellyIndpendentCDtrack
11:30 amColum Sands and Maggie MacInnesAlasdair Mhic Cholla GhasdaThe SeedboatSpring RecordsCDtrack
11:32 amNicGaviskeyThe Fair-Haired Boy/The Fair at BallydarreenHome Away from HomeNicGaviskeyCDtrack
11:35 amColum Sands and Maggie MacInnesThe High Walls of DerryThe SeedboatSpring RecordsCDtrack
11:41 amCoscanThe Tara JigDinnseanchasNewrath PublishingCDtrack
11:45 amCoscanAlturasDinnseanchasNewrath PublishingCDtrack
11:47 amCoscanCabillioDinnseanchasNewrath PublishingCDtrack
11:54 amConal O GradaRide a Mile/Haste to the WeddingThe Top of CoomCladdaghCDtrack
11:56 amT with the MaggiesWedding DressT with the MaggiesTWMCDtrack
12:04 pmT with the MaggiesDomhnach Na FolaT with the MaggiesTWMCDtrack
12:08 pmJoe and Joanie MaddenSliabh geal gCuaGalway AfternoonBig MammyCDtrack
12:16 pmJoe and Joanie MaddenThe Boys of the Lough/The Shepherd's Daughter/Coleman's CrossGalway AfternoonBig MammyCDtrack
12:18 pmCoope Boyes & SimpsonKeep Your DistanceAs IfNo MastersCDtrack
12:22 pmNicGaviskeyThe Kinnegad Slashers/Packie Guignan'sHome Away From HomeNicGaviskeyCDtrack
12:28 pmCoope Boyes & SimpsonThe Salve's Lament/Gaol SongAs IfNo MastersCDtrack
12:39 pmCoope Boyes & SimpsonSilenceAs IfNo MastersCDtrack
12:43 pmBellowheadThe Hand Weaver and the Factory MaidHedonismNavigator RecordsCDtrack
12:48 pmBellowheadBroomfield HillHedonismNavigator RecordsCDtrack
12:53 pmBellowheadNew York GirlsHedonismNavigator RecordsCDtrack
12:58 pmConal O GradaRichard Dwyer's/Cathal McConnell'sThe Top of CoomCladdaghCDtrack
07:36 pmJackie DalyCeo ar MhuisireThe Living StreamMatt Cranitch & Jackie DalyCDtrack