07:59 pmFiresign theaterBozos songFighting clownsColumbiaCDtrack
08:02 pmPeter caseHouse rent jumpWigVangaurdCDtrack
08:08 pmInfected mushroomsStrange daysPresents the doorsIndependentCDtrack
08:10 pmMott the hoopleWalking with a mountainMad shadowsAngelCDtrack
08:11 pmPretty thingsRoadrunnerBest ofEMICDtrack
08:18 pmThe whoAnyway anyhow anywhereThe kids are alrightMCACDtrack
08:20 pmIggy pop peggy leePassenger feverWindsweptBugCDtrack
08:26 pmThin lizzyMuch too hardBest ofHarvestCDtrack
08:28 pmSoul coughingSuper bon bonIrresistible blissSlashCDtrack
08:33 pmFuseIn a windowFuseUniCDtrack
08:37 pmThe stemsAt first sightAt first sight violets are blueIndependentCDtrack
08:46 pmAnimals sonny boy williamsonFattening frogs for snakesNight time is the right timePazzazzCDtrack
08:48 pmMickey & the soul generationGive everybody someHard texas funkJazzmanCDtrack
09:02 pmRedd krossStonedShow worldMercuryCDtrack
09:06 pmFiresign theaterIn the hot tubFighting clownsNot specifiedCDtrack
09:13 pmVelvet undergroundRock and rollLoadedCotillionCDtrack
09:24 pmThe mahootsThis is my lifeBetween the gluttonsIndependentCDtrack
09:28 pmJesse malinBroken radioGlitter in the gutterAdelineCDtrack
09:37 pmStepehen bishopGive some loveStepen bishopIndependentCDtrack
09:38 pmClinicCome into our roomWalk with theeDominoCDtrack
09:42 pmHeadlightsDead endsWildlifeNot specifiedCDtrack
09:43 pmStereolabI will goStereolabVirginCDtrack
09:45 pmNew amsterdamsTurn out the lightStory like a scarVagrantCDtrack