08:00 pmRitchie valensOoh my headRockin' all nightDel fiCDtrack
08:00 pmRitchie valensCome on let's goRockin all nightDel fiCDtrack
08:00 pmRitchie valensFast freightBest of ritchie valensDel fiCDtrack
08:00 pmBuddy hollyEarly in the moriningThe complete buddy hollyMcaCDtrack
08:00 pmBuddy hollyWell all rightFrom the original master tapesMcaCDtrack
08:00 pmBuddy hollyBrown eyed handsome manFor the first time everMcaCDtrack
08:00 pmLoudon wainwright IIINew paintAlbum IIIColumbiaCDtrack
08:00 pmLinda thompsonDo your best for rock and rollVersatile heartRounderCDtrack
08:00 pmMindy smithCome to jesusOne moreIndependentCDtrack
08:00 pmJesse winchesterBlack dogJesse winchesterAmpexCDtrack
08:00 pmTeisco del rayTwangoPlays music for loversUpstartCDtrack
08:00 pmThe mavericksAll you ever do is bring me downMusic for all occasionsMcaCDtrack
08:00 pmClifton chenierThe things i do for youBayou bluesSpecialtyCDtrack
08:00 pmHowlin wolfHow many more yearsThe chess boxChessCDtrack
08:00 pmDave edmundsI hear you knockin'RockpileDeccaCDtrack
08:00 pmSussam deyhimFirst reading/spilled cupHashisheenSub rosaCDtrack
08:00 pmGhostMotherly blusterIn stormy nightsDrag cityCDtrack
08:00 pmNicole blackmanFreda stark at alamutHashisheenSub rosaCDtrack
08:00 pmEspersMansfield and cyclopsEspers 2Drag cityCDtrack
08:00 pmAnne clarkTalk of the calif hakemHashisheenSub rosaCDtrack
09:00 pmMarvin etzioniPowerful stuffWeapons of the spiritEnigmaCDtrack
09:00 pmBand of beesBetter daysOctopusAstralwerksCDtrack
09:00 pmSonia dadaLife is for the livingMy secret lifeCapricornCDtrack
09:00 pmThe subdudesYou got to love somebodyPrimitive streakHigh st.CDtrack
09:00 pmSly and the family stoneColor me trueDance to the musicColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe curePurple hazeStone freeRepriseCDtrack
09:00 pmThe beatlesOne after 909Let it beAppleCDtrack
09:00 pmThe beatlesDon't let me downLet it beAppleCDtrack
09:00 pmThe beatlesGet backLet it beAppleCDtrack
09:00 pmMatmosCloudhoppingSupreme balloonMatadorCDtrack