06:03 amKaty and the GirlsThe RaceKaty and the GirlsIndependentCDtrack
06:07 amThe Old No. 5sLovin' You [Is Still Reason]Sour MashHigh Bar RekkadCDtrack
06:12 amThe Randy Oxford BandLeave Me AloneIt Feels GoodOxford EntertainmentCDtrack
06:18 amTerri OdabiEvolution of THe BluesEvolution of The BluesIndependentCDtrack
06:22 amTHe ThrowDown BandWalkin' BluesTHe ThrowDown BandIndependentCDtrack
06:27 amJerome GodbooSWhe's Got The GoodsSanctuary CityIndependentCDtrack
06:31 amRod Paine & The Fulltime LoversDate BaitMixed BagIndependentCDtrack
06:33 amArthur MigliazzaHonky Tonk Train BluesLaying It DownIndependentCDtrack
06:39 amTommy ZSo Tired Of Being AloneSometimesIndependentCDtrack
06:45 amGhost Town Blues BandMemphis BluesDark HorseInside SoundsCDtrack
06:51 amHideawayCan't Get No Rest3rd Europen Blues Challenge Mar.8 &9 2013European Blues Union 2013CDtrack
06:55 amBluesmopolitans44 Days Of BluesBluesmopolitansImportsCDtrack
07:01 amTommy Schneller BandBlues For The LadiesSmiling For A ReasonCable CarCDtrack
07:07 amDelta RoostersThings Past3rd European Blues Challenge Mar. 8 & 9 2012European Blues Union 2013CDtrack
07:13 amMike Seeber TrioDaffy's BoogieLive Is The Challenge!!IndependentCDtrack
07:18 amDavid Shelly BluestoneHigh AlertTrick BagPink BuffaloCDtrack
07:22 amThe Randy Oxford BandTroubleIt Feels GoodOxford EntertainmentCDtrack
07:26 amMicah KesselringLog Cabin BluesLog Cabin BluesIndependentCDtrack
07:34 amThe Old No. 5sWestlake BluesSour MashHigh Bar RekkadCDtrack
07:38 amGhost Town Blues BandMemphis TrainDark HorseInside SoundsCDtrack
07:43 amDavid Shelly and BluestoneHigh AlertTrick BagPink BuffaloCDtrack
07:49 amArthur MigliazzaRockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie FluLaying It DownIndependentCDtrack
07:53 amKaty & Go GoGrindWhen I Get AwayIndependentCDtrack