10:00 pmGary KirklandBad Luck BluesShooting the Works on LoveDark HorseCDtrack
10:06 pmBob TrippLittle CoquetteUncommon DobroDark HorseCDtrack
10:12 pmTrampled Under FootJohnny CheatMay I be ExcusedIndependentCDtrack
10:17 pmTrampled Under FootMy Fault to StayMay I be ExcusedIndependentCDtrack
10:23 pm77 JeffersonCome out tonightSledgeHammerIndependentCDtrack
10:31 pmShannon and the Rhythm King BandPeace is in StyleSingleIndependentCDtrack
10:35 pmShannon & the rhythm kings bandThe Road HouseSingleIndependentCDtrack
10:41 pmAlacartoonaTonight, My Dear, I'm YoursLive On The Air [on The Red Wheelbarrow (August 12, 2005)]IndependentCDtrack
10:45 pmThe BopaphonicsDebate 101Channeling LangstonIndependentCDtrack
10:49 pmThe BopaphonicsBlues in StereoChanneling LangstonIndependentCDtrack
10:53 pmKan EyedMovin'Advance PromoIndependentCDtrack
11:03 pmConnie DoverShady GroveIf I Ever ReturnTaylor Park MusicCDtrack
11:08 pmEddie DelahuntCaherconreeSingleIndependentCDtrack
11:13 pmBob WalkenhorstWorking on a BuildingKansas City Icons at Pilgrim Chapel vol. 1IndependentCDtrack
11:16 pmRich BerryJohn the RevelatorKansas City Icons Gospel Show Vol 2IndependentCDtrack
11:22 pmSeedloveCenterGrow peopleIndependentCDtrack
11:28 pmDog House DaddiesMary Had a Little LambDog House DaddiesGreenback Hill RecordsCDtrack
11:33 pmDog House DaddiesRockin' Sugar DaddyDog House Daddies Dig ThisGreenback Hill rec.CDtrack
11:39 pmBarclay MartinTh Night Hank Williams DiedKansas City Icons Gospel Show Vol 2IndependentCDtrack
11:45 pmKool Aide & The Exact Change BandYou Ain't Nothin' But Dead WeightDemo CDIndependentCDtrack
11:50 pmBLUE 88Coffee BluesClassified InformationIndCDtrack
11:56 pmBilly ebelingURAQTPlaying With MyselfIndependent (billyebeling.com)CDtrack